Twin Flame ( Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 24th-30th October; Back down to reality, Karmic bonds, The loss of love & the love of loss.


Main theme ( Five of cups), What is occurring for both divine lovers (Ten of wands), Masculine – The lovers, King of swords, The chariot, Feminine – Four of pentacles, Four of cups, Justice.

Extra card – The empress – The empress is the birthing, and the creation of a new self this week, as divine counterparts have successfully completed one of their many missions. The alchemical process of exchanging energies. 

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

Numerological break down calculation – 

24th (6) – Childhood, past life, maternal care, parental care, abandonment consciousness – 30th (3) Magnified – Creation, manifestation, creativity, unity between the masculine, the feminine, and the shadow.

Alot of sacred lovers lately have found themselves caught in 4d consciousness, moments of spiritual awareness, and spiritual expansion that may have left us feeling almost as if we were living in a dream world – with our dreams being particularly eruptive! Insomnia, over sleeping, illness, and mental confusion was likely also a major part of your recent experiences. This week, we are clawing off the misty lenses of our spiritual specs, and coming back down to what is 3D consciousness. Still the same as it was when we left it – only one, we will not be able to exhibit the same models we practiced once before…

The 5 of cups represents emotional loss, disappointment, and mourning over recent events. Perhaps there was a recent break up, or a sudden break down in communication. We may be feeling cheated because of a situation that has not worked out the way we thought that it would, or this may pertain to some dishonesty – potentially the third party situation described in previous readings, (as the five of cups represents mourning over three spilled cups). We may be focusing heavily this week on the past, and resisting the changes that have presented themselves to us. Perhaps we became too attached to the idea of something supporting our emotional well being, only to realise that we have been neglecting our priorities, and emotional responsibilities to self. The five of cups may also represent shame, as the individual appears to hang their head low over the scattered situation. For this reason, forgiveness is a big theme for both divine lovers this week. Forgiveness of themselves, and forgiveness of their union counterpart.

The ten of wands describes a situation that became too much to handle. This is a defining point in our lives where we draw the line, and declare that enough, is enough. As the number 10 is symbolic of endings, transitions, and new beginnings, this could represent the month of October in which we have come to the realisation that we need leave certain behaviours, influences, and things behind. This may be in relation to the sacred union – in which one party felt that they were carrying all of the strain, and called time, or space on the situation. The ten of wands also represents letting go of internal baggage, and releasing our addictions to victimisation, or martyrdom. The ten of wands is about no longer being able to carry on in the direction that you were going, doing the things that you were doing. We have to drop some of the burden that we have been holding on to, and some of the ways that we have adopted, if we are to develop peace of mind, and truly gain access to a new beginning. It is not simply enough to beckon, or attempt to attract a new beginning – rather, it requires, and consists of participation, and some effort on your part. Change your internal, and your external will reflect who you are, what you allow, and what you experience. 

The feminine here may be shining the light for both divine partners to experience a karmic overhaul. Perhaps this is a wake up call for the masculine, as he recognises that there actually has been some loss here, and it is time for a change on a profound level. The number 10 stops us dead in our tracks, and we are forced to examine the extremes in our life. Nothing should be done to excess, but when we have no balance, we do not know the difference between enough, and too much. 

A more honest way of living is introduced here, as we recognise that this is one of the healthiest ways to live. Health is a major concern to us this week also, perhaps we are just over coming illness, or there have been health scares concerning our previous ways of living. It is true that it is time for change on many spectrums, and the way that we treat ourselves is under intense scrutiny.

The five of cups is also a card of change. As things change, and seasons fade, it is often common to dwell on the past, what might have been, and what could be. Winter represents a period of this type of darkness, where we are to be still, and accept the next stage of our lives as it confronts us. Putting up a fight is futile.. Change, like death, is inevitable.

Detachment is the practice this week. Finding balance between the things that we love, and the things that we can do.. Being a hero for your heart means sometimes, placing your mind above your emotional chaos. Unconditional love is the highest form of love to practice, and this goes with unconditional love for yourself. This is forgiving the self, and understanding the necessary growing pains that must occur in order for us to move on with our lives, and adapt to the demands for a purer way of being. All souls who are on the path of awareness must always face such monumental moments. 

Perhaps the masculine is abandoning his struggle with juggling too much. Too many issues, too many women, too much baggage.. Etc

The lovers on the side of the masculine speaks of his thoughts this week residing with this spiritual union of his. Perhaps he cannot shake the weight of guilt on his part. If there was a loss in this union, and the feminine tore herself away from him, then he is definitely dealing with the repercussions of her actions – although, somehow, a part of him admires the part of her that was finally able to be honest with him. He did not need the martyred version of you at that moment. It was a hero in love he sought.  The recognition of what has taken place here, and how he has played a part in it, is causing a stir in his spiritual awakenings, and foundations. The ego version of himself is being pulled into question. How much the ego can cancel out love. And how so often we allow it to..

The king of swords takes us into his reluctance to allow himself to be an emotional mess this week. He is still very much holding onto the part of him that wishes to experience his emotions through rational thought, and not through burdening himself with uncomfortable feelings. This is his resistance still to allowing himself to go too deeply, and too dark into the abyss. Yes, he is still dealing with his version of spiritual ‘karma’, but he is attempting to search for solutions, and using this as an opportunity to clear his mind. This means alienating the space that exists for his shadow self to operate, and focusing on getting the things done that must be done.

The feminine on the other side, appears with the four of pentacles. This suggests that instead of allowing herself to become entirely engilfed in the hardships of this period, she is attempting to turn her focus towards financial gain, and preserving her business ideas. Nurturing her career, is one of the ways in which she will practice self love this week – as this is a direct investment in herself, and her growth. She is not using work so much as an escape, but rather a reason to keep going, and to break out of the self imposed victimhood that she engaged in not long before.

The number four appearing twice for her;again with the four of cups is suggestive of the idea that the feminine seeks order, structure, and strong foundations at this point in her life. It is the only way that security of some sort can be grounded, if she first establishes this for herself. The four of cups represents many moments this week where she may find herself dwelling negatively on the situation, escaping into day dream over what occurred, and failing to see the positives in the situation that is before her.

Perhaps she is beating herself up about what she did wrong, and right, and how all of the events transpired. She may still find herself too caught up in 4D this week – the realm of over thinking, and over imagination, so, it is important to remember the four of pentacles for balance when this occurs. It is okay to find epiphanies through allowing your mind to wander about this romantic situation, but still, there are things that must be done, and things that must be built. There is definitely a new beginning being presented to her by the fourth cup extended in the traditional four of cups taro – however, the feminine will not be able to see this if she keeps getting lost in the details of what happened. There is a bigger picture at play here – even whilst it cannot be seen.

The chariot suggests an eagerness, and a willingness on the masculine to make a move. But what will this move be? I want to challenge my followers to something a little different this week.. As we are practicing the theme of detachment, I have decided to allow you all to discover your OWN individual outcomes for this week.. Alot of the ways in which we create attachment, and subsequently disappointment in situations, is because we attempt to weave ourselves around one specified outcome, and fall apart if this does not become our truth. The truth is  – there are several truths. Some divine masculine counterparts this week, will use the force of the chariot to continue pushing forward, and trying to keep the feminine by their side. The others? Will use the energy of the chariot to finally turn away – change direction, and embark on a new story…Sometimes, the heroine lies with the one who chooses to walk away, especially when too much damage has been done.

The justice card is the feminines final call for karmic balance. She says, ‘I did not even want to leave you’ ‘I did not even want to fall out of love with you’. ‘ I JUST want balance in my life! This is all about having ENOUGH, and not living on scarcity, internally, or externally. There has to be some sort of ebb, and flow, or life is completely out of wack, and this is a lesson that both divine lovers are learning this week. And the feminine, either directly, or indirectly, has triggered this state of awareness, and recognition within the divine masculine.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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General Weekly Reading 24th-30th October; Shattering child hood fears, confronting love phobias, and higher dimensional thinking.

general weekly.jpg

Main theme – Five of cups (reverse), The devil, Three of swords, Three of wands, Page of cups.


The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me. I experienced what same may refer to as a spiritual crisis. A time in-between, or before a major spiritual break through, where your ego is completely shattered, and you are forced to a stand still. For many, this feels like abandonment, and in many ways it is – as the most high will remove pretty much all spiritual connection for you, and force you to face yourself – with no means of using another deity for escape, or answers. The answers that were to be found, could only be obtained through myself. But in order to get these messages, I had to sit still with myself for long enough.. And that – was the hard part.

Numerological break down calculation.

24th (6) – Childhood, past life, maternal care, parental care, abandonment consciousness – 30th (3) Magnified – Creation, manifestation, creativity, unity between the masculine, the feminine, and the shadow.

The attachments that we hold, to  negativity, and pain, and the stories of the past are highlighted to us this week, as we take an even further plunge, into the depths of our own darkness. The five of cups reminds us of the importance of presence, not existing too deeply into the future, and not to look too nostalgically towards the past – because both will cause us to only semi exist, in a bottomless abyss. The five of cups in the up right position represents our fears about moving forward, and our tendencies to dwell on the things that we have lost, or the things that we wish turned out dirrently, a long time ago. 

In reverse, this card teaches us a lesson about detachment. We are asked to practice, and acknowledge a version of love that exists without us feeling as we have to lose ourselves entirely into this love, or substitute our identity for temporary highs. Detachment love is the love of the 5th dimension. This differs from a lover who is distant, or unavailable. Detachment love releases the worries, the fears, and the inclinations that we have to control our partners, through our actions, inactions. The truth is – we cannot always predict what we know, even those of us who are highly intuitive. And the times that we find ourselves doubting love, or feeling lack, what we are really doing – is  tapping into old outdated beliefs from our childhoods, and past lives, about not being good enough, and not being worthy to receive love. This usually finds us caught in a vicious cycle – either when we accept a love that is sub-par to what we truly desire, or, when we continuously reject any displays of love – because we do not recognise them to be love.

The page of cups is a message from our inner child this weak, who exposes itself to be raw, and unfiltered. The pain of rejection, and abandonement that we feel when things do not go our way in a relationship, mirrors the self imposed abandoning that we do to our inner child, when we give all of our power away, and look to another to fulfill our wounds. 

This is a highly emotive week as the page of cups asks, ‘Here I am. Won’t you listen to me now? And pay me some of the attention that I so deserve?’ You may find your creativity at an all time high, as this is a portal of expression that allows you to translate your unspoken inner child. 

The three of swords represents the detachment from old beliefs about love, and no longer attempting to align ourselves with archaic love stories.  The devil is really our shadow self emerging, when we continuously ignore ourselves, our own signals, and our inner child. The shadow self feels starved of attention, and recognition, and worthy respect, so it acts out in less than desirable ways – and this actually pushes people away from us further, cementing the ideas we hold that we are unworthy of love. This week asks us to see how we are, or have been perpetuating this trauma within ourselves, particularly in the form of relationships.

We may indeed be feeling very tender at the heart centre this week, but I do expect that the energy will lift, and possibly be lighter than it has been in previous weeks. 

Themes of heart break, loss, and detachment are presented to us, and we are asked to let go of expectations, and attachment bondings. It goes a little something like this – the law of attraction will tell you that if you desire something, then you should simply hold on to the image of it in your mind, until quantum physics beckons it towards you, – but then other spiritual ‘truths’, will tell you that you must release all expectancy to an outcome, and allow the universe to provide for you? So which one is correct?

The law of attraction is not truly as simple as it is explained. The law of attraction is actually more of a product of the subconscious mind, than it is the conscious mind. So – when your conscious mind is holding on to the thought of a vibration, and trying to manifest this, it is really the beliefs, and the energy of the subconscious mind, (which really controls the direction of the manifestation of one’s energy), that are working to bring a truth to light. 

So, if you perceive that you are attracting a healthy, happy love, but your subconscious mind is still plagued by thoughts of not being good enough, and being undeserving, then you will attract to you a love that confirms these thoughts. The transformation of the past lies with acknowledging this, and reconciling with it.. The forgiveness is self is VERY necessary. You are not to blame for the things that have happened to you. As painful as that truth is to accept, there was an element of passivity on your part, and perhaps this is why you fear vulnerability, and the passive state so much now.. You are to take a deeper look into the stories of your past, because they hold the mark of your wounded inner child. It is time to exchange those stories – for new ones, now that you know a deeper truth. 

Many karmic attachments are shut down this week, as we begin to really listen to the demands of our soul, and the pleads for internal harmony. It is a week of walking away. And whilst some of us will be walking away from lovers, the rest of us will be walking away from the false stories that we have used to keep our shadow selves alive.

There is no awakening like a heart awakening. 

We all know this. The heart translate the souls truths – so the sting of the heart, is truly a souls cry. But, when the soul gets damaged it does a few things. It has learnt over life times to heal itself, and to protect itself, and to shift, and change, and adapt. This to you is what feels like the dark night of the soul, or the depressive period.

You will be triggered by an emotional situation this week that likely causes you to want desperately to release past baggage. Your soul almost has a feeling of being too heavy. As if it holds no more space for harsh lessons, or painful experiences. This is true. So, let it go..

Listen to me – the lessons, do not HAVE to be harsh. They are only harsh when we have been ignoring ourselves for too long. And it usually takes something to shock us out of our delusion, and drop us firmly back in the bosom of reality – or, what we may call 3D consciousness.

In 5D, all things are possible. In 4D, we begin to think about, and try about all that is possible. The problem with this is, separating ourselves from the fact that most of the people that we interact with on a day to day basis, belong to the 3rd dimension. We may indeed be in love with their higherselves. The version of themselves that exists at a higher consciousness – and we see this, and we base our dreams, and our relationships around this.

But, because of the density of this earth, and the weight of the programs that have been downloaded by many of us, most people alternate pretty swiftly from 4d, to 3d – and whilst we are in love with the 4d version of them that we have experienced, most of the time – they may still operate on a 3d level, and succumb to lower temptations, shadow natures, and egoic customs. 

It is up to you – the old soul who is so determined for self awareness, and change, to exist in 4d, whilst non detached from the experiences of 3d, whilst holding a space for others to become aware of their 4d selves. Does that make sense? Detachment love. ‘I love you up here. And I always will. But down there – you can be pretty crappy. And I do not have to put up with that. But that does not mean that I do not have to love you’.

The three of wands represents the new ships that we have called, finally pulling up to shore. We have been awaiting a new beginning for a while now, and what feels like a new dawn, and With Scorpio seasons themes of death, change, and transition, we are about to see what happens when you rapidly shift in consciousness. Your ability to see the fruits of your manifestation, and see divine messages in everything around you, is second to none! In the coming weeks, get ready to see many mirror examples of yourself, who you were, who you are, and who you could be. Elevating to 4d consciousness means seeing the unity in the disunity. 


Happy healing my sacred beings, and well done!

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin Flames What is a sacred lover? (The alchemical marriage) – Book Sample.

“Twin flame love is not easy.
I am not affirming this in sort of a toxic way, that encourages or even gives life to dangerous, or emotionally challenging relationships. Because the two are entirely different.
So you hear about the many ups, and the downs, and the dark nights of the soul that mirror depression?
So what makes this any different from a high strung toxic or even abusive relationship?
It is the love…
Underneath it all – the pain, the dysfunction, the desire to understand the self, there is such a raw love that it cannot be mistaken.I do not necessarily believe so much in a ‘separation stage’, as with true twin flames – they are bound to one another entirely, and cannot be without one another for longer than what feels like a second.
I do believe in the dynamics of the ‘runner’, however, I believe that both twins are runners, in their very own ways.
The reason that I say that I do not believe in a separation stage, is because time does not work the same way that it does here in this 3D world in the element of the 5th dimension, which effectively is where the love of twin flames operate..
There is a difference, between a divine soul spark that kicks and shifts you into awakening – and your twin flame.
Sometimes, what you perceive to be a ‘separation stage’, may actually be your breaking away from this soul spark, so that you can integrate the lessons, karma, and experiences that they have taught you.

What is a twin flame?
Many people say that a twin flame is the other half of your soul – but I do not subscribe to this theory, because I do not believe that any soul is incomplete. Rather, a twin flame is a fellow healer who shares the same energetic vibration with you. Usually, one twin will incarnate into a masculine essence, and be extremely masculine (hyper masculine), whilst the other embodiment, will incarnate into a feminine essence, and be extremely feminine, to the point of imbalance. 

The reason for this is because, the objective of both of these individuals is to find and gain balance between their two polar energies.
They are both heaven and hell. They are both light and dark. They are simultaneously feminine, AND masculine – all at the same time. This is what makes them so unique. This is the energy of God. God is not one, or the other, for God is all – creation (the masculine, and the feminine, which gives birth to the third energy, (the holy trinity).

The feminine aspect of these individuals is their ability to interpret information by tapping into their intuition, effortlessly, and their high levels of creative ability. The masculine aspect of them, is all in their analytical, and intellectual thought pattern. When they discover through one another how to harmonise the two, they can become a real force to be reckoned with.

What happens after you have met your twin flame?
In the short time after you have met your twin flame, your life will appear as if it is falling apart, or is if you are losing control of things. And this is because, likely – you are. Your twinflame is sent to rearrange your life in a way that will almost cause it, and yourself to be unrecognisable. Likely, at the time that you met your twin, you were alive, but not really living – almost in a sea of motionless. However, when the awakening of meeting your twin begins, you will be forced to deal with many of the things that you have been unwilling to look into. This is what the shattering of your illusions, ego self, belief systems, and thought patterns looks and feels like. 

How will you know if you have met your twin flame?
The ancestral karma will be so ripe in the both of you, you will not question that your family history or cultural/societal beliefs have MUCH to do with this.
This individual will definitely mimic the side of the family karma that you must heal.
Does everybody have a twin flame?
No… Not everyday does. But this is okay. Trust me, this is not some fairy tale love story that sets ‘twins’ apart as some sort of idealised love that no one can ever attain.
Yes it is a beautiful love, but it is purposeful, just as much as it can be romantic.
There is much toxicity and negative karmic debris in the genetic line of twin flames, and often, they are on their last life times here, and must correct a lot, if not all of this before their final ascension, (should they choose not to re/incarnate as advanced healers, or way showers once more).
Twin flames are about the mission.. The mission of unconditional love, of healing the masses, of healing themselves, of coming into the perfect place, position, and energetic alignment necessary to carry out their great work.
They are angels on earth – but they come with their own set of Devils.
- Cindy Anneh-bu.”

Copyright Cindy Anneh-bu 2016 ©
Taken from my up coming book.
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Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 17th-23rd October; Shadow healing, and blocks on the road to love.


Main theme – Queen of swords, What is occurring for both twins – The hanged man, The masculine – Seven of swords, Four of swords, Ace of wands, Feminine – The star, Eight of swords, The devil. EXTRA CARD SPECIAL – Knight of swords.

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

Numerological break down calculation – 17th (1+7) = 8 – Karma, abundance, breaking of karmic chains, karmic realisations, and transformation – 23rd (2+3) = 5- Change, transition, freedom, breaking of bondage, liberation, adventure, and newness.

With the powerful full moon  in Aries that we experienced a few days ago, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are still heavy in the air. This full moon saw us exploring areas of our life where we once felt challenged, particularly in the form of the shadow self, childhood aspects, and  our fears, and conditions about love.

With the queen of swords as the main theme, this week, both divine lovers are assessing the blockages that lie between them, and the union of self, and the union between one another. The queen of swords can represent an individual who is harsh, or who places up walls, and barriers because of how deeply they have been hurt in the past. Look at the way that the queen sits, with her sword firmly planted in the ground, ever ready for an attack, and not with the embracing smile that the empress card holds, or even the sweet melancholy glare of the queen of cups. This is an individual who is stern, and who prefers to use the navigation of their mind, rather than their heart when it comes to matters of love. Both sacred lovers who are truly on this healing journey, and path, have been through so much throughout the course of their lives – particularly in childhood, so it is no wonder that they have developed these types of wounds, blockages, and defensive behavioural mechanisms;however, it is paramount to healing that these blockages be identified and released – which is the goal of the hanged man.

The hanged man arrives once again to dictate the importance of stillness. So both divine lovers are once again this week delving very deeply into themselves, and may seem withdrawn from others, or almost as if they are in their own worlds. Yes indeed they may be trapped inside of their minds for the time being, but actually – the best thing for them both to do at this time, would be to EXPRESS themselves. It is only self expression of what lies inside that will lead them to the pot of gold called love. It is important for the masculine this week to express his feelings towards the divine feminine, and it is important for the divine feminine this week to allow herself to be expressed to. She needs to get used to speaking her truth this week. Because everything that she holds inside tends to become toxic, and hostile, and manifests as dark thoughts, or feelings of helplessness. In order not to feel like the victim, she can often be overly defensive, of dismissive of the divine masculine, and others. If she is the one doing the rejecting, then it somehow makes her feel in control.

The queen of swords may also suggest to us the need for practicality, and proper discernment. It is important for us not to become caught in our fantasies of what we perceive the world to be like, based on past experiences, and get carried away with ourselves. The queen of swords can be the voice within our minds this week that reminds us, you do not have all of the facts. You cannot make harsh judgement, and decisions about things, and people just because you are feeling particularly insecure one moment, or overly vulnerable. Sit with yourself momentarily. Listen to what your thoughts are actually trying to tell you, and if there is revealing message to come through – channel it, into some form of creativity, instead of allowing it to engulf you this week.

The hanged man also represents both twins desire to release the ideas, beliefs, and actions that often cause them to appear cold, or stand offish. They both truly just want the best path to love this week, and that does NOT include passive aggression, rejecting one another, or playing mind games for the basis o power. The hanged man is complete surrender to any situation that presents itself in the name of love and emotions. There is only resistance to love when we exist in fear – and fear and love cannot truly co-exist, without one seeking to dominate the other. 

The queen of swords is also representative of the fact that the feminine NEEDS to speak up, and activate her throat chakra. If she does not? She will always be let feeling like the victim, and always be feeling like the masculine robbed her in some way, or did something to her. The moment that she does not like something, or she feels a certain way, she must articulate this, instead of burying it within, and allowing it to fester later as resentment, or cold words. The masculine actually deeply fears rejection – and this week, he is travelling very deeply into himself, to figure out why.

With the seven of swords on the side of the masculine, he is choosing..Well not to be so sneaky and avoidant anymore! This is particularly in regards to the part of his psyche that have previously been untouched. This may relate to his abandonment issues, his fears about love, and vulnerability, and his inability to commit to a person, thing, or situation. I feel like he knows that the feminine is at stake here, and if he does not address and confront his issues directly, he does stand to lose her – and also lose himself. This is not all even entirely about her, but rather him being fed up of living his life in this way, and feeling less than whole. The feminine shone the torch for him to acknowledge that he was holding parts of himself back, and parts of his soul fragments were scattered, and now he is fully taking the time and patience to peer into himself, and look closely at what wounds have become of him. The four of swords represents his period of solitude, contemplation, and healing, as he identifies what has been plaguing him, and tries to make peace with it. He may seem fairly distant this week- but he must be allowed this space for exploration. There is a lot to face at this time, very primal, ancient wounds, leading back to childhood and beyond, and he is actually being completely raw in his efforts to find out his own truth this week. 

His heart may feel very heavy at this time, so it is important for him to take the time to do his work diligently, so that he does not find himself breaking this work up into tiny pieces, and stretching out the healing process unnecessarily. It is  a lot to face when he has been avoiding facing things for so long, but he is there, and like the wounded soldier from battle, he is tending to his wounds. He may have played many mind games, or been too reactive in the past, or quick to let people go, because he did not want to appear as if he was emotionally dependent. Thoughts especially about being abandoned by the divine feminine may pertain to a mother wound, within him. A part of him may feel ashamed this week, because he still associates all these types of things with weakness, but for the most part, with the ace of wands, we can expect a powerful resurrection by him come the weekend. All of this hard work that he is doing in self exploration is strengthening his spirit, and he knows that he is about to enter a new phase of his life – as shaky as this too seems. The ace of wands represents his power to change direction. He is a very strong character, and he is realising that what does not kill you truly makes you stronger.. And there is more good, than harm in exploring what actually has hurt you. A new found inspiration and determination comes from him feeling purposeful – this is a re-connection to the type of humanity that will allow him to be the powerful light worker that he is destined to be!

The star card suggests that this week, the feminine is going through a rather hard time, along with her other cards. The eight of swords is all about one being trapped inside of their mind, and inside of ego consciousness. This is the shadow work of the divine feminine, and the masculine begun this a few weeks ago, the feminine has just been a little resistant because she held stereotypical thoughts such as, ‘I am the divine feminine. I am already enlightened. It is he who needs to complete all of this work. Not me. My shadow work is not as deep as his’. Oh yeah? Well it IS. Just as the masculine has a shadow archetype, so does the feminine, and this is to do with toxic expression – being passive about things, and then allowing those things to manifest as intrusive, self abusive thoughts. The devil card is all about how these thoughts attempt to trick her, and play with her mind. This week, they may have her feeling powerless, victimised, and abused. The red in the devil card also seems to relate to lower sexual energies – perhaps the dynamics of sexual abuse, sexual inferiority, or past sexual grievances. If there were any incidences in childhood where power was abused in this way, this too will rise to the surface this week to be cleared, although the clearing will not feel very much like clearing. Abandonment, and being left unprotected is the biggest fear of the feminine, and this fear is surfacing in a major way this week – so no wonder, she is so stuck in her thoughts, and her fears!

Perceptions, and societal expectations and requirements about what the masculine should be may be playing through her mind heavily this week. Perhaps this is the ultimate battle between heart, and mind. Her heart is very passionate about the masculine, and seeks to stay with him – her head however, is filled with programming, and ideas, and experiences projected from outside of her. In her reluctance to lose the masculine, she may have been playing mind games with him, and keeping him bound to her through low vibrations, sexual manipulation, or coercion. None o this is what love is about, and it is highly important for both sacred partners to cleanse themselves of the shadow aspect born of fear, if they are to truly know, experience, and radiate the love that they were sent here to gift. 

The star card actually suggests that this is a period of rebirth and renewal for her, and learning to balance what her intuition tells her, with what she has experienced on earth. Ultimately, healthy discernment will allow her to know what decisions to make. But if she is to grow? Then she has to learn how to listen to, and trust her own inner voice, despite what those outside of her may say/believe. This situation is NOT as bleak as it looks, and there is divine guidance at work here, but it is so, that during a dark night of the soul, we cannot see, nor feel, any of this. LET GO. Drop the things that exist in your mental realm that are limiting you and your beliefs about your worthy, and what you deserve. The eight of swords truly suggests that these thoughts are NOT real whatsoever, and the only reason that you feel stuck, is because your thoughts are surrounding you, and disallowing you to realise that, things are really not the way that you perceive them. Learn to trust your gut once in a while… The mind is filled with things that you have LEARNT, and been told, which is the experience of other people, not the experience of you. 

The eight of swords needs you to take a deep breath, and find the best outlet to release your fears, and thoughts about what is going wrong divine feminine. Things seem far scarier when they are trapped within your mind, and you cannot see the truth of a situation. If you are still operating from childhood fears, then you need to understand this week that those theories are outdated, and it is only your triggers that keep them alive. The masculine may be directly triggering you, (and you him), so that you can confront these issues once, and for all.

To me, the knight of swords always represents the masculine charging in, regardless of any walls, reservations, and hesitations that the feminine puts up, and offering her some kind of communication/information. Perhaps the sword that he is wielding actually refers to the ace of swords – clarity of thought, new perspective, or new ideas about herself, who her place in the world, and her love connections. He really wants to get a message across this week – and I do suggest that the feminine listen, because there is wisdom in his echoing. He is teaching her to let go, and to trust, that he will return, with more than what he left with. Abandonment, IS an illusion.

This week, we are expressing our truths, and letting go of what no longer serves us, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is time to drop all of the pretense. And just be who you are..

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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General Weekly Reading 17th-23rd October 2016 – A journey into the past (Child) self, Healing messages, and openness in love.


Main theme – six of wands, Surrounding cards – eight of wands, four of swords, the lovers, the page of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 17th (1+7) = 8 – Karma, abundance, breaking of karmic chains, karmic realisations, and transformation – 23rd (2+3) = 5- Change, transition, freedom, breaking of bondage, liberation, adventure, and newness.

With the powerful full moon  in Aries that we experienced a few days ago, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are still heavy in the air. This full moon saw us exploring areas of our life where we once felt challenged, particularly in the form of the shadow self, childhood aspects, and  our fears, and conditions about love.

This week, actually carries those themes through, and as we have experienced in the last few weeks, we are still dealing with very heavy karma, breaking ancient old karmic chains, and bonds, in the form of thoughts, and belief systems, AND engaging in many endings, new beginnings, and the transformation periods in between. With the six of wands as the main theme, spirit is telling us that despite whatever turmoil we are currently feeling, and experiencing, this week, will actually offer us the opportunity to shit our vibrations, and to shift what we have been feeling. The six of wands, is much like the warrior who returns from battle – usually a lengthy battle, that has seen them give their best fight, HOWEVER, they return to the village having won whatever battle they have embarked on, looking victorious, having appreciated the experience, and with much more knowledge gained, and wisdom to share. We have been through many challenges in such a short space of time, and I know that we have all felt the elevation of spirit pushing us even more than before to accelerate, awaken, heal, and progress.

Wounds that may have taken YEARS, or even months to clear before, are being thrown out of the water now in weeks, DAYS even, because of this immense potential to cleanse, and let go. The six of wands says that you WILL find your feet this week, you will actually return from battle, though it may seem as if the odds are against you. You are a worthy warrior, you have been fighting this great fight ever since you were born – so it is highly important for you to release that you are neither weakened, nor defeated. This is no different from anything that you have faced before, it only FEELS more intense because you thought you had dealt with the last of everything..But the deeper we go towards the core, the more dense our wounds are, as these are the wounds that exist on a cellular level. 

The eight of wands this week, represents how quickly our karma is transformed, as the number 8 is representative of karma, and the realisations that hit us as we make sense of our own self imposed miseries. There has been a lot of mental work this week, as in the past two weeks, except now – we are digging ourselves out of these ethereal prisons by listening to our higher selves. The eight of wands is the moment, when you’re sitting, and over thinking, and stewing in your misery, and a voice says to you – ‘This is all in your head. You only feel this way because you perceive abandonment. You only perceive abandonment because of your childhood. You do not need to act in the ways in which you have acted in the past. These ways do not serve you. You are wiser now’. Messages that come to you fast this week, are likely a form of clair-audience, when you allow yourself to be stilled, and to focus on your own internal chatter, you WILL hear the things that you need to hear. There may be a little mix this week, as you will also likely hear aspects of your shadow, but you need to pay attention to WHAT your shadow is telling you – your fears, belong to the collective, and the collective wounds. But you WILL manifest them, if you keep believing that they are real. 

You need to look AROUND you, and make sure that this week the energy that you are picking up is in-fact yours – especially if you are an empath, this may be others peoples karma, or emotions, this is a particularly karmic time right now, so you may just be feeling a little bit of everything.

With the four of swords, there is still much of the quiet introspection, that was gifted to us with the hanged man last week – except this form of rest, and reservation, focuses on the healing of wounds. We are healing our wounds this week by slowing down, and withdrawing. We need to silence our external worlds briefly so that we are not distracted by the outside version of ourselves, and who we project to the world. This is about getting to know ourselves, and our wounds on a very intimate level. Why do I feel this way? Why is this feeling so easily triggered in me? The four of swords asks for stability – no longer over looking these things that plague you, it is time to get deep. Deeper than before, and with the lovers card, it may be a love situation that is triggering us to look more deeply into our own behaviours. This may not even be our own love lives, perhaps it is the love life of our parents – if we are to understand our own relationship templates, it may help to take an honest look at the environment that we were raised in, and how this shaped our beliefs, and experiences about love.

The page of cups is this very raw, innocent, honest, vulnerable, and emotional version of ourselves. Many of us are influenced, and visited this week by our inner child, and in a MAJOR way. All of these wounds, have been kept by this inner child, all of the things that you have tried to hide, all of the things that have bruised you, have actually bruised your wounded inner child more. If you are feeling particularly tender this week, that is okay..Send your inner child some LOVE! God knows that they deserve it..Write a letter to your inner child, apologise, soothe them, get enough rest, perhaps look at old baby photos, and recapture your innocence. Do you not wish to heal for them? If not even yourself – your adult self. An honest look at your wounds, will require you to peer into the past, but this is necessary to lay some of these old lies to rest. There is past life karma associated with your childhood also, so it does help to understand some of the lessons that you incarnated to learn. Your relationship templates change, as you confront your inner child, and your wounds, with this raw honesty, and openness that you are exhibiting. Perhaps you may become more honest with your partner, let them in to your inner most worlds more, because you trust that they will no longer shatter you – because you have dispelled the myth of being unlovable. 

You do not need to chase people. You do not need to run from people. All of these expressions are symptoms of dysfunctional love attachments. You simply need to stand in your space of lovingness, and openness, and allow whatever will come to you, to come to you. And allow whatever will flow from you, to flow from you – knowing, that either way, you ARE taken care of.

Be very gentle with yourself this week. Please stay away from harsh energies, try to channel your angst into creativity as much as you can, take a walk in nature as frequently as you can, and remember that your psychic channels are highly open right now. Messages may appear to you in strange or funny ways, when you tap into the flow of your inner child, you will also notice that many ways that spirit chooses to communicate with us, is through humor. Learn not to take everything so seriously once you make it out the other side of this dark night of the soul! Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Laugh with your lover. Love is pure child like wonder, and imagination. Do not lose that spark because of walls, and barriers you build to protect yourself. Have fun with it.


Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Full Moon in Aries October 16th – Transforming the wounded self, dark night of the soul & expanding into new territory. 

Hello enchiladas! As LATE as I may be, I definitely felt as if this full moon in Aries was particularly potent & needed to be discussed..

We experienced the full moon on the 16th of October & since then, there have been a few major shifts & collisions..

So first, numerologically speaking, the 16th, would bring us to the number 7. The number 7 is a very spiritual number – so this is all about spirit transformation & an enhancement of spiritual lessons.

The number 1 is very much about new beginnings, whilst the number 6 focuses on fairness & community. In combination, this asks for a renewal in our communications with ourselves & others.

In order to transform, we need to know where we have not been very honest w/ ourselves. What habits, traits, thoughts, beliefs & karmic actions have we dragged along w/ us, longer than they should have been dragged?

Remember, Aries is fire energy. Fire energy burns through anything that stands in its way. The transformation APPEARS painful & may arrive as a form of the dark night of the soul, but this is in order for transformation to occur quickly & to illuminate that which cannot be seen in darkness alone.

Right now, we are dealing w/ the things that have kept us small, they may feel comforting, but our worlds have expanded now & so must we. In order to explore new heights, we need to possess the bravery, enthusiasm & resilience of Aries energy. This is the trail blazer. However, Aries hide a deep secret.. They are very sensitive & emotional – so this is the time to connect w/ our raw emotions & learn NOT to be so shamed by them. Our raw self, is our spiritual self. The wounds of the past no longer need dictate our spiritual path however. It is time to turn our wounds into glories.

– Cindy Anneh-bu

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General Weekly Reading – 10th-16th October; Anti resistance, Karmic acceptance, Masculine Rebirth, and the ultimate surrender.


Main theme – (The hanged man), Surrounding cards – Knight of wands, Eight of wands, Ten of cups, Knight of cups.

Numerological calculation break down – 10TH – The alpha and the omega. The beginning, and the ending of the all that is. God consciousness – unity consciousness, and the acceptance of masculine-feminine duality, conclusions, and understanding – 16th (7) – Lessons gained through spiritual hardship and karmic cycles.

With the hanged man as the main theme this week, we are releasing control, and resistance to the things that we cannot change, and focusing on the things that we CAN change – most notably, ourselves, our way of living, our way of thinking, our way of doing, and our way of being. Before any period of change, there must be some contemplation, usually this contemplation involves what it is we need to change, how these behaviours/patterns were born in the first place, and the damage that has been done.

For a lot of us who have experienced a lot of trauma throughout our lives, resistance, and the desire to control outcomes have actually been our favourite response to dealing – or rather NOT dealing with the things that have presented themselves in our lives, following our trauma. What this means is, most of us have actually carried on living out our traumas, because we have never been still enough to truly think about what we are doing, how we are feeling, or why we are operating in these ways… Yes this is a karmic come back like no other, and a continuation of the karmic bashing that we received last week.. I feel that this week is a little more settled however, as we completely abandon the fight to our truest nature.

Resistance, and trying to control situations and outcomes, actually exhausts us further, depleting our energetic resources, and bringing us more stress, and strain. What we resist, ultimately persists..

The eight of wands, and the knight of wands signify much inspiration, and dedication towards our future plans, goals, and ideas about what we are trying to build. There are two things that you can do in the face of karmic backlash – fall apart, and stay apart. Or fall apart, and build an entirely new you.  The ten of cups is representative of our focus towards building fulfilment, and internal satisfaction – the type that does not fade no matter our external circumstances. Whatever this bashing has brought us to realise, it has taught us above all that our internal systems, and our sense of well being, should take precedence above all – no more putting ourselves, or our soul’s calls last. Presence is now required to tease out the last of our wounds, and presence is all about knowing what it is exactly that we want, and focusing on what we can build around us, that serves us  – alienating such desires to seek outside of ourselves, and to seek others for validation. 

Security and a happy, abundant family life means more than anything to us at this time, as many of us were deprived of this in our own youth – this is a desire to understand a lot about our childhood imprints, and how we can severe this for the next generation to come through us. Now may not necessarily be the time to act in terms of future aims, and ambitions, but rather collect more information, take the time to listen to what spirit is asking you to accomplish, learn, and accept things from your current position. It will surely be time to move soon, but if you are still feeling a little stuck, then this means that the ball has not dropped – and there is still something in your silent state that is waiting to reveal itself. This final puzzle piece – will set everything else in motion, believe me!

This is a continuation of last week’s intensity, however, this week, we are asked to slow it down, because so much has transpired in such a short space of time. Things have been exposed to you. Now, is your time to process them – accordingly. 

We are trying once again to balance our feminine and masculine forces, particularly with the numerology dates presented in this week.  However, judging by this very masculine looking spread, this week may prove particularly challenging for the masculine, who will have to take this time to reflect on many things, and make some decisions. 

Alot of us are tired with fighting with ourselves, and though we may feel as if we are still waiting for something, perhaps a message to come through, we are learning not to allow our emotions to be so based on external factors. You actually receive more messages that way.. When you place yourself in a meditative state.

This is time taken out to figure out what you truly want, especially in your romantic life, home life, and career path. What does successful victory look like to you? Surely, it does not consist of such struggle. So why have you been struggling so much? Contemplation of emotional/romantic situations this week may see us making a hasty exist from victim consciousness, or perpetually chasing unsuitable love. We can see change on the horizon, but we are the ONLY ones who can beckon this change, truly. The insights that arrive this week are not to be ignored, as they arrive to us through several different mediums. We just have to be receptive to the message that presents itself.  We may be facing our deepest fears – finally, abandonment, and rejection, and instead of distracting ourselves with some fleeting passions, we are so carefully listening, and unraveling. 

There may be a new love in your life, either physically, or emotionally, as you come into alignment with what you deserve, and clear the karmic debt of what no longer serves you. Messages about love, or from past loved ones may appear as you are more open to experiencing a harmonious version of love, thanks to your new anti-resistance methods.

Perhaps it was your own thoughts, mind, perceptions about love that once created so many blockages. 

If you are waiting on a particular message this week, I feel like it will come. However, the person that you are waiting on this message from, is seeking some time out to also figure out what they want, and what direction is best for them, and I suggest that you take some time to do the same. 

The upcoming full moon in Aries plays on our passions, and desires to get from point A, to point B. Fire energies are all about quick transformation – this is the antithesis of victimisation, feeling powerless, like our situation is unchanging. Perhaps it is time for a move, time to shake things up, or introduce some radical change into our ways of living.

Your romantic life, and your ambitious desires, should not be pulling you in two separate directions. The best kind of love will be a synergy between the two, and will see the two complimenting one another. If somebody is, or has been distracting your focus, perhaps now is the time to shift your consciousness, rather drawing inspiration from what/how they have allowed you to feel. Or…? Abandoning this situation all together, and seeking an internal love, that manifests an external love, that is more in harmony with your creative potential, and abilities. 

Things can change pretty rapidly, (can and will), when you figure out what spirit has been trying to tell you or so long..Karmic life times long. 

Forgiveness, is a key theme this week. Whatever you choose to relinquish, or sacrifice, please do not do so in haste – lest, the karmic bonds here will not be broken. 

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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