General Weekly Reading October 31st-November 5th; Creativity, creation, and the expressions of the inner child.


Main theme, (page of wands), The fool, The sun, Knight of swords, Eight of swords.

 Numerological break down calculation – 31 (4) – Stability, order, structure, organisation, & understanding – 5 – change, freedom, liberation, travel.

The page of wands is symbolic of messages from the inner child. This is the creative part of ourselves that deeply wishes to establish itself. Do you remember the fondness of your youth? The way it felt as if you were experiencing everything for the first time as apart of a magical reality? All of your gifts? All of your talent? All of that which made you come alive?

This is the hand of inspiration, and the gift of feminine energy that remains untapped – free flowing.

Remember the way your creative juices would flow when you were much younger? Writers block was a non entity. With all of the shifts, and recent childhood revelations coming to pass, the page of wands is our desire to turn our wounds into art.  Making light from a dark situation. We may find ourselves particularly playful, excited, or experimental. A spark is re-ignited this week that reminds us of our passion and purpose. Of why we are here. Why we love.

With the eight of swords this week, there is definitely an element of being too stuck within our minds this week. A lot of our perceptions about lack and the way that our life has ‘turned out’, is a cause for concern this week.

Things are changing at an alarming rate, and there is temptation for us to wonder if we are somehow being ‘punished’, or if there is some negative karma following us. All that is currently occurring is simply challenging you to change your perception about what you are experiencing. You are being somewhat deconstructed mentally, so that you can build some entirely new belief systems. If you choose to view things in the old light, you may struggle a little more than you should this week. 

The fool is the journey of abandonment. There is a rush and a feeling of exhilaration  experienced this week as we leave some things behind. We are abandoning a sense of abandonment. Travelling light means focusing on the future, what it has to offer us, and what we can bring to it. There is detachment – but not in the sense of no longer caring – Rather, we are open to more possibilities now. The understanding that if something does not work out in the way that we intended, it still has something to teach us, is a mark of peace for us this week.

The sun card is the inner child giving birth to itself – all over again. You are letting your inner light shine, and in turn a light is being shone on your darkness.

‘Here I am. This is where I have been hiding’. You are ready to present yourself, and your talents to the world in a liberated fashion. What is shame to somebody who has owned themselves entirely? All of your darkness is illuminated, and instead of rejecting it, you show compassion to the stifled inner child that once created it.

The knight of swords represents your gifts of enhanced perception to the world. You are coming in strong with new and polished views about self  worth, and life in general. Not wanting to keep this to yourself, you charge in to share with others what you have learnt; teaching them and teaching yourself along the way.

There is a strong determination to pass on what you know, because you do not wish for others to be trapped in the same old ways that you are now kissing goodbye to.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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