General weekly reading – 22nd-28th August;  breaking old boundaries, and stepping into a new, destined path.

Main theme – Ace of wands, Surrounding cards, The star, Eight of cups, Seven of swords, The hermit.

This week, sees us engaging in some deep introspection, self analysis, and self revelation, as depicted by the hermit. We are facing many of the things that we have been avoiding looking into, and avoiding healing for a while. This may include deeply embedded child hood wounds, and aspects of our shadow self that we would have previously preferred did not exist, for us to explore.

This is a process of shedding the ego self, and being entirely honest with ourselves about who we are, and about the things that still hold us back. Because of our desire this week to understand ourselves on such a great level, many of us may have been experiencing sorrow, as we are triggered to acknowledge the remainder of our issues, and psychological afflictions. This is all about the process of learning, and we must take care this week not to be too judgemental of ourselves, or of others. Likely, those that we run up against this week, will also be dealing with facing their own inner demons, and inner child wounds, and these may very well mirror our own.

The star card reminds us to keep hope, and keep our faith alive at this time, as many of the things reflected to us, may cause us discomfort, and could make us feel as if we are retracting, and digression on our healing journey instead of moving forward. Do not be mistaken. You have indeed come very far, but as I have mentioned before, this is a process of multiple layers – and you are constantly scratching further, and further beneath the surface.

The fallacy of healing is the type of healing that we do that is ‘easy’. This is much like treating superficial wounds, when actually, more harrowing, and damaging wounds exist beneath the surface. This week, has been for uncovering those wounds that are buried a little bit deeper. Our triggers to do with attachment issues, abandonment concerns, poverty consciousness, and perpetual negative thinking that leads to the manifestation of our worst fears. It is no longer time to blame those around us, or outside of us, a huge emphasis is placed this week on self responsibility.

The ace of wands is the new direction of spirit and renewed hope that is introduced to us when we take this responsibility, and actively begin to nourish our own beings, and invest in ourselves. Perhaps, we have decided to leave old narratives behind this week, and in doing so, have adopted a persona that is more in tune with who we hope to become – who we have truly always been, (away from the years of indoctrination, and emotional negligence). The eight of cups sees us leaving behind the parts of ourselves that have been holding us back, including the self defeating thoughts and behaviours. Too much is at stake at this time. We can actually see for the first time that if we were to use our gifts wisely, and place our efforts in the right direction, we would be rewarded by the universe beyond belief. We are aware now, of what we have not been able to see in the past, the fact that we are actually divinely guided, and loved, and there is no longer an excuse to dwell in lack, nor scarcity consciousness.

This new direction that beckons us asks us to be more bold, to step outside of our comfort zone, to be more social, creative, sexual, intellectual, passionate, and in charge of who we are. We are oozing sex appeal this week, and we realise how magnetic we actually are when we believe in ourselves. There is nothing that we can not do. Not a thing that we an not attract, however, this needs to be not only an attitude that we embody from now on, but the actual essence of who we are, what we practice, and what we do, on a DAILY basis.

Change is a consistent effort, we cannot abandon this new energy that is emerging, out of fear of leaving the old behind.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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