General Weekly Reading – 19th-25th; Creating a harmonious new awakening. 

Main theme – queen of wands, surrounding cards, 9 of swords, queen of swords, the fool, the hierophant.

With the queen of wands as the main theme this week, we are carrying on from last week with the energies of illumination & transformation. This is the presence of Kali – the great mother of destruction & creation. This is the type of heat pressure that is applied to our life to bring to our attention that there is the requirement for change – immense change & rapid change.

We are still undergoing transformation through illumination of the shadow aspects of ourselves that keep us in lower vibrations,

The queen of wands is illumination of the Unknown & unseen realms – we are making realisations about who we truly are & awakening to the power that lies inside of us – just waiting to be accessed as we desire.

Inspirational thoughts, ideas & electric intuition are all promised for us this week.

The hierophant dictates spiritual messages being passed down for us to pass on back down to others. A lot of the revelations that we make this week, are not to be kept to ourselves, there are people who could really benefit & heal from this information – so it is important for us to be vocal vessels.

The queen of swords inspires us to express ourselves in the most passionate ways. Creativity is here right now & maybe we can spread our Godly messages through a creative outlet. Creation & expression is the ultimate in healing. This is also about feminine liberation – breaking out of that necessity to play small & wounded.

The feminine energy is larger than life this week – but not only in the feminine. The presence of such strong feminine energies also allows the masculine templates to dig deeper into themselves than they usually might & retrieving deep soul truths for healing.

This is complete honesty about ones journey & identity. 

The 9 of swords suggests that there are still some worries & anxieties about the future plaguing our minds this week. This may also be mental over stimulation; when we have so many thoughts & ideas occurring at once about what we would like to achieve,  & what our purpose requires of us, we can often worry that we do not have enough time, or resources.

Things are changing pretty fast & this can feel discomforting & unsettling, but it is important to breathe & embrace this process for what it is – a new beginning.

The fool card presenting itself for the second week in a row indicates this mass process of burning away the old & going on a new journey. 

When you are at your most powerful, you are also at your most vulnerable, because you have so much ability to create – and you may not know what to create! 

The fool encourages you to do some research & perhaps planning about ways you can capitalise on the greatness within you. Maybe take a course, or seek advice from somebody who is already established in the field that you wish to break into. 

Trust that you are meant to be an inspirational figure in the lives of others & the most high will always work with you to find a way to fulfil this purpose. 

The hierophant represents the building of a strong community. You do have people willing to help you & support you – use them! Especially if they share a common goal, I am sure they will be thrilled to participate with you!

Ultimately, you need to trust yourself & your ability to create, produce & ignite change, at this time, your voice is very needed. Writing down what you channel may help avert over thinking. You do not want to miss the revelations, realisations & epiphanies that arrive so freely to you at this time – but neither do you want to get them mixed up with paranoia.

Meditation & prayer to see things clearly & to decipher messages as they truly are – will help you to meet the signs & symbols that call out specifically to you.

You have everything that it takes now to build & creative this life for yourself that you want. Do not worry about lack anymore, because it does not exist, but if you cling to it, then it will surely materialise!

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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