Twin Flame (Divine Lovers) Weekly Reading 7-13th November; Feminine inspiration, brand new love templates & a higher consciousness of self.

Main theme – queen of pentacles, extra taro (emperor), what is occurring for both twins – three of cups, masculine – four of swords, five of wands, three of pentacles, feminine – page of pentacles, the lovers, seven of cups.

The month of November as an 11 month brings so many awakenings, realisations, & sudden bursts of spiritual insight. Childhood themes, deep purging & karmic cleansing are continued themes in these last few months in particular.

The queen of pentacles as the main theme is representative of divine feminine rising. This is the feminine remembering  who the hell she is this week & taking back her power. She does not need to put anybody down in order to do so – she is literally just getting back in touch with herself, her worth, & her value. The coin she holds represents the sense of safety & well being that she will now come to experience. Notice how it sits where her womb should. She is protecting the parts of herself that were once trauma ridden & standing up in her ability to no longer seek outside of self.  This is ancestral healing & goes back to many lineages of women in her family who felt neither safe, nor protected. She is gaining more of a sense of the power that she holds within this week, & recognising that this is a power that cannot escape, or be taken away from her. It is what it is. Nothing outside of her can disrupt her once she fully holds onto & integrates this truth.

She may be tested numerous times this week to release blockages related to the divine feminine collective wounding of feeling powerless, weakened, or victimised, but the powerful truth will emerge for her that indeed nothing can take away from her true potential. She is an avid manifestor this week & her bounce back game is so strong! There is a sense of emerging clarity about matters within these situations that trigger her. Things that may have flawed her before , & left her unable to cope, she manages to work through much quicker & almost effortlessly now. The truth is – she is only tested because others know the extent of her power – it was only she who did not know.

The colour red as displayed by the queen of pentacles is associated with the root chakra, & rules our sense of safety, and well being. The feminine is learning not to feel so attacked & so victimised by life circumstances. When we let go of the need to control & attach a story to everything, this influences how we feel about ourselves. The root chakra is courage, confidence, self assertiveness, self assurance, practicality & grounding. There is the need this week to pay closer attention to the material world – as the spiritual world will always be there for her!

When she stands firm in this type of power, it actually calls the masculine to draw closer to her. He is most humbled & respectful of this type of power. Remember when you first met? Before the divine feminine’s fear of abandonment & trauma consciousness set in? This was when she was most beautiful to the masculine. This was when the masculine was most drawn to her. Because she was herself. She was not the mark of the pain and disappointment of all those before her. Her balance then, made him WANT to be balanced. This week – there’s a careful reminder that too much is at stake when she forgets her duties as the divine feminine. Which is, To become the embodiment of divinity.

The masculine attitude towards the power of the feminine this week is dependent upon his level of spiritual, & emotional maturity. There is a battle for him to level up, & he knows this – & in many, this is causing a conflict of interests. If he feels somehow threatened by her growth or expansion on the physical plane, he is likely to resort to manipulative tactics. Attempting to get her to chase him, or appearing before disappearing, to assert that he is the one in control. Whatever she does this week, the feminine must learn to overcome these displays of power struggles. When she stands firm in her own – the masculine who is afflicted with baby boy syndrome will quickly drop his pretences, recognising that they are futile at best.

The masculine who is taking this time to become inspired by the feminine will actually seek to merge with her emerging sense of liberation & truth. He may even decide to explore his own creative nature & intuitive side – in response to her balancing herself out.

11:11 is a pivotal date – & many twins may find themselves on this date coming into some realisations about the ways in which the power in this Union is distributed & just how much the energy of one can effect the other.

The three of cups occurring for both divine lovers is symbolic of a coming together of mind, body, & soul. There is a very strong desire to no longer exist in scarcity, particularly as this scarcity is highlighted for us in plain sight. Wherever we do not have enough, or wherever there exists an imbalance still – this week will reveal itself to us. We are becoming more determined to come into alignment with ourselves, & our truth – whatever that may be. 

The uniting of masculine & feminine next to create harmony, is truly the uniting of the heart & the mind. Logically thinking, love may seem elusive; a game of tricks, power struggles & egotistical behaviours & expressions. Though when we look into the heart this week, there is no mistaking the reasons that we have chosen to embark on this journey. Ofcourse there is love there – there always has been, but, if for any reason your twin is disrespecting, or not matching your energetic output? Then perhaps a mergence of logic & intuition will confirm to you – ‘you may love me & I may love you too, & indeed this may indeed be a soul love – I will not fight myself on this, but I will protect my energy in anyway that I need to, especially if you are acting out in the 3D’.

Traditionally, heart vs mind would force us to choose between, does this person truly care for me, or am I being taken advantage of? Well – higher consciousness will tell you, that both could be true! So, what are you going to do? There is a space of love you can hold open, without feeling the need to be the martyr in love.

The three of cups can also symbolise community work//spirit. When we no longer feel starved, or minimised within ourselves, our perceptions of how others perceive us changes. Many of us are coming out of a fog of depression, & we will find that re-entering the bosom of our friends & family offers us much satisfaction & joy. The feminine in particular will start surrounding herself with more platonic & family love this week, which all ties into feeling safe, grounded & secure. Truly – loneliness is JUST a theory.

The three of cups for some may also still pertain to a third party situation. Perhaps the masculine is still adamant about how this may work & battles to get his point of view across. The feminine coming out of her perceptions of lack, may no longer be so accepting of this..

The four of swords for the masculine is symbolic of rest & retire. There is some contemplation occurring & healing to do with the mind, although he may be triggered before he is healed. The four of swords suggests he should try to release Control in this situation as much as he can. There are higher powers at work that wish for him to slow down, think things through, & collect these messages that present themselves. Many harsh, or even rude awakenings will come knocking. 

The five of wands indicates that he is coming out of a period of struggling & showing resistance to the obvious changes that are happening, & have happened for him. When he is alone, & not distracted by friends, family, or ego driven distractions, the messages come flooding in. 

He may want to be honest, he may want to reach out, he may want to explain himself, but he is fearful of the shift in power that this may cause for him. He too like the feminine, fears loss deeply. 

There is a change occurring for him, on a very spiritual level, & if he is to resist it, the way that the masculine tends to, then he will find only more conflict – internally, & externally.

The page of pentacles is something the feminine is working on behind the scenes – a project, or emerging belief system that she is to be proud of, something she has come along way to present to the world. Perhaps a new version of herself that she has been concealing. It is still in its early stages, but she is on the journey of developing it. This may be a business, or an expanded financial consciousness – an ending to money blocks, because she knows now that she holds something of value, & there is a determination to present this.

The lovers card is harmonisation. This week sees her transforming her victim consciousness in regards to lovers, & soul mates. A different perspective. A change in belief. She is resistant to any power struggles posed by the masculine, because nothing is more important to her this week than peace & harmony. She has spent a fair share of her life fighting, & resisting love – & enough is enough! She is now looking towards partnerships where her value is recognised, & in doing so, she becomes a powerful alchemist & she can actually ensure that this manifests! Watch this space. Trust me, the masculine WILL follow suit.

The seven of cups encourages the feminine to explore a more practical sense of living this week. In day dream, meditation, or her natural connection to the unconscious, (spirit realm, she retrieves vast information, however, TOO much time spent over thinking, & wondering can cause her to bring fourth thoughts & ideas that are not always true.

When she is ungrounded, her mind often wonders to negative places, she creates stories within her mind, & kind of loses touch with reality. 

This is quite dangerous in high doses, & is linked with schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder. You have no fixed state. You are up, then, you are down, then, you allow yourself to be taken on an emotional roller coaster. 

Get on the move. Be more active. Channel that free flowing energy into your passion, into your work.

Remember – most of the things that you think, & feel are NOT real: you are merely channelling possibilities from multiple realms, & planes of existence.

Do not confuse this with your reality. Or else it will become your reality. 

The three of pentacles is about the masculine expanding. He is learning to practice compromising. Working alongside others, & not being so narrow in his approach, is highlighted to him as a necessity this week. His selfishness is kind of dwindling, as he recognises, that it takes more than one to succeed.

This Union alone has brought him a lot of manifestation, specifically financially. Whether he recognises it or not, the feminine has benefited him & aided his expansion by holding this metaphysical door, (the womb), open for the both of them.

They are both working towards finding the correct balance this week.

Extra cards:

10 of swords//Page of wands.

There is a strong sense of ressurection in how we recreate & reinvent ourselves after painful downfalls & disappointment. The pain of the inner child who feels//felt robbed of a childhood in a sense, & who felt as if there was a constant threat of danger, is very present this week – but I feel that they are here to say goodbye.

The emperor card speaks of order being re-established. Perhaps in childhood, or even past lives, there was an element of being unprotected & we became disorderly because of this lack of structure, or guidance.

As 10 symbolises endings, (10 of swords), it is time to kiss goodbye this painful pain.  

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