General Weekly Reading 7th-13th November 2016; An emerging dawn of Fairness, Balance, and ultimate Childhood justice.

Main theme, (Two of wands), Surrounding cards – Nine of cups, Five of pentacles, Six of pentacles, Two of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 7 – 13th. 7 – Spiritual awakenings, epiphanies, God consciousness, and the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, lessons learnt, and wisdom gained through hardship, and self observation – 13 – Karmic debt, writing off your karmic debt, healing the divine feminine wounds of persecution, and isolation, entering a new dimension (piercing through the physical realm//3rd dimension, and seeing things from the perspective of soul. (1+3) = 4 – Establishing order, stability, and solid foundations for the future. 

Numerologically, we had an incredibly powerful week.. 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 & 11/11 dates have ALL been specific gateways..

7/11 brought to us spiritual lessons about our hardships & messages from the divine, 8/11 symbolised the recognition of our karmic struggles in order for us to break through the fog, 9/11 symbolised an ending & transition period of something we once believed/held closely as truth, likely in relation to our wounds, 10/11 was symbolic of balancing ourselves & letting go of a specific belief systems, whilst 11/11 maximises our full awakening potential. 

This week, we are heavily exploring themes of balance, which is no surprise as this is exactly what the month of November, in numerological calculation is all about! The number 11 is one of the most notable ‘twin flame’ numbers, and is considered a highly potent master number for this reason exactly. It represents a gateway to higher realms, and dimensions, and the reason that this is a gate way, is because it represents unity – the all that is. The masculine AND the feminine simultaneously, the alpha, AND the omega, the beginning, and the end, the hermaphrodite  -which is God consciousness. And remember, that we are still dealing with Scorpio energy, which is also very psychic, and deals with the under world, and the realms that we cannot see,  but we can feel… We also take a look at the extremes that we exist between. The perception that you either have nothing, or you have everything. It is either the best day of your life, or the worst day of your life. You must learn to exist somewhere in the in-between – this is feminine, and masculine balance!

The two of wands is very similar in appearance to the number 11, which is no coincidence at all, as this week is a week of profound realisations, and revelations, that do stand to set us free from our own karma, and past understandings of situations. We are actually operating on a higher level this week because we are refusing to be so resistant to the messages, and the signals that are unfolding.

The two of wands marks a landmark period in our lives. We have completed much work, been through just about everything, and we breathe a sigh of release, as we acknowledge that a brand new period awaits us. 

As we feel ourselves drawing closer to the changes that awakenings, and new experiences bring, there are many questions, and unfinished situations that are drawn to our attention. What will the next chapter bring?  And who, and what is worth bringing to the next stage with us? 

The nine of cups suggests that the choices that take us into this next stage are absolutely vital for our well being, sense of self, and the pleasures of satisfaction that we have always dreamed of. In many ways, we are shedding skins, and it is imperative that we acknowledge WHY some things are being left behind, so that the temptation to revive them does not creep upon us, once more. 

The five of pentacles, is all about our perceptions of lack. How do we give to others whilst still perceiving that we do not have enough? Surely, we can not give enough love, time, resources, or attention to situations, if we feel that we do not have much for ourselves – meaning, we also cannot accept enough love, time, resources, or attention, because we match our input, with our output. Many of us, have recently been awakened, with soul contracts, karmic unions, and what are referred to as ‘twin flames’, and these situations actually may be highlighted further this week, to cause us to look at a few things about ourselves. We must ask what the mirror reflection has taught us about ourselves, and what we are willing to put up with. 

The six of pentacles this week, is the card of self love. You absolutely must consider fairness, and balance, because this next portion of your life will require both give, and receive, if you are to re-write your karma, and live the kind of life that is destined for your highest good. We have multiple destines, and realities, it is up to you to tune the one that you wish to tap in to. Do you still struggle with over giving? And relationships, and life situations in which you are always short changed? Or, do you sometimes find yourself not giving enough at all? And bouncing in between these two extremes, because you do not know how to exist in balance. Ask yourself why you are so familiar with these dynamics? Perhaps they mirror your relationship with self.

Self esteem is highlighted this week, and themes of past transactions may cause you to pause, and re-assess the energies and messages that you have been sending to the world, about yourself, and your place in it.

Do not keep epiphanies to yourself however, as many will benefit from what you have, and are discovering at this time. Your new insight has gifted you with broader understanding, and a higher perspective, but this does not mean that you are immune to the pain that accompanies these lessons. The dust will settle soon, and you will be better for it. 

The two of swords represents the choices and decisions that have brought us here, and the choices and decisions we will have to make at this exact point. Like I mentioned, things will have to be left behind eventually, and these are all things, and persons that embody a story of our journey of lack. Will power is required in order to know what to do, and which way to turn, as many questions unveil themselves, even in the midst of many answers. We may find ourselves inconveniently trapped in between the heart, and the mind, a proposal or suggestion may arrive from somebody of significance – and this too is a test. It is time to think, observe, and plan your next step carefully. Not all that appears to glitter is gold. But ultimately, this decision is yours! And each decision made from this point is effectively shaping the destiny that you have chosen for yourself. 

Extra cards – The sun//Three of pentacles. 

The sun, in conjunction with the three of pentacles is all about expansion, and creation upon our journey. Essentially, we are creating a new version of ourselves, and newness upon our path by tearing through the confines of the old, and the predictable. This is a chance to mould a new self, to mold better finances, life experiences, and manifest on this plane that which will bring you more growth, freedom, and abundance. There is SO much energy for you to tap into this week for your highest good, so do not get too caught up in the aspects of yourself, or your journey that are dying. They are only dying so that they can be reborn in a new way. Childhood triggers, and themes are still a major part of our journey, as they have been for much of this year, including recent months – and we may have dreams, or sudden triggers that allow us to recognise what shaped who we are today, and how we can actually break out of these patterns, through mourning them, and then releasing them. Your memories are changing on a cellular level- the memories associated with wounds, and negativity will not be so easily located once you remove them from your field, through tears, or creative expression. You are bigger than yourself now, and it is time to think about the future – the greater goals that lie ahead. How can you contribute to a community of individuals who may have dealt with the same issues that you have at one point? How can you become a beacon of light, and inspiration to others? Everything connects, and it is high time that your inner child breaks free from conditioning, and self imposed limitations! Somebody once did not give you enough. Now? It is time to gift yourself with enough..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~
© Seek Cindy.
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