General Weekly Reading; 12th-18th September – An explosion of creation.

Main theme – eight of wands, surrounding cards – queen of wands, King of wands, five of cups, three of cups.

Numerological break down – 12th-18th (1+2) = 3. (1+8) = 9. 

3 – Creation, manifestation, expression, communication- ending the week at 9 – Resolution, completion & releasing. 

With the main theme presenting itself in the form of the eight of wands this week, we are in for some rapid change, & some rapid manifestation.

The eight of wands is all about messages, and swift communication that arrives to us via several mediums. There are vast realisations, and epiphanies presented to us during this week.

Perhaps in the most unusual, or seemingly spontaneous ways. We may run into individuals who through casual conversation give us the vital piece of information that we have been searching for regarding the puzzle to understand ourselves, our karma, and our past relationships with others.

You may be sitting at a bus stop, & suddenly a number plate will pass by, or somebody will shout out a name of significance that means so very much to you, & you will instantly realise, that you are at the right place, at the right time & spirit is confirming, or affirming that which you may have been considering.

These messages from spirit that arrive in the form of aimless day dreaming are also not to be dismissed, as this is your intuition doing its best to bring fourth information via the akashic records.

Do not question how you know what you know, or even if what you know is correct, just trust that which comes from within you, as much as you trust that which comes from without. 

You will be experiencing rapid change this week. It happens in this way – the moment that you figure out who you are & you awaken to the truth of your soul, everything will begin to change & rearrange for you. The eight in numerology is representative of breaking cycles & karmic patterns – this is fire energy, the energy of transformation. If you call something into existence this week, so it shall be – so be very careful where you draw your attentions to!

You may be receiving a message from somebody of the past who things ended badly with – as depicted by the five of cups. However, the three of cups shows that instead of mourning over the loss of whatever this was, or any other past upsets for that matter, now you are learning to look ahead, & make the best out of all that you DO have in-front of you, & your gratitude manifests even more greatness. 

This is an opportunity for resolution from past pain. You are receiving specific revelations about past transactions for a reason – spirit wants you to heal. And healing means understanding why things transpired as they did.

The King of wands & the queen of wands suggests a powerful spiritual partnership forming this week. As both the masculine & the feminine awaken to their true nature/power, they are drawn toward creativity, sexual alchemy & creation.

This may be a very powerful week for sexual energy & sexual awakening. We may be trying new things, getting a little bit kinky, & awakening our kundalini energy because of this. All of this feeds our creative life force & offers us inspiration & initiation into deeper realms of consciousness.

Practice safe sex, practice tantric sex, just make sure that you are practicing! There is a lot of creative/sexual/manifesting energy to tap into this week… 

As you celebrate yourself & your body, others too learn to celebrate your coming together of self. The three of cups is a new found confidence in who you are. You attract attention when you’re out & you no longer feel compelled to hide yourself away. You are coming out of your shell, engaging in fun activities, & spending time with people who make your soul feel alive.

Through this, you gain more recognition & confirmation of your true power. Your abilities are hightened this week, you may be receiving accolades & people may be reaching out to you in large numbers – both to congratulate you, & to enquire about your expertise.

The spot light is on you this week – relish in it!

This is powerful illumination for both the masculine & the feminine as they merge to become one. Both sacred partners are at their best energetically. Perhaps there will be the news//announcement of a pregnancy, the arrival of a child, or sacred lovers will begin trying for a child.

If working on a creative project this week, ideas will flow & flourish like wild fire. 

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

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