General Weekly Reading – 21st-27th November; Rest, Resolution, Contemplation.

Main theme, (four of swords), Surrounding cards – The hermit, ten of wands, strength, the chariot.

Numerological calculation break down – 21 (3) – Creation, creativity, channeling, communication,rebirthing – 27 (9) – completion, karma, healing, over coming wounds, service to community, humanitarian consciousness.

The four of swords represents rest, healing, contemplation, & reflection. The searching of the psyche for answers. The number for is representative of order, structure, & stability, & indicates our desires to gain more control over our thoughts – both consciously & subconsciously.

The hermit reveals to us some much needed answers that we seek. Perhaps we see mirror versions of ourselves reflected in others, or we get to catch a glimpse of our truth by becoming honest & aware of our shadow aspects.

The ten of wands sees us contemplating what on this journey is, & is not necessary to us, & our level of development at this point. There is much truth to be extracted from recent events, including past situations that have brought us the most pain & conflict. There is a stronger desire to conquer our negative thoughts, & to make sense of the mental pictures that we create. 

The chariot represents the realisation that we can control the direction that our thoughts & our manifestations go, as long as we learn to master our own minds. 

Abstainance in some form is to be practiced this week. There may be targets that we must set ourselves to meet, to ensure that we do not repeat some of the mistakes of the past. The hermit is the higher learning & the higher wisdom that arrives to us when we dig deeply enough into ourselves. There are far more answers that lie in the unravelling of ourselves, than there are in unravelling the behaviours & actions of others. To know ourselves takes priority this week – especially knowing our triggers, & alerts.

There is also a desire to teach what you’ve learnt to others this week, in regards to finding conflict resolution, & carrying ancestral burdens.

What makes us tick the way that we do? Where did we inherit some of our thought patterns & shadow aspects. Entire honesty & a thorough look at the person before us when we engage w/ the mirror, is provoked.

At this stage in the journey, surely you have learned that all of the best answers come from the most uncomfortable situations. If you truly want a future of difference, it is time to create an internal you that mirrors this requirement of change. It is very, very much about you & how you handle situations this week, because you cannot control anything that is outside of you. You can only monitor your own behaviours.

There may indeed be confrontation of some of your shadow aspects. The strength card indicates that you seek this week to dominate your lower nature – once & for all, in favour of a balanced approach, (masculine & feminine energy). Too much ego is narcissism, not enough ego, is victim hood. Yet the perfect middle between the two must be obtained. 

The four of swords usually sees us looking over a situation that caused us any level of trauma, or discomfort, but there is a sense that things will be seen differently this time, because you are willing, & to let go of the situations that bind you to a lower vibration. If you do revisit less desirable themes, it will be because you have the desire to understand them, so that you do not find yourself repeating the same mistakes.

You may acknowledge this week that many of the things that have been holding you back, have actually been nothing to do with you. Possible family karma, or collective fears that you have taken on as a highly sensitive individual. 

You are finding ways to break free, & this may bring fear to others around you, so watch out for many triggers from those who will attempt to entice your old self. Your old impulsivity. This is like a test from spirit – detaching from your desire to be reactive, instead of responsive is paramount to emotional, & mental maturity!

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