Full Moon in Aries October 16th – Transforming the wounded self, dark night of the soul & expanding into new territory. 

Hello enchiladas! As LATE as I may be, I definitely felt as if this full moon in Aries was particularly potent & needed to be discussed..

We experienced the full moon on the 16th of October & since then, there have been a few major shifts & collisions..

So first, numerologically speaking, the 16th, would bring us to the number 7. The number 7 is a very spiritual number – so this is all about spirit transformation & an enhancement of spiritual lessons.

The number 1 is very much about new beginnings, whilst the number 6 focuses on fairness & community. In combination, this asks for a renewal in our communications with ourselves & others.

In order to transform, we need to know where we have not been very honest w/ ourselves. What habits, traits, thoughts, beliefs & karmic actions have we dragged along w/ us, longer than they should have been dragged?

Remember, Aries is fire energy. Fire energy burns through anything that stands in its way. The transformation APPEARS painful & may arrive as a form of the dark night of the soul, but this is in order for transformation to occur quickly & to illuminate that which cannot be seen in darkness alone.

Right now, we are dealing w/ the things that have kept us small, they may feel comforting, but our worlds have expanded now & so must we. In order to explore new heights, we need to possess the bravery, enthusiasm & resilience of Aries energy. This is the trail blazer. However, Aries hide a deep secret.. They are very sensitive & emotional – so this is the time to connect w/ our raw emotions & learn NOT to be so shamed by them. Our raw self, is our spiritual self. The wounds of the past no longer need dictate our spiritual path however. It is time to turn our wounds into glories.

– Cindy Anneh-bu

 Twitter – @spiritualpoet_
Instagram – @spiritualpoetess_
Tumblr – http://www.spiritualpoet.tumblr.com
E – cindyanneh-bu@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook – Facebook.com/twinflameandshamanchronicles


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