Twin Flame Weekly Reading – 25th -31st July; Transformative flames.

july twin flame

Main theme – five of swords, What is occurring for both twins – ten of cups, Masculine – Strength, Nine of cups, The sun, Feminine – King of cups, Eight of swords, King of pentacles.

Before I begin, I would just like to note once again, that this reading is not limited to those who identify with the term twin flames alone, and high level soul mates should find great solace in these readings. Once again, the terms masculine, and feminine are actually interchangeable, and not always dependent on one’s gender. A woman may identify with the masculine side, perhaps because she is the masculine energy in the relationship, and vice versa.

This week, we may find ourselves engaged in several arguments, conflicts, disagreements, and flares of the egoic self. We have reached a point within our journeys where we are ready for change, and bursting to excel, so the only left plausible response, is to rub up against our shadow selves.  The only problem is, we find ourselves in conflicts and disagreements with the shadow selves of others – the shadow nature of theirs, that mimics ours.

You need to check in with yourself seriously this week, when you find yourself engaged in a back and fourth tug, as depicted by the five of swords. All you want to do is to make that journey accross to the light, but the law of balance dictates that you are not merely a light being, you are also very much shadow (ego), and this still causes you some discomfort. The trick is to never get rid of your ego self, but rather to become aware of your shadow self, which is like the bruised part of your ego, so that you can bring to it some illumination, and healing.

Be very observant of who you find yourself in conflict with this week. Is it your mother, your brother, your sister, or your father? Perhaps take some time to look at the ways in which you are much like them. Do you have a habit of taking on more than you can handle and then playing the victim? Are you passive aggressive, holding on to thoughts, feelings, and then poisoning others with your bitterness as a result? Are you guilty of co-dependency? Perhaps relying too greatly on others for your own happiness, and self satisfaction, and then when they cannot provide you with the support that you need, you drown into the depths of despair?

It is important to become conscious this week of your self perpetuated habits and patterns of defeat. More than likely, it is these specific patterns, and templates that cause drama and friction within your highly developed soul mate (twin flame) union.  The five of swords can also represent an internal battle within yourself, and to shift your thoughts. 

Both twins this week, are very sick and tired of battling themselves, and housing their own demons within their minds. Enough is enough. This is the week of getting down to the root of the problem, and trying to kill it. The ego will always exist, but the shadow self, does not have to. The ten of cups being what occurs for both twins this week, suggests that even though they are battling the last remains of their shadow consciousness, their sights are still very much set of emotional satisfaction, and long term achieved goals, and happiness. This is actually the basis of their clearing out this week. They are able to pull themselves back much more easily, and check in with themselves to acknowledge when they are acting out of programmed patterns, or the lower self. This makes re-union far more reachable, as it is these underlying patterns that restrict us from accepting love, and giving love in a way that is more free, and independent of past wounding. 

Over on the side of the masculine, the inner conflict within him, is allowing him to emerge more victorious. He is gaining greater control over his emotional impulses, and reactions, because he is balancing himself out, and recognising where they arise from. His battle has been long, and hearty, but becoming honest with himself about his lower nature, and his own insecurities, is providing him with the exact liberation that he required as depicted by the sun card. This is his inner child, learning to run, free, and wild, without judgement. Many of those carrying largely masculine energies spend most of their lives trapped within their minds, worrying about being logical, making the right decision, and appearing a certain way, as not to get taken advantage of. Ironically, the biggest struggle of all, is the battle within their own minds, and the battle to conquer their own lower nature, it is the inner beast that poses a threat, and this threat that manifests in the outside world. The strength card shows his dominance. Perhaps strength has come to take on a new form – resilience, self awareness, and honesty with the self, a new kind of freedom, and strength that he is embracing, because he has worked very hard for it to come.

The nine of cups shows the sense of completion that comes with him figuring himself out, and becoming more honest with himself. He is free to be who he wants to be, because he does not have so many pre-conceived notions about what it means to be masculine, and what it means to be strong. This is a much lighter energy presenting itself to him, things are getting better, he is finding that he is completing his old cycle, and beginning an entirely new one – one in which he is more in control, because he is more in charge of his emotions. The only thing that he can hope to control is himself, and this gives him a greater satisfaction than trying to control everything around him. He is learning that his behaviour has a direct influence on the world around him, and what he sees. 

This week, he has learnt a vital lesson in self acceptance. 

Over on the feminine side, we see that not only has she grown more accepting of the masculine traits within herself, but she is also still very much thinking of her masculine twin. The king of cups represents harmony with the masculine side that exists within, and without her. Emotional balance, acceptance, and equilibrium. The king of cups is both masculine, and feminine – at his best. Perhaps the feminine once feared confrontation, particularly confrontation of her own habits, and self defeating beliefs, because this would mean facing the possibility that she was a ‘bad person’. Now, her consciousness level has elevated, and she has freed herself mentally by accepting that to look deeply into her darker nature, does not mean to accept that she is a bad person… We all have a dark side, and the very thought of not being as well rounded, friendly, or perpetually polite as people expect females to be, once caused her mental anguish, and conflict between who she was.

She is learning this week the importance of speaking your truth, voicing your concerns, and not keeping everything so trapped within the mental realm, and boarded up in her mind, because this leads to passive aggression, conflict, emotional, irrational outbursts, and taking things far more seriously than they need to be taken. When you voice your concerns, as they appear, you are not necessary being confrontational, and aggressive, but you are valuing yourself as a human, and also valuing the person who you are expressing yourself to, enough to be honest with them. There must exist a healthy balance however, as presented by the king of cups, one must be able to express their concerns in a way that is not riddled with blame, shame, or guilt. This is the, ‘I appreciate you, and I love you, but I felt this way when you acted like this..I would appreciate it if next time you could….That would really make me happy’, instead of, ‘Why do you always do this? I am so sickened and hurt by you..This is just like that time last year when you… This is not fair… I do not deserve to be treated in this way..’ See the difference?

With the king of pentacles, the balancing of the masculine energy – drive, determination – raising to the challenge, is paying off in a major way, because her finances are about to take a turn for the better. She is gaining recognition for who she is, her sheer determination, and her desire to persevere and succeed no matter what. She is done with playing games, with being overly passive, and letting life happen to her – she is ready for this new dawn, this dawn of taking responsibility, and taking accountability of her life. Perhaps this also relates to healing a father complex. If she had a father who was once emotionally detached and always working, she may have associated such drive, and ambition with selfishness, egotism. Now, she knows that a healthy balance of self preservation, and self motivation is most necessary – regardless of how others may perceive this change in her. This is who she is now, and she is not about to let anybody compromise this empire that she is building.

She knows that this journey will come with hurdles, she knows that people will try to knock her down the harder she climbs, but this is all to do with learning that conflict can be healthy, and the true meaning of conflict, is to find resolve, no matter the circumstance. Conflict is all about crafting together a better version of yourself, only if one can be honest enough with themselves, to breathe fire through the friction. Fire transforms us, makes us bold, resilient, and wiser. She is willing to fight for herself, for her truth, and for her voice, now she knows who she is. She may still have moments of fear, and doubt, but this is just her clearing away the last parts of her shadow voice – because she is learning that it is nothing more than a hazardous spirit. Perhaps this week, she is finally feeling confident or prepared to go through with business ideas that she has held on to for quite a while.  Her views about the masculine are changing, she no longer views masculinity as so harsh, or penetrating, but rather, as the fragile, and sensitive being that he truly is at his center. Whilst she is learning to up her fight, he is learning to drop his, because he is no longer in constant conflict with the self. This is the balancing, and exchanging of the two energetic templates.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~ 


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