9/11 – The significance of this number. 

In the same ways that 9/9/9 served as a spiritual opening for us, the date recognised as 9/11, or rather the 11th of the 9th, is also one that we may note for the spiritual history books – just for everything that it represents.
Although unfortunately many have come to associate this number w/ a tragedy, (my condolences to those it stirs negative memories for), this number, if viewed in the appropriate context is also about creating shifts.
Whilst the number 11 is symbolic of transitions, awakenings, and changes, the number 9 represents endings, finales, and conclusions.

Together? We are looking at the number that is calling for us to endure a death & a rebirthing process simultaneously.
Which parts of our old self are we looking to leave behind? & through leaving these parts behind & allowing transformation to occur, what new parts of us are forming & being brought together.

Both of these numbers stir karmic resonance, the only difference being, the number 11 is all about spiritual mastery.

How have your painful & wounded experiences caused you to become a master at what you do & what you know?

How will you inspire others based upon your losses upon this path? 

The wounded healer no longer be so wounded – this is a powerful energy for manifestation & I seriously suggest a call for abstinence this following week..

If there is a particular behaviour that you have been embodying for life times long now that does not serve you, whether co-dependency, allowing your triggers to take you down negative pathways, or playing too small, I challenge you this week, to practice doing something inspirational whenever you feel the on set of these.

Write something inspiring about your pain.

Offer to be there for somebody who requires assistance.

Write a letter to yourself about hope.

The 9 signifies the conclusion of these behaviours, whilst the 11 is the door of balance, that we must now walk through..

– Seek Cindy.

Seek Cindy 2016 ©


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