General Weekly Reading – 8th-14th August; Painful endings, and accepting transition.

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Main theme: Death, Surrounding cards: Eight of swords, Nine of pentacles, Wheel of fortune, Ten of pentacles, Seven of pentacles, Five of pentacles.

Okay guys, I don’t know about you, but this week, I have been experiencing some exceptionally strange, and often uncomfortable energies, and emotions, and looking at this deck, I do not fail to see why..

I have actually picked more cards than usual this week, because I have been very desperate to find out EXACTLY what it is that we have been dealing with. I personally, know that I have been feeling funky all week, and so many themes and perspectives that I have thought that I had dealt with, have been dragged right back up, in this dramatic, dark night of the soul-esque episode!

We are currently enduring a MASSIVE cleansing process, and a massive death, and rebirth theme, so a lot of the things that we are dealing with, are in relation to endings, and new beginnings, and this process of mourning, is always painful. Let us envision physical death, it is a difficult process in which we must say goodbye to someone that means a lot to us, and the emptiness that is left over, is no different from the energy of the essence left from energetic, karmic, or emotional deaths. We are letting go of so many things, and so many people, and the wheel of fortune suggests that this is all to do with changing our karmic substance.

We will be triggered greatly this week, and this is because many of us are dealing with the last of our shadow aspects, our childhood wounds, the biggest blockages to our soul’s evolution, as we see them brought to the very surface. The things that we deny, the negative narratives, and stories that we have been holding on to for so long – we are faced with them all this week, and we are asked to let them go, to transform them, to see how they have been creating this fixed narrative within our lives.

With the five of pentacles, we are shown how our perception of lack effects and influences our life’s dealings, and decisions. There has existed for a long time within us a certain emptiness, a feeling like we are not enough, or that we do not have enough, and this week, we are challenged to face this notion within ourselves. Loneliness, victimisation, poor mental health, everything is coming to the centre of our being, to ask us the question that we truly fear… Could we really be somehow, irreversibly damaged, and or tarnished? Ofcourse, this is a fool’s question, but for somebody who has carried this notion around with them for life times long, it is a very real, and very valid ponder.

So old stories, themes from the past, life stages and familiar experiences are brought up at this time, to ask us to break this karmic cycle, and we have actually been doing shadow cleansing, and karmic revamping for several weeks now, But i do feel as if all of this has really intensified with the presence of the Lion’s gate. Perhaps our self worth, and self perceptions have also been tied into our ability to manifest money, as there are plenty pentacle cards displayed this week… This relates once again to scarcity consciousness, the thought that we do not have enough – that we are not enough.

The eight of swords is us manifesting these negative experiences and thoughts continuously. We just keep digging, and digging, I mean it is almost as if we enjoy our own detriment, but we truly get to see this week how this is something that exists first within us, and then manifests without. It is time to stop creating this negative backlash of karma, because of our beliefs tied in with pain, and negative self worth. How long can you see your life take on this consistent narrative, until you realise that it is time to wake up, that you no longer wish to feel this way..That you have the power, NOT to feel this way.

The seven of pentacles speaks of our harvest, waiting for our rewards to come in, and expecting them to come in. So it goes like this, sometimes, you do believe in yourself, you do believe in your worth, and you do believe in your ability to acquire abundance, and instant manifestation. Other times, you confuse the universe… You say one thing, but you FEEL another way, and keep in mind, it is all about the feeling – the universe works with energy. If you are saying that you are worthy and deserving, but deep down deprivation consciousness is screaming into your ego, what do you think you will see? What do you think will exist around you?

Cultivation requires persistence, so can you keep your vibration high enough, and focused enough to truly manifest the type of life that you desire? The nine of pentacles, and the ten of pentacles speak of things finally coming together for you – financially, this is your opportunity to go where you have always dreamt of going, but there are still things, self imposed that are holding you back. Could you imagine the extent of your full potential if you broke free from these chains? If you started to fully commit to yourself, and act from a place of wholeness, and belief in your own magic? Likely, you would be unstoppable. You have the recipe, and you have the ingredients for greatness, but do you have the patience, and the cultivation? If something does not work in your favor instantly, do you fall back into old habits and patterns and say, ‘ I knew it. I knew that was not going to work anyway. Nothing ever works for me. This is the way that things are?’…. Well, then you are affirming this belief. In keep in mind that this is not only limited to finances, this also spreads out into areas of our love life, family, and friends…If you feel like others are always abandoning you, you will literally search for cues to confirm your beliefs, so even if they have no intention of doing so, to you, in your mind, this will be a PROVEN reality .The mind is so powerful..It wants, what it wants, and it will find it.

Stop feeding your fears, stop feeding your sadness, for it is an insatiable beast, that continues to feast, and continue to eat, as long as you will it so. Who are you? Are you this powerful creator who can manifest greatness and lives in the eye of the most high? Or are you this meek individual who believes in victimisation, and deprivation consciousness? Make up your mind..Because for too long, you swing from one podium to the other, and something has got to give. It just does NOT make sense. You cannot be both.. You can be light, and both dark, but you cannot be both weak, and strong. You are one, or the other, and this week, you need to choose.

Everything that you want this week, that you could dream of, is on the table, the most high is like, ‘here you go’.. You can get this, you can have this, but is your energy willing to work for it? Or have you already decided…That self sabotage is your birth right?


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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