General Weekly Reading 24th-30th October; Shattering child hood fears, confronting love phobias, and higher dimensional thinking.

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Main theme – Five of cups (reverse), The devil, Three of swords, Three of wands, Page of cups.


The past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me. I experienced what same may refer to as a spiritual crisis. A time in-between, or before a major spiritual break through, where your ego is completely shattered, and you are forced to a stand still. For many, this feels like abandonment, and in many ways it is – as the most high will remove pretty much all spiritual connection for you, and force you to face yourself – with no means of using another deity for escape, or answers. The answers that were to be found, could only be obtained through myself. But in order to get these messages, I had to sit still with myself for long enough.. And that – was the hard part.

Numerological break down calculation.

24th (6) – Childhood, past life, maternal care, parental care, abandonment consciousness – 30th (3) Magnified – Creation, manifestation, creativity, unity between the masculine, the feminine, and the shadow.

The attachments that we hold, to  negativity, and pain, and the stories of the past are highlighted to us this week, as we take an even further plunge, into the depths of our own darkness. The five of cups reminds us of the importance of presence, not existing too deeply into the future, and not to look too nostalgically towards the past – because both will cause us to only semi exist, in a bottomless abyss. The five of cups in the up right position represents our fears about moving forward, and our tendencies to dwell on the things that we have lost, or the things that we wish turned out dirrently, a long time ago. 

In reverse, this card teaches us a lesson about detachment. We are asked to practice, and acknowledge a version of love that exists without us feeling as we have to lose ourselves entirely into this love, or substitute our identity for temporary highs. Detachment love is the love of the 5th dimension. This differs from a lover who is distant, or unavailable. Detachment love releases the worries, the fears, and the inclinations that we have to control our partners, through our actions, inactions. The truth is – we cannot always predict what we know, even those of us who are highly intuitive. And the times that we find ourselves doubting love, or feeling lack, what we are really doing – is  tapping into old outdated beliefs from our childhoods, and past lives, about not being good enough, and not being worthy to receive love. This usually finds us caught in a vicious cycle – either when we accept a love that is sub-par to what we truly desire, or, when we continuously reject any displays of love – because we do not recognise them to be love.

The page of cups is a message from our inner child this weak, who exposes itself to be raw, and unfiltered. The pain of rejection, and abandonement that we feel when things do not go our way in a relationship, mirrors the self imposed abandoning that we do to our inner child, when we give all of our power away, and look to another to fulfill our wounds. 

This is a highly emotive week as the page of cups asks, ‘Here I am. Won’t you listen to me now? And pay me some of the attention that I so deserve?’ You may find your creativity at an all time high, as this is a portal of expression that allows you to translate your unspoken inner child. 

The three of swords represents the detachment from old beliefs about love, and no longer attempting to align ourselves with archaic love stories.  The devil is really our shadow self emerging, when we continuously ignore ourselves, our own signals, and our inner child. The shadow self feels starved of attention, and recognition, and worthy respect, so it acts out in less than desirable ways – and this actually pushes people away from us further, cementing the ideas we hold that we are unworthy of love. This week asks us to see how we are, or have been perpetuating this trauma within ourselves, particularly in the form of relationships.

We may indeed be feeling very tender at the heart centre this week, but I do expect that the energy will lift, and possibly be lighter than it has been in previous weeks. 

Themes of heart break, loss, and detachment are presented to us, and we are asked to let go of expectations, and attachment bondings. It goes a little something like this – the law of attraction will tell you that if you desire something, then you should simply hold on to the image of it in your mind, until quantum physics beckons it towards you, – but then other spiritual ‘truths’, will tell you that you must release all expectancy to an outcome, and allow the universe to provide for you? So which one is correct?

The law of attraction is not truly as simple as it is explained. The law of attraction is actually more of a product of the subconscious mind, than it is the conscious mind. So – when your conscious mind is holding on to the thought of a vibration, and trying to manifest this, it is really the beliefs, and the energy of the subconscious mind, (which really controls the direction of the manifestation of one’s energy), that are working to bring a truth to light. 

So, if you perceive that you are attracting a healthy, happy love, but your subconscious mind is still plagued by thoughts of not being good enough, and being undeserving, then you will attract to you a love that confirms these thoughts. The transformation of the past lies with acknowledging this, and reconciling with it.. The forgiveness is self is VERY necessary. You are not to blame for the things that have happened to you. As painful as that truth is to accept, there was an element of passivity on your part, and perhaps this is why you fear vulnerability, and the passive state so much now.. You are to take a deeper look into the stories of your past, because they hold the mark of your wounded inner child. It is time to exchange those stories – for new ones, now that you know a deeper truth. 

Many karmic attachments are shut down this week, as we begin to really listen to the demands of our soul, and the pleads for internal harmony. It is a week of walking away. And whilst some of us will be walking away from lovers, the rest of us will be walking away from the false stories that we have used to keep our shadow selves alive.

There is no awakening like a heart awakening. 

We all know this. The heart translate the souls truths – so the sting of the heart, is truly a souls cry. But, when the soul gets damaged it does a few things. It has learnt over life times to heal itself, and to protect itself, and to shift, and change, and adapt. This to you is what feels like the dark night of the soul, or the depressive period.

You will be triggered by an emotional situation this week that likely causes you to want desperately to release past baggage. Your soul almost has a feeling of being too heavy. As if it holds no more space for harsh lessons, or painful experiences. This is true. So, let it go..

Listen to me – the lessons, do not HAVE to be harsh. They are only harsh when we have been ignoring ourselves for too long. And it usually takes something to shock us out of our delusion, and drop us firmly back in the bosom of reality – or, what we may call 3D consciousness.

In 5D, all things are possible. In 4D, we begin to think about, and try about all that is possible. The problem with this is, separating ourselves from the fact that most of the people that we interact with on a day to day basis, belong to the 3rd dimension. We may indeed be in love with their higherselves. The version of themselves that exists at a higher consciousness – and we see this, and we base our dreams, and our relationships around this.

But, because of the density of this earth, and the weight of the programs that have been downloaded by many of us, most people alternate pretty swiftly from 4d, to 3d – and whilst we are in love with the 4d version of them that we have experienced, most of the time – they may still operate on a 3d level, and succumb to lower temptations, shadow natures, and egoic customs. 

It is up to you – the old soul who is so determined for self awareness, and change, to exist in 4d, whilst non detached from the experiences of 3d, whilst holding a space for others to become aware of their 4d selves. Does that make sense? Detachment love. ‘I love you up here. And I always will. But down there – you can be pretty crappy. And I do not have to put up with that. But that does not mean that I do not have to love you’.

The three of wands represents the new ships that we have called, finally pulling up to shore. We have been awaiting a new beginning for a while now, and what feels like a new dawn, and With Scorpio seasons themes of death, change, and transition, we are about to see what happens when you rapidly shift in consciousness. Your ability to see the fruits of your manifestation, and see divine messages in everything around you, is second to none! In the coming weeks, get ready to see many mirror examples of yourself, who you were, who you are, and who you could be. Elevating to 4d consciousness means seeing the unity in the disunity. 


Happy healing my sacred beings, and well done!

© Seek Cindy.

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