General Weekly Reading 28th November-4th December; Confronting the hidden parts of the psyche, healing, revelation, and retreat.

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Main theme – Five of swords, Surrounding cards – The hermit, The hanged man, Four of swords, Ace of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 28 (2+8) = 10 – Endings, new beginnings, the completion of a cycle, death/rebirth – 4th – Structure, stability, order, organisation, and security. 

With the four of swords, and the hermit re-appearing in this weeks reading, we are looking at a period of healing, and resolve that has been spanning out over the past few weeks. There is a strong desire here to slow things down, take things easier, and to process the information that is coming to us. With the five of swords as the main theme, perhaps some of us are dealing with the fall out this week of separating ourselves from something, or someone, that we had been holding on to for a long while. Perhaps we have recently, or are coming into information about the truthful nature of this situation, and it is clearing up a lot of the fog, or confusion that we held about matters from the past.

There is definitely a karmic theme, in the form of realisations, and perhaps the situation that we are dealing with, or healing from, has taken place in the past – or something similar, so our attention has been drawn to an area of our life that clearly and obviously requires acknowledgement, or tweaking. 

The five of swords encourages us to take a look at the areas that we have been avoiding, and the conflict that exists within our minds, or our lives. This relates to all of the unsteady foundations that we have built, and the thoughts in our minds that have not been in alignment with what we truly desire, or at least, what we desire on a soul level. This week is all about mind vs soul; and there is a closer look at the way that our minds operate, and how this manifests the reality that exists around us.

Perhaps there are some truths that exist deep within the crevice of our soul that we have not allowed our mind to ponder. This also talks of childhood issues, and dramas, as it is usually after some trauma that our mind separates itself from our heart in this way, and we lose a sense of trust in ourselves, and our abilities. 

Coming back to our senses this week, can also lead to us walking away from certain people – perhaps these are people that we have witnessed bring more conflict than resolution into our lives, and reflect an old way of living that we are now trying to break away from. There is much anti resistance this week, as many situations call for us to just examine, and observe them, rather than allowing ourselves to get emotionally entangled.

Many of us actually are pretty worn out from recent events, and though there is an emerging fire waiting to carry us through to the next stage of transformation, we are perfectly happy at this point to reside in a state of limbo ~ collecting information, and observing our surroundings. So much is learnt when we actually go within, and listen to the rythyms of our inner selves.

The hermit represents our choices this week to confront the higher self, the most honest self, the oldest self, and the wisest version of ourselves. The great thing about such periods of confusion in life is, they are often so confusing that even if we attempted to explain them to somebody else, they would never be able to accurately capture what it is that we are attempting to describe. 

Therefore, what tends to happen, is we go within for answers, and we go pretty deep within. Do not be surprised this week if you find yourself having memories that you suppressed from the past, or specific moments in your life, or childhood that stick out to you. Your past life experiences have so much to teach you about who you are, and where you are now. You will get the answers that you seek, but these need to be YOUR truth, and nobody else’s. Healing is needed this week, and for healing to occur, there needs to be some level of peace, and quiet, and retreat. Maybe you want to book some time away for this period, maybe you would like to take some time off, or even spend some time in nature to recharge yourself. Some of the realisations that come may be difficult to swallow or deal with, especially if you are looking back, and recognising some of the ways in which you might have allowed yourself to be treated.

The hanged man, is a huge sigh of relief. Holding on to everything, including drama, outcomes, and trying to control every aspect of our life, is another form of conflict. We cannot fight against what is. Even when we are trying to manifest, we are not bending the will of the divine, we are simply trying to align ourselves with the best plan that the DIVINE has mapped out for us. Sometimes we will manifest certain things that we want, whilst other things may take a little longer, or appear not to come at all. And this needs to be okay. We need to trust in the process to do what it does, and do what it is doing. The hanged man is about knowing that you are always in the right place, at the right time, and you do not need to doubt that, or try to manipulate circumstances. Let go… Breathe. Ask yourself what it is that this situation that you are stressing over will bring to you? Why is it so important to you? Is the reason valid for your level of worry? Or is this just another one of those things that you are basing your worth, and happiness on? Let go of all of the things that you are trying to manifest out of self pity, and self delusion. If there is somebody that you KNOW you have to walk away from, then you need to stop wondering why they haven’t called you, or why they are not chasing you – because you only want them to call because this will affirm to you in some way that you are indeed worthy of love, and affection.

You need to let go of all of these things, and concepts that you feel will ‘prove’ to you that you are worthy after all. This worth that you seek can only be granted to you. So perhaps it is time to go within and see why it is so difficult for you to seek this worth, and to see why you have been manifesting everything that is opposite to your true value. 

Stillness, meditation, and prayer will be a HUGE release for you this week. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with prayer, or if you have not meditated in a while – Spirit has actually been waiting for you to return to yourself in this way, and has placed many signs, symbols, and messengers in your path about this. Alot of questions that you hold, ‘why did this happen?’, ‘what was the purpose?’ are there for you to know. Tap in to yourself… Tap into the pain of you, AND the situation, because there are two separate pains there to be explored. There are some things that you need to be honest with yourself about – so that you CAN mourn, and let go. Let go of these habits, and let go of the illusions that surround you.. There is a lot of cleansing going on at this time, and spiritual heaviness that wishes to leave you. But first, you have to see the lies that you have believed about yourself that have kept this illusion alive. 

Nobody in this world is obligated to give you more, if you do not first give yourself more. The ace of swords is definitely indicative of this clarity, and break through that is arriving to you. You will experience towards the end of the week, a lighter state of mind, and this is possibly because you are so willing to give your concerns, and afflictions to God, and focus on the things that you can control. If you do find yourself praying this week, please make sure to also pray for those who have wronged you, and ask God to deal with the things that are troubling your mind, so that you can focus on your day to day tasks. To know what you stand for sometimes, you have to stand alone, so that you can question yourself appropriately, and accurately. 

The most high at this time wishes to renew your mind, and your consciousness, so that many of your old thoughts are filtered out, and your level of manifestation is actually in alignment with experiences that are beneficial to your growth, and not harsh lessons that you have to learn about pain. A new way of seeing yourself will bring new eyes to your world….. Even though there is an element of heaviness attached to the themes this week, there is also much renewal, and newness that is offered to you once honesty with yourself is introduced into the equation.

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