Twin flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading; 31st October – 5Th November; The mother wound, feminine liberation & freedom from restriction.

 Numerological break down calculation – 31 (4) – Stability, order, structure, organisation, & understanding – 5 – change, freedom, liberation, travel.

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

It has been a particularly trying month, & especially the past few weeks for many of those whom identify with being twin flames, or apart of a high vibrational spiritual love connection.

This week, there are a lot of shifts occurring in terms of both lovers attaining the inner balance of their masculine & feminine, & using the destruction gained through one another to give birth to a new existence. The empress card in combination with the four of pentacles equals the number 7 – which is known as the number of God, for its principles of uniting logic, with intuition – the feminine, with the masculine & these are exactly the themes & perspectives both lovers are learning this week! The importance of managing the duality within.

The empress card invites us to take a not so pleasant look at the mother wound. Now, this is explained much more in depth in my new moon in Scorpio article, but I will go into it a little here. The mother wound actually exists within many healers, & is the theme of abandonment, or rejection that tends to run through the lines & the minds of both twins.

Usually, this feminine or mother wound amongst the masculine, will either cause him to seek to control women, (so that they do not leave him), or, will lead him to completely detach from them emotionally, so that he does not have to feel as if he needs them.

In the feminine however, the mother wound may cause her to feel as if all other women are her rivals, secretly plotting against her, or that she may ultimately always have to fear & face rejection, abandonment, shame & comparison. 

This is especially true with family time lines who have a history of shaming or alienating the divine feminine – which many divine lovers hold.

Perhaps the persecution consciousness of the feminine has previously caused her to play small, trying to adhere to the role of the meek, docile & submissive house wife, or ‘good woman’, when in reality – she is SO much more than that!

The four of pentacles describes our desires to hold on too tightly to things – because we fear that we may lose them. 

Actually – we are never without either energy , feminine, or masculine, despite the energetic imbalances We may hold. Remember, twin flames have a high dose of each within them, usually, one is just a little more dormant.

The masculine does not have to worry about being without the feminine’s love; for within him exists the feminine’s love.

The feminine does not have to worry about being abandoned by the masculine; the template of the masculine & its protection IS in her bones.

There is maximum potential this week for both twins to grow, & become nurtured & inspired by what they learn about themselves. The empress multiples all that she comes into contact with – this is abundance, & growth & beautification & manifesting our desires on the physical plane.. 

With the 9 of swords & the 10 of swords on the masculine side, the masculine this week is once again exploring themes of his own limitations & shadow nature. He has been pretty avoidance up until now, but now he must push past his limiting thoughts to see the truth that is for him. He can no longer resist acknowledging these pressing things, especially pain; especially the mother wound.

Because both 9 & 10 symbolise completion & endings, this could see him leaving these doubts & thoughts behind that cause him to feel as if he has to control so many situations. He may be finding that the mental games & challenges that he finds himself engaging in, are actually not working in his favour anymore.

The feminine is growing up, & levelling up & changing & if he truly wants to keep up, then there is no time for divisions within her mind.

I see her being very clear & concise about what she would prefer this week & the masculine may doubt that he has what it takes to keep up with her demands.

Perhaps her harsh words to him cause him to relive his mother wound – he is truly not as tough as he makes himself out to be!

With the empress card as the main theme, he may be feeling rejected because the feminine takes this time to nourish herself, & to dedicate to herself.

The ten of wands shows at the beginning of the week, she still is holding onto martyrdom – doubts, fears, karmic templates & baggage from the past – but as the week draws on, she is very tempted to drop all of these invisible bonds.

A situation may have occurred recently that triggered them both, & triggered her to feel the collective feminine wound of invisibility. Quite possibly, she took on all of these roles & narratives, just because she thought that this is what it meant to be a woman – & now, she is looking to create her own definitions & liberate her own damn self!

To him, it may appear as if she is ignoring, or abandoning him, but she is really just getting rid of her perceptions of lack & self pity. She realises she does not have to carry everybody else’s story with her anymore – she can live her own! There is a strong desire this week for her to uncover her truth.

With the King of pentacles, the feminine is tapping very much into her masculine side. This is the part of her that feels a sense of duty, & responsibility. Putting herself & her needs first on a practical level. There are things that must be taken care of materially, so she need not spend too much time day dreaming, or stopping in her tracks for what are now trivial matters.

The responsibility of the collective, & providing to others, whether it be knowledge, art, or a business idea is a high priority for the feminine at this time, as she is at her most fertile creatively. Many ideas & inspiration about what the future could look like is causing her to take some action on her dreams. The masculine may perceive that this future does not include him, but right now, the feminine is trying to have some sense of stability, so that she does not feel like she must rely on him for Reassurance. Reassurance, constantly, is a by product of co-dependency & narcissism. 

‘I need you to need me & to focus on me. This will give me validation. But if you don’t, I will feel unworthy’. These notions will be dragged into view for the feminine this week. What were her perceptions of lack? How does she feel about herself & what she can bring to the table?

The empress is luxury, the finer things in life & beauty. Does the feminine play small because her mother had self esteem issues? Is she a compulsive hoarder – both physically or emotionally, not categorising things accordingly & refusing to let some things go?

The queen of swords represents the feminine this week taking her power back. She has no desires anymore to allow herself to be in this passive, victimised state.

She may have told the masculine to give her some space this week, or to wait for her to make a decision, but it appears as if with the chariot, he holds some apprehension about this waiting game.

He spends the week battling between his intuition, & his logical thinking, & by the end of it, he recieves mental clarity about which direction he must take. He is determined to establish himself as somebody who has developed maturely, & there is much eagerness to feel like his old self again! Apart of him wonders, ‘what has the feminine done to me? Why am I having all of these thoughts?’ But he must ask himself – what he would do if there were no chance of getting hurt? How would he operate? Surely, a core part of him too craves to give love & receive.

Thoughts about past pain & affliction see him holding on very tightly to outdated concepts & beliefs, but he has the power to change things. He does not have to be like those before him – there is a journey ahead of him that requires integrating the old, with the new & the learned.

It is not easy to unlearn deeply embedded belief systems, but both sacred lovers are ridiculously mentally strong! Most others would go crazy if they held such active minds! If anybody can make sense of the power struggles in many modern societal relationships, it IS them.

The mother wound also comes up challenging beliefs about what a woman should be like. Twin flames are here to break moulds – so the archetype of the sacred whore, or sexual goddess rather, may see twin flames engaging in very healing & mind expanding sex soon.. This teaches the masculine even further about multidimensionality, because in many ways, he sees his mother in the feminine. 

He may previously have had concepts about a woman either being a wife/mother, or, a sexually alluring figure, yet in the divine feminine, he finds all in one.

It is not unheard of for the divine masculine to hold an Oedipus complex actually, which may be why so many masculine twins abuse their sexual energy so much – they are desperate for that reconnection with the mother.

However, their often scewed & tainted views about women, block them from experiencing love in its totality. 

If his mother was very comforting towards him, he may anticipate that the feminine should do the same – even at the expense of herself; which she is refusing to at this time. 

If his mother was absent, he may try to do his best to ensure that the feminine does not leave him – usually through manipulative means.

All of these tried & tested methods are failing him this week & causing him to abandon his tactics in search of higher truth.

The feminine is directly confronting themes of persecution consciousness this week. The queen of swords is a woman who KNOWS that she knows her stuff. She is calculated & expeessive, so it is difficult to get her to silence what her intuition tells her.

The masculine has been acting out lately, & triggering so many of her unhealed wounds, yet in doing so, he has now triggered himself, but this has very much been apart of the divine plan all along..

It is his resistance to fully stepping into his heart space that is causing his mind to feel so stretched in so many places. Still – he tries to search for logic, where there is none.

The feminine this week is encouraged to experiment with her hair, her clothes, her image, & her sensuality. Creating a new her means creating a new feeling with her!

The extra card which is the four of swords lets us know that healing & resolution is occurring for both lovers this week, as they idovodually dive deep into themselves to make sense of past traumas. There has rarely been a time when they have placed such great importance upon self analysis. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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