General weekly reading – 29th August-4th September; New month, new me. 

Main theme – King of pentacles, Surrounding cards – strength, three of pentacles, justice, King of wands.

With the main theme being the King of pentacles this week, we are deciding to get very serious, and very practical about our finances, ambitions, and career path. No matter what has happened in the past, we realise now, that self sustainability, and self responsibility is at the core of taking us on the next step of our healing journey.

It is all about the money honey. Okay, well not really, not ALL about, but it is coming to our attention that a certain level of autonomy is needed in order to maintain our progress and internal work. Maybe we need that money to move out of our family home because our family are still just too triggering, maybe there are places that we long to go, and things that we long to do to aid our growth that require financial improvement. 

We understand this week the immensity of the importance of our life’s work. The justice card suggests that our life’s work may be in tandem with offering a service to humanity in some way, something that heals, nurtures, or balanced the course of the destiny of others, you must know, that when you heal others, you heal a part of yourself in the process. This is universal reward.

Your inner core is changing this week. You understand that right and wrong is less about what happens TO you, and more about how you REACT to what happens to you. Things will always go wrong, I mentioned this in my retrograde article, but it is essential for highly sensitives to build up a strengthened inner core, so that we are not so easily offended. This is where the strength card comes in. 

Strength comes this week from the purposefulness of our passions and future directions. We have big goals, we have a large calling as depicted by the three of pentacles. Maybe we do not necessarily know what this calling is to be EXACT, but we have felt the pull our entire lives. This is enough reason to no longer play small. We need to gather our ideas, because THIS, this passion, purpose, ambition, drive, is going to be what actually, and finally liberates us from our past, and our limitation consciousness. 

We are balancing our masculine nature with two King archetypes. The king of wands is this acceleration, and bursting free of our creative and sexual chi. We may be feeling hyper sexual this week, we may be exploring, experimenting, because we are no longer feeling shameful, and like we have to hide ourselves. 

For my feminine enchiladas, this may mean a lot of male attention for us this week, OR a special male in particular who steps in to show his dominance, among the pack.

Tapping into creativity to make a new alchemical solution out of our past pains, tearing ourselves open to new heights, manifesting admiration for our work, and accolades, sees us reminded this week, that the BIGGER picture, is worth more than ALL of the bullshit, that we have had to endure..

You are a BOSS this week! People are like, ‘look at that boss, with all of that courage’, and you are to step into this role with confidence. Take control over your life. The victim mentality gets nothing accomplished, but keeping you stuck within your wound. This week, is about stepping into your light, it’s the, ‘what happens next?’ How can you take all of your experiences, and lessons, and abilities, and bring them, and yourself OUTWARD into the world.

I am so proud of you guys this week!
Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy 2016.


2 thoughts on “General weekly reading – 29th August-4th September; New month, new me. 

  1. I feel like a broken record……You are the bomb!. It just so happens that Its my first day today on the job as “the Boss”. Beginning of the week I had a falling out with my guy and decided to FINALLY take responsibility of MY LIFE in all areas…..I am believing God for that strength as I push on ahead. And my prayer this morning was that He should activate His light which is already in me, so that I can bring forth the harvest of the power that He has planted in me. Hat of to you M’lady….You are too Blessed.

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