July 19th; Full moon in Capricorn – Healing the father wound, ambitious awakenings, and balancing home duties, with financial responsibility – Intuitive reading.

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Full moon in Capricorn.

Today marks the emergence of the full moon in Capricorn, and what a timely one it is.
We have all been busy sorting through our emotional closets,facing our shadow selves, fighting the last of our demons, and clearing through karmic family debt, and perceptions of romantic love.
Now, after a roller-coaster of emotional, and spiritual work, we are being thrust into the material plane with the direct, and forward energy of Capricorn.
Rarely has there been a sign so openly, and blatantly masculine.
The sign of Capricorn lends itself to planning, structure, long term plans, and investments, business goals, and financial liberation.
If it were a life path, it would be the number 8.
Capricorn has so much promise, and so much destiny tied into being successful, and this makes it one of the most ambition signs that we have.
From a young age, Capricorn is stirred with the idea of vision, a prosperous future, and a life in the spotlight, or a life that places them directly in charge of their own finances, and destiny.
Many old souls, healers, and empaths can identify with this feeling, of having something special within them, that desperately needs to be seen, and heard by the rest of the world. Many times, this is the one childhood hope that keeps them clinging to often confusing and turbulent upbringings.

Well now, full moon in Capricorn provides the perfect template for the hyper sensitive old soul, who has always dreamed of, but never been fully committed to self actualize, and propel themselves into the depths of their true destiny.

Numerologically speaking, this full moon in Capricorn falls on a number that is also heavily associated with authority, leadership, and masculine energies. (1+9) = 1, as some numerologists prefer to simplify it too. However, for the ones that recognise the significance of the 0, this period marks a transition of endings, and new beginnings presented by them. Balance, and recognising that life is always unsteady when the scales are unfairly tipped.

This full moon presents to us a culmination of everything that we have been working on. We can now sit back, and watch from a vantage point, as we see the fruits of our labour come into harvest. But this moon also comes with a warning, a very clear warning, not to revert to ways of procrastination, and stagnancy.
Both of which are major threats to the advancement of the self, and the advancement of one’s career.
The healing of the masculine, and the father template arrives with this moon to challenge the way that we view clarity of speech, and clarity of intention.
Far from being too harsh, pushy, or overly assertive, this energy seeks to get things DONE.
This is no longer being the push over, and sending a clear message to others about the self; what we are willing to put up with, and what we are willing to sacrifice, and preserve in order to move forward.

In recent weeks, we may have witnessed a challenge between our home, and family duties, and our career, and financial elevation. Whilst we so desperately seek to keep a calm balance, we have realised now how focusing too much on one area, can be to the detriment of the other.
Money problems, arguing with loved ones over consistency, and financial flow.
Perhaps we have been running on low energy, and this has also influenced our ability to accumulate, attract, and keep currency.
Now, we are realising that the state of our home, our home affairs, and our financial stability are intrinsically in sync, and the two run toe to toe with one another.

Maybe your mental functioning has been compromised by the vibrations at home – causing you to stagnate, worry, and lose focus more than you would in any other circumstance. External pressures may have weighed in,
how to be a good father, mother, sister, brother, whilst still placing one’s needs and requirements first.
In all things, a balance of masculine, AND feminine energy is required.
There should always exist a fine balance between being too harsh, and not being a push over.
Think of the King of swords.
Somebody who expresses his feelings openly, so that everybody is clear about their path, and position, and nobody is under the attack of passive aggression, or under the assumption of something that is a falsity.
Speaking our mind to those who need to hear it may be a very real temptation right now, but we must do so with moderation.
The directness of this full moon lends a hand to not only being honest with others, but also with ourselves.
If we have been particularly lazy, lethargic, or avoidant of responsibilities, then now is the time for the full moon to shine a light on that, and we must accept, that we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

This is very much the father wound. Without a strong, secure father figure present, many children grow up internalizing the victim narrative of their mother – who also carries the psychological wound of abandonment, and passes this on. Even if a father figure was figure present, if he was not somewhat reliable, responsible, or stable, it is very likely that this individual did not inherit healthy masculine properties, such as consistency, and stability..
And this is exactly what this full moon in Capricorn seeks to challenge within us.
Taking responsibility for your life and fathering yourself, not only places you in the position to be the best parent for your child, but also the best parent for your life, your business, and your project.

This is the illumination of the things that you BS about, all of the excuses that you make for why you cannot keep up with work load, why you feel unmotivated, and why you cannot get your final idea off the ground. Yes, some childhood lapses may come into play, but for the most part, you have a psychological fear of dependency, and responsibility.
You know that if you were to start this great, grand project, others would begin to depend on you, and you fear your own availability, and reliability.
This is the part where you must remain present, and consistent with your efforts of planning, and grounding.
It is important not to escape too much into dream, and fantasy world, like a Pisces.
Use your dream like imagination, and day dreaming to conjure ideas, and channel information, but know when to shut it down.
When that voice in your head says it is time to work, WORK.
Sometimes emotional complexities must be removed in order for you to move forward in the areas that you must, this does not mean that you are turning cold hearted, or that you are being selfish, this merely means that you are finally ready to prioritize your career.
Stop thinking about the examples, and the leaders that you never had. Stop fearing stepping into these big shoes, and being a disappointment to yourself, and others.
It is your time to shine, start one bit at a time.
Build everyday, and do not let trivial matters like a lack of romantic love confuse you about your worth.
It is time to stop looking for completion outside of yourself, work to give yourself the abundance that you deserve.
You ARE the 10 of pentacles, and if utilized correctly, this full moon will allow you to tap into the essence of ideas, and insight that will bring you even further to the places that you need to be…

However, escapism into your work is also equally damaging in hazardous, and usually is a signal of somebody who is running away from the home, or running away from their own thoughts.
Do not run from the home into your work, whatever matters are occurring at home will not disappear just because you are focused on your work, and in-fact, this will distract you from truly connecting with, and understanding others, which is a core part of your purpose here on earth.
Instead of trying to run away and focus on building, and boosting your career, live in the present as much as possible. It is this type of escapism and day dreaming that keeps you procrastinating.. STAY present! Keep in the moment, it has a lot to offer you if you can articulate your wants, and desires, and stick to your truths about what you do, and do not do.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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