General Weekly Reading 1st-7th August 2016; Karmic work, soul deaths, and shadow healing.

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Main theme: Two of swords, Wheel of fortune, Justice, The sun, Temperance.

First of all, I must say, that August is going to be an absolutely phenomenal month for us all, should we do the work required – although this is something that I will go into with my monthly life path readings for August – those should be up and available within a few days!

August, being the 8th month in numerology, means that a lot of KARMA, and karmic relations will make themselves apparent this month. Expect a lot of things to return to you, and a lot of things that you may have started previously, even a few years ago, to reap their benefits within this month. You see the shape of the number 8? It very much resembles the infinity symbol, this is the symbol of life’s eternal nature, that things have a certain to, and fro, ebb, and flow, a cause, and effect. This is the month, and specifically the week of lessons learnt. We must keep an eye on our own karma, and the things that we manifest within ourselves, and without ourselves, whether good or bad, we have a lot of power, ESPECIALLY this month. We are dealing with new beginnings, that are not really new beginnings, because they carry a specific theme, themes that have been present to us throughout our journeys, although now, we will see how we have the power to change the course of our destiny… Second chances? Yes, something like that.

With the main theme this week being the two of swords, we will be taking a look at our decisions. This is the decisions that we have to make, and the decisions that we have made in our past. We are going to be feeling very reflective this week..And we may even find ourselves feeling nostalgic, we are searching for answers, and we are actually getting a lot of these answers, when we can still ourselves enough to listen.

We understand this week that the choices that we have made have accumulated our karma, and brought us to this stand point here. Where we currently are. Whether we like where we are or not, we will come to understand that we brought ourselves here, and we can take ourselves out. We have a very strong desire this week to put things right – whatever that means, we really want to do things by the book, the JUSTICE card speaks of our desire to attain balance, to seek truth, to speak truth, and to live in truth.

We are very conscious of the way that we treat others this week, and the effect that we have on the world around us – because of this, I do see the universe rewarding us, with some good karma. We have definitely worked for it, and worked at it, these recent weeks with all of the shadow work clearing that we have been doing. Do not worry if you feel that you still have a lot of ‘cleaning out your closet’ to do, we all do, but I assure you, that most of the efforts that you have put in recently, are about to be paid back to you.

The sun card is representative of the Leo energy that will be pouring in on the 2nd, with the new moon in Leo. This new moon is all about letting go of vital aspects of the shadow self, as Leo energy represents the sun, the light, and the fire shining through to pierce any darkness that still exists. This is very much a purification process, and the energy after this new moon has passed should be much lighter, more playful, more creative, and more blissful. This is the effect of the shadow self being torn down, the inner child can have more of an opportunity to shine through, and we can show our true selves.

If people from the past do return this week, or you are the person from the past returning to express your remorse to somebody, then you can be sure that you will be talking directly to this persons inner child. And they will have done a lot of clearing, and energetic work on themselves.

The wheel of fortune, in conjunction with the justice card talks about the wheel of fortune spinning in our favour. What you are experiencing now, what you are doing, and what you are working towards, was always meant to be for you. If your business is growing, if your career is taking off, if you are engaging with like minded people, this was all apart of your birth script. You are exactly where you should be at this moment, connecting with the people that you should be connecting with, and doing the great work that you were chosen to do. Things are coming together for you. You are getting closer to that which is the truth of your divine destiny, and all because of the shifts in perspective, and emotion that have taken place in these past few weeks.

This week, we are dealing with the themes of balance, once again as presented by the temperance card, which has made an appearance a few time in the previous weeks. This is much to do with the internal and energetic work that has been going on. We have been desperately working towards integrating our shadow self as a core, and useful aspect of ourselves. It is there to guide us, toward what we do not wish to be, and what we do not wish to manifest. Patience, and balance go hand in hand, as not all is given to us at one sitting, and not all is revealed to us at one go. This is minor revelations that will unfold gradually, as the week progresses.

The temperance card reminds us to have faith during the darker times of soul, and shadow healing, and encourages us to trust in the process, and not to get caught up in the messy parts of our soul evolution, which may very well mirror dark nights of the soul. The karmic wheel is actually turning in your favour despite how you may feel, and you are finally standing up to and confronting wounds that have been embedded within you since childhood.

The themes of right, and wrong, also present themselves to you clearly, as you are guided towards making the right decisions, this directly confronts your shadow self, because your shadow self holds an addiction towards steering you in the wrong ways, and hurting yourself, and others in the process.

This week, you must learn that your karma, is very much rooted in the choices, and decisions that you make. You may have a very important choice to make this week, or multiple choices that hold value to you, and you will be asked by spirit to choose the option that resonates with the light in your spirit, and not succumb to your shadow fears, or illusions of the self. You are far bigger than your wounds. Far greater than your darkness, and it is finally time for you to lay some ancient stories to rest.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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