Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 17th-23rd October; Shadow healing, and blocks on the road to love.


Main theme – Queen of swords, What is occurring for both twins – The hanged man, The masculine – Seven of swords, Four of swords, Ace of wands, Feminine – The star, Eight of swords, The devil. EXTRA CARD SPECIAL – Knight of swords.

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

Numerological break down calculation – 17th (1+7) = 8 – Karma, abundance, breaking of karmic chains, karmic realisations, and transformation – 23rd (2+3) = 5- Change, transition, freedom, breaking of bondage, liberation, adventure, and newness.

With the powerful full moon  in Aries that we experienced a few days ago, emotions, revelations, and epiphanies are still heavy in the air. This full moon saw us exploring areas of our life where we once felt challenged, particularly in the form of the shadow self, childhood aspects, and  our fears, and conditions about love.

With the queen of swords as the main theme, this week, both divine lovers are assessing the blockages that lie between them, and the union of self, and the union between one another. The queen of swords can represent an individual who is harsh, or who places up walls, and barriers because of how deeply they have been hurt in the past. Look at the way that the queen sits, with her sword firmly planted in the ground, ever ready for an attack, and not with the embracing smile that the empress card holds, or even the sweet melancholy glare of the queen of cups. This is an individual who is stern, and who prefers to use the navigation of their mind, rather than their heart when it comes to matters of love. Both sacred lovers who are truly on this healing journey, and path, have been through so much throughout the course of their lives – particularly in childhood, so it is no wonder that they have developed these types of wounds, blockages, and defensive behavioural mechanisms;however, it is paramount to healing that these blockages be identified and released – which is the goal of the hanged man.

The hanged man arrives once again to dictate the importance of stillness. So both divine lovers are once again this week delving very deeply into themselves, and may seem withdrawn from others, or almost as if they are in their own worlds. Yes indeed they may be trapped inside of their minds for the time being, but actually – the best thing for them both to do at this time, would be to EXPRESS themselves. It is only self expression of what lies inside that will lead them to the pot of gold called love. It is important for the masculine this week to express his feelings towards the divine feminine, and it is important for the divine feminine this week to allow herself to be expressed to. She needs to get used to speaking her truth this week. Because everything that she holds inside tends to become toxic, and hostile, and manifests as dark thoughts, or feelings of helplessness. In order not to feel like the victim, she can often be overly defensive, of dismissive of the divine masculine, and others. If she is the one doing the rejecting, then it somehow makes her feel in control.

The queen of swords may also suggest to us the need for practicality, and proper discernment. It is important for us not to become caught in our fantasies of what we perceive the world to be like, based on past experiences, and get carried away with ourselves. The queen of swords can be the voice within our minds this week that reminds us, you do not have all of the facts. You cannot make harsh judgement, and decisions about things, and people just because you are feeling particularly insecure one moment, or overly vulnerable. Sit with yourself momentarily. Listen to what your thoughts are actually trying to tell you, and if there is revealing message to come through – channel it, into some form of creativity, instead of allowing it to engulf you this week.

The hanged man also represents both twins desire to release the ideas, beliefs, and actions that often cause them to appear cold, or stand offish. They both truly just want the best path to love this week, and that does NOT include passive aggression, rejecting one another, or playing mind games for the basis o power. The hanged man is complete surrender to any situation that presents itself in the name of love and emotions. There is only resistance to love when we exist in fear – and fear and love cannot truly co-exist, without one seeking to dominate the other. 

The queen of swords is also representative of the fact that the feminine NEEDS to speak up, and activate her throat chakra. If she does not? She will always be let feeling like the victim, and always be feeling like the masculine robbed her in some way, or did something to her. The moment that she does not like something, or she feels a certain way, she must articulate this, instead of burying it within, and allowing it to fester later as resentment, or cold words. The masculine actually deeply fears rejection – and this week, he is travelling very deeply into himself, to figure out why.

With the seven of swords on the side of the masculine, he is choosing..Well not to be so sneaky and avoidant anymore! This is particularly in regards to the part of his psyche that have previously been untouched. This may relate to his abandonment issues, his fears about love, and vulnerability, and his inability to commit to a person, thing, or situation. I feel like he knows that the feminine is at stake here, and if he does not address and confront his issues directly, he does stand to lose her – and also lose himself. This is not all even entirely about her, but rather him being fed up of living his life in this way, and feeling less than whole. The feminine shone the torch for him to acknowledge that he was holding parts of himself back, and parts of his soul fragments were scattered, and now he is fully taking the time and patience to peer into himself, and look closely at what wounds have become of him. The four of swords represents his period of solitude, contemplation, and healing, as he identifies what has been plaguing him, and tries to make peace with it. He may seem fairly distant this week- but he must be allowed this space for exploration. There is a lot to face at this time, very primal, ancient wounds, leading back to childhood and beyond, and he is actually being completely raw in his efforts to find out his own truth this week. 

His heart may feel very heavy at this time, so it is important for him to take the time to do his work diligently, so that he does not find himself breaking this work up into tiny pieces, and stretching out the healing process unnecessarily. It is  a lot to face when he has been avoiding facing things for so long, but he is there, and like the wounded soldier from battle, he is tending to his wounds. He may have played many mind games, or been too reactive in the past, or quick to let people go, because he did not want to appear as if he was emotionally dependent. Thoughts especially about being abandoned by the divine feminine may pertain to a mother wound, within him. A part of him may feel ashamed this week, because he still associates all these types of things with weakness, but for the most part, with the ace of wands, we can expect a powerful resurrection by him come the weekend. All of this hard work that he is doing in self exploration is strengthening his spirit, and he knows that he is about to enter a new phase of his life – as shaky as this too seems. The ace of wands represents his power to change direction. He is a very strong character, and he is realising that what does not kill you truly makes you stronger.. And there is more good, than harm in exploring what actually has hurt you. A new found inspiration and determination comes from him feeling purposeful – this is a re-connection to the type of humanity that will allow him to be the powerful light worker that he is destined to be!

The star card suggests that this week, the feminine is going through a rather hard time, along with her other cards. The eight of swords is all about one being trapped inside of their mind, and inside of ego consciousness. This is the shadow work of the divine feminine, and the masculine begun this a few weeks ago, the feminine has just been a little resistant because she held stereotypical thoughts such as, ‘I am the divine feminine. I am already enlightened. It is he who needs to complete all of this work. Not me. My shadow work is not as deep as his’. Oh yeah? Well it IS. Just as the masculine has a shadow archetype, so does the feminine, and this is to do with toxic expression – being passive about things, and then allowing those things to manifest as intrusive, self abusive thoughts. The devil card is all about how these thoughts attempt to trick her, and play with her mind. This week, they may have her feeling powerless, victimised, and abused. The red in the devil card also seems to relate to lower sexual energies – perhaps the dynamics of sexual abuse, sexual inferiority, or past sexual grievances. If there were any incidences in childhood where power was abused in this way, this too will rise to the surface this week to be cleared, although the clearing will not feel very much like clearing. Abandonment, and being left unprotected is the biggest fear of the feminine, and this fear is surfacing in a major way this week – so no wonder, she is so stuck in her thoughts, and her fears!

Perceptions, and societal expectations and requirements about what the masculine should be may be playing through her mind heavily this week. Perhaps this is the ultimate battle between heart, and mind. Her heart is very passionate about the masculine, and seeks to stay with him – her head however, is filled with programming, and ideas, and experiences projected from outside of her. In her reluctance to lose the masculine, she may have been playing mind games with him, and keeping him bound to her through low vibrations, sexual manipulation, or coercion. None o this is what love is about, and it is highly important for both sacred partners to cleanse themselves of the shadow aspect born of fear, if they are to truly know, experience, and radiate the love that they were sent here to gift. 

The star card actually suggests that this is a period of rebirth and renewal for her, and learning to balance what her intuition tells her, with what she has experienced on earth. Ultimately, healthy discernment will allow her to know what decisions to make. But if she is to grow? Then she has to learn how to listen to, and trust her own inner voice, despite what those outside of her may say/believe. This situation is NOT as bleak as it looks, and there is divine guidance at work here, but it is so, that during a dark night of the soul, we cannot see, nor feel, any of this. LET GO. Drop the things that exist in your mental realm that are limiting you and your beliefs about your worthy, and what you deserve. The eight of swords truly suggests that these thoughts are NOT real whatsoever, and the only reason that you feel stuck, is because your thoughts are surrounding you, and disallowing you to realise that, things are really not the way that you perceive them. Learn to trust your gut once in a while… The mind is filled with things that you have LEARNT, and been told, which is the experience of other people, not the experience of you. 

The eight of swords needs you to take a deep breath, and find the best outlet to release your fears, and thoughts about what is going wrong divine feminine. Things seem far scarier when they are trapped within your mind, and you cannot see the truth of a situation. If you are still operating from childhood fears, then you need to understand this week that those theories are outdated, and it is only your triggers that keep them alive. The masculine may be directly triggering you, (and you him), so that you can confront these issues once, and for all.

To me, the knight of swords always represents the masculine charging in, regardless of any walls, reservations, and hesitations that the feminine puts up, and offering her some kind of communication/information. Perhaps the sword that he is wielding actually refers to the ace of swords – clarity of thought, new perspective, or new ideas about herself, who her place in the world, and her love connections. He really wants to get a message across this week – and I do suggest that the feminine listen, because there is wisdom in his echoing. He is teaching her to let go, and to trust, that he will return, with more than what he left with. Abandonment, IS an illusion.

This week, we are expressing our truths, and letting go of what no longer serves us, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. It is time to drop all of the pretense. And just be who you are..

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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