Supermoon in Taurus November 2016 – Beautification of the home, the self & physical duties. Masculine & Feminine togetherness. 

The Taurus supermoon that we experienced on the 14th encourages us to secure our finances & responsibility to earthly duties – family, friends, work, appearance.

Numerologically, the date of the 14th brings us to the number 5. This is a number of change, transition, death//rebirth & breaking free from restriction. The number 1 is the energy of newness, often impulsive but determined, whilst the number 4 deals w/ structures that are difficult to dismantle. 

Especially those of us on the hyper feminine//imaginative side. We must meet our creations with physical produce.

It is not only the feminine conjuring of our aims that pull our wildest dreams toward our direction, but it is also the implementation of the work necessary to make these dreams a reality.

Security, longevity & consistency are highlighted to us at this time as strictly important themes & areas in our lives where we are, or have experienced discontent & instability may present themselves as huge obstacles that appear problematic to overcome.
Nothing is too difficult for us. This concern is only emphasised so that we may step up our game & fight even harder for equilibrium – the kind that reigns supreme both internally & externally.

There is no obstacle present that cannot be overcome when the practice of a consistent & thorough routine is introduced. 

Life is like a garden. When we leave things untidy & non attenteded to, horrible weeds will grow. This is reflective of any areas in our life. Our life & our journey is like a plant – & therefore requires both maintainance & the promise of regular nurturing. 

The Taurean energy charges forward with ambition because they carry both pride, & respect for themselves. It is not that they are too prideful to ask for help, or support, but they have come to know the importance of being self sufficient. Especially if they ever hope to be of service to others.

Martyr syndrome will ultimately be challenged during this period, along w/ victim consciousness. The idea that one is powerless, because this concept only brings further discord, & separation from self – & many of us have reached the end of the road of dissatisfaction.  We have walked so far away from self, that there is no longer any where to travel, but backwards, on the journey that ultimately leads back to a United consciousness with self. 

– A heavy theme with divine feminine rising. As powerlessness was formerly her Achilles heel.

Beautification is a strong theme w/ Venus ruling & lets not forget we are still dealing w/ scorpion energies, so the intense pull to be both masculine & feminine may be causing some of us confusion.

Areas of your life where you feel you are lacking, challenge you to step into a more responsible role. Be the father for yourself implementing structure. Be the mother for yourself – nurturing your home & your financial pursuits.

You may wish to buy new clothes, take on new work, or buy new furniture.

As your self esteem struggles against itself for elevation, your physical reality will wish to mirror these changes within.

It is time to sit down w/ yourself & draw up plans – focusing on where your patterns & experiences w/ chaos & fear were once born.

Discipline is not the enemy here. 


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