Twin Flame (Divine Lovers) Weekly Reading 7-13th November; Feminine inspiration, brand new love templates & a higher consciousness of self.

Main theme – queen of pentacles, extra taro (emperor), what is occurring for both twins – three of cups, masculine – four of swords, five of wands, three of pentacles, feminine – page of pentacles, the lovers, seven of cups.

The month of November as an 11 month brings so many awakenings, realisations, & sudden bursts of spiritual insight. Childhood themes, deep purging & karmic cleansing are continued themes in these last few months in particular.

The queen of pentacles as the main theme is representative of divine feminine rising. This is the feminine remembering  who the hell she is this week & taking back her power. She does not need to put anybody down in order to do so – she is literally just getting back in touch with herself, her worth, & her value. The coin she holds represents the sense of safety & well being that she will now come to experience. Notice how it sits where her womb should. She is protecting the parts of herself that were once trauma ridden & standing up in her ability to no longer seek outside of self.  This is ancestral healing & goes back to many lineages of women in her family who felt neither safe, nor protected. She is gaining more of a sense of the power that she holds within this week, & recognising that this is a power that cannot escape, or be taken away from her. It is what it is. Nothing outside of her can disrupt her once she fully holds onto & integrates this truth.

She may be tested numerous times this week to release blockages related to the divine feminine collective wounding of feeling powerless, weakened, or victimised, but the powerful truth will emerge for her that indeed nothing can take away from her true potential. She is an avid manifestor this week & her bounce back game is so strong! There is a sense of emerging clarity about matters within these situations that trigger her. Things that may have flawed her before , & left her unable to cope, she manages to work through much quicker & almost effortlessly now. The truth is – she is only tested because others know the extent of her power – it was only she who did not know.

The colour red as displayed by the queen of pentacles is associated with the root chakra, & rules our sense of safety, and well being. The feminine is learning not to feel so attacked & so victimised by life circumstances. When we let go of the need to control & attach a story to everything, this influences how we feel about ourselves. The root chakra is courage, confidence, self assertiveness, self assurance, practicality & grounding. There is the need this week to pay closer attention to the material world – as the spiritual world will always be there for her!

When she stands firm in this type of power, it actually calls the masculine to draw closer to her. He is most humbled & respectful of this type of power. Remember when you first met? Before the divine feminine’s fear of abandonment & trauma consciousness set in? This was when she was most beautiful to the masculine. This was when the masculine was most drawn to her. Because she was herself. She was not the mark of the pain and disappointment of all those before her. Her balance then, made him WANT to be balanced. This week – there’s a careful reminder that too much is at stake when she forgets her duties as the divine feminine. Which is, To become the embodiment of divinity.

The masculine attitude towards the power of the feminine this week is dependent upon his level of spiritual, & emotional maturity. There is a battle for him to level up, & he knows this – & in many, this is causing a conflict of interests. If he feels somehow threatened by her growth or expansion on the physical plane, he is likely to resort to manipulative tactics. Attempting to get her to chase him, or appearing before disappearing, to assert that he is the one in control. Whatever she does this week, the feminine must learn to overcome these displays of power struggles. When she stands firm in her own – the masculine who is afflicted with baby boy syndrome will quickly drop his pretences, recognising that they are futile at best.

The masculine who is taking this time to become inspired by the feminine will actually seek to merge with her emerging sense of liberation & truth. He may even decide to explore his own creative nature & intuitive side – in response to her balancing herself out.

11:11 is a pivotal date – & many twins may find themselves on this date coming into some realisations about the ways in which the power in this Union is distributed & just how much the energy of one can effect the other.

The three of cups occurring for both divine lovers is symbolic of a coming together of mind, body, & soul. There is a very strong desire to no longer exist in scarcity, particularly as this scarcity is highlighted for us in plain sight. Wherever we do not have enough, or wherever there exists an imbalance still – this week will reveal itself to us. We are becoming more determined to come into alignment with ourselves, & our truth – whatever that may be. 

The uniting of masculine & feminine next to create harmony, is truly the uniting of the heart & the mind. Logically thinking, love may seem elusive; a game of tricks, power struggles & egotistical behaviours & expressions. Though when we look into the heart this week, there is no mistaking the reasons that we have chosen to embark on this journey. Ofcourse there is love there – there always has been, but, if for any reason your twin is disrespecting, or not matching your energetic output? Then perhaps a mergence of logic & intuition will confirm to you – ‘you may love me & I may love you too, & indeed this may indeed be a soul love – I will not fight myself on this, but I will protect my energy in anyway that I need to, especially if you are acting out in the 3D’.

Traditionally, heart vs mind would force us to choose between, does this person truly care for me, or am I being taken advantage of? Well – higher consciousness will tell you, that both could be true! So, what are you going to do? There is a space of love you can hold open, without feeling the need to be the martyr in love.

The three of cups can also symbolise community work//spirit. When we no longer feel starved, or minimised within ourselves, our perceptions of how others perceive us changes. Many of us are coming out of a fog of depression, & we will find that re-entering the bosom of our friends & family offers us much satisfaction & joy. The feminine in particular will start surrounding herself with more platonic & family love this week, which all ties into feeling safe, grounded & secure. Truly – loneliness is JUST a theory.

The three of cups for some may also still pertain to a third party situation. Perhaps the masculine is still adamant about how this may work & battles to get his point of view across. The feminine coming out of her perceptions of lack, may no longer be so accepting of this..

The four of swords for the masculine is symbolic of rest & retire. There is some contemplation occurring & healing to do with the mind, although he may be triggered before he is healed. The four of swords suggests he should try to release Control in this situation as much as he can. There are higher powers at work that wish for him to slow down, think things through, & collect these messages that present themselves. Many harsh, or even rude awakenings will come knocking. 

The five of wands indicates that he is coming out of a period of struggling & showing resistance to the obvious changes that are happening, & have happened for him. When he is alone, & not distracted by friends, family, or ego driven distractions, the messages come flooding in. 

He may want to be honest, he may want to reach out, he may want to explain himself, but he is fearful of the shift in power that this may cause for him. He too like the feminine, fears loss deeply. 

There is a change occurring for him, on a very spiritual level, & if he is to resist it, the way that the masculine tends to, then he will find only more conflict – internally, & externally.

The page of pentacles is something the feminine is working on behind the scenes – a project, or emerging belief system that she is to be proud of, something she has come along way to present to the world. Perhaps a new version of herself that she has been concealing. It is still in its early stages, but she is on the journey of developing it. This may be a business, or an expanded financial consciousness – an ending to money blocks, because she knows now that she holds something of value, & there is a determination to present this.

The lovers card is harmonisation. This week sees her transforming her victim consciousness in regards to lovers, & soul mates. A different perspective. A change in belief. She is resistant to any power struggles posed by the masculine, because nothing is more important to her this week than peace & harmony. She has spent a fair share of her life fighting, & resisting love – & enough is enough! She is now looking towards partnerships where her value is recognised, & in doing so, she becomes a powerful alchemist & she can actually ensure that this manifests! Watch this space. Trust me, the masculine WILL follow suit.

The seven of cups encourages the feminine to explore a more practical sense of living this week. In day dream, meditation, or her natural connection to the unconscious, (spirit realm, she retrieves vast information, however, TOO much time spent over thinking, & wondering can cause her to bring fourth thoughts & ideas that are not always true.

When she is ungrounded, her mind often wonders to negative places, she creates stories within her mind, & kind of loses touch with reality. 

This is quite dangerous in high doses, & is linked with schizophrenia, or bi-polar disorder. You have no fixed state. You are up, then, you are down, then, you allow yourself to be taken on an emotional roller coaster. 

Get on the move. Be more active. Channel that free flowing energy into your passion, into your work.

Remember – most of the things that you think, & feel are NOT real: you are merely channelling possibilities from multiple realms, & planes of existence.

Do not confuse this with your reality. Or else it will become your reality. 

The three of pentacles is about the masculine expanding. He is learning to practice compromising. Working alongside others, & not being so narrow in his approach, is highlighted to him as a necessity this week. His selfishness is kind of dwindling, as he recognises, that it takes more than one to succeed.

This Union alone has brought him a lot of manifestation, specifically financially. Whether he recognises it or not, the feminine has benefited him & aided his expansion by holding this metaphysical door, (the womb), open for the both of them.

They are both working towards finding the correct balance this week.

Extra cards:

10 of swords//Page of wands.

There is a strong sense of ressurection in how we recreate & reinvent ourselves after painful downfalls & disappointment. The pain of the inner child who feels//felt robbed of a childhood in a sense, & who felt as if there was a constant threat of danger, is very present this week – but I feel that they are here to say goodbye.

The emperor card speaks of order being re-established. Perhaps in childhood, or even past lives, there was an element of being unprotected & we became disorderly because of this lack of structure, or guidance.

As 10 symbolises endings, (10 of swords), it is time to kiss goodbye this painful pain.  

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General Weekly Reading 7th-13th November 2016; An emerging dawn of Fairness, Balance, and ultimate Childhood justice.

Main theme, (Two of wands), Surrounding cards – Nine of cups, Five of pentacles, Six of pentacles, Two of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 7 – 13th. 7 – Spiritual awakenings, epiphanies, God consciousness, and the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, lessons learnt, and wisdom gained through hardship, and self observation – 13 – Karmic debt, writing off your karmic debt, healing the divine feminine wounds of persecution, and isolation, entering a new dimension (piercing through the physical realm//3rd dimension, and seeing things from the perspective of soul. (1+3) = 4 – Establishing order, stability, and solid foundations for the future. 

Numerologically, we had an incredibly powerful week.. 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 & 11/11 dates have ALL been specific gateways..

7/11 brought to us spiritual lessons about our hardships & messages from the divine, 8/11 symbolised the recognition of our karmic struggles in order for us to break through the fog, 9/11 symbolised an ending & transition period of something we once believed/held closely as truth, likely in relation to our wounds, 10/11 was symbolic of balancing ourselves & letting go of a specific belief systems, whilst 11/11 maximises our full awakening potential. 

This week, we are heavily exploring themes of balance, which is no surprise as this is exactly what the month of November, in numerological calculation is all about! The number 11 is one of the most notable ‘twin flame’ numbers, and is considered a highly potent master number for this reason exactly. It represents a gateway to higher realms, and dimensions, and the reason that this is a gate way, is because it represents unity – the all that is. The masculine AND the feminine simultaneously, the alpha, AND the omega, the beginning, and the end, the hermaphrodite  -which is God consciousness. And remember, that we are still dealing with Scorpio energy, which is also very psychic, and deals with the under world, and the realms that we cannot see,  but we can feel… We also take a look at the extremes that we exist between. The perception that you either have nothing, or you have everything. It is either the best day of your life, or the worst day of your life. You must learn to exist somewhere in the in-between – this is feminine, and masculine balance!

The two of wands is very similar in appearance to the number 11, which is no coincidence at all, as this week is a week of profound realisations, and revelations, that do stand to set us free from our own karma, and past understandings of situations. We are actually operating on a higher level this week because we are refusing to be so resistant to the messages, and the signals that are unfolding.

The two of wands marks a landmark period in our lives. We have completed much work, been through just about everything, and we breathe a sigh of release, as we acknowledge that a brand new period awaits us. 

As we feel ourselves drawing closer to the changes that awakenings, and new experiences bring, there are many questions, and unfinished situations that are drawn to our attention. What will the next chapter bring?  And who, and what is worth bringing to the next stage with us? 

The nine of cups suggests that the choices that take us into this next stage are absolutely vital for our well being, sense of self, and the pleasures of satisfaction that we have always dreamed of. In many ways, we are shedding skins, and it is imperative that we acknowledge WHY some things are being left behind, so that the temptation to revive them does not creep upon us, once more. 

The five of pentacles, is all about our perceptions of lack. How do we give to others whilst still perceiving that we do not have enough? Surely, we can not give enough love, time, resources, or attention to situations, if we feel that we do not have much for ourselves – meaning, we also cannot accept enough love, time, resources, or attention, because we match our input, with our output. Many of us, have recently been awakened, with soul contracts, karmic unions, and what are referred to as ‘twin flames’, and these situations actually may be highlighted further this week, to cause us to look at a few things about ourselves. We must ask what the mirror reflection has taught us about ourselves, and what we are willing to put up with. 

The six of pentacles this week, is the card of self love. You absolutely must consider fairness, and balance, because this next portion of your life will require both give, and receive, if you are to re-write your karma, and live the kind of life that is destined for your highest good. We have multiple destines, and realities, it is up to you to tune the one that you wish to tap in to. Do you still struggle with over giving? And relationships, and life situations in which you are always short changed? Or, do you sometimes find yourself not giving enough at all? And bouncing in between these two extremes, because you do not know how to exist in balance. Ask yourself why you are so familiar with these dynamics? Perhaps they mirror your relationship with self.

Self esteem is highlighted this week, and themes of past transactions may cause you to pause, and re-assess the energies and messages that you have been sending to the world, about yourself, and your place in it.

Do not keep epiphanies to yourself however, as many will benefit from what you have, and are discovering at this time. Your new insight has gifted you with broader understanding, and a higher perspective, but this does not mean that you are immune to the pain that accompanies these lessons. The dust will settle soon, and you will be better for it. 

The two of swords represents the choices and decisions that have brought us here, and the choices and decisions we will have to make at this exact point. Like I mentioned, things will have to be left behind eventually, and these are all things, and persons that embody a story of our journey of lack. Will power is required in order to know what to do, and which way to turn, as many questions unveil themselves, even in the midst of many answers. We may find ourselves inconveniently trapped in between the heart, and the mind, a proposal or suggestion may arrive from somebody of significance – and this too is a test. It is time to think, observe, and plan your next step carefully. Not all that appears to glitter is gold. But ultimately, this decision is yours! And each decision made from this point is effectively shaping the destiny that you have chosen for yourself. 

Extra cards – The sun//Three of pentacles. 

The sun, in conjunction with the three of pentacles is all about expansion, and creation upon our journey. Essentially, we are creating a new version of ourselves, and newness upon our path by tearing through the confines of the old, and the predictable. This is a chance to mould a new self, to mold better finances, life experiences, and manifest on this plane that which will bring you more growth, freedom, and abundance. There is SO much energy for you to tap into this week for your highest good, so do not get too caught up in the aspects of yourself, or your journey that are dying. They are only dying so that they can be reborn in a new way. Childhood triggers, and themes are still a major part of our journey, as they have been for much of this year, including recent months – and we may have dreams, or sudden triggers that allow us to recognise what shaped who we are today, and how we can actually break out of these patterns, through mourning them, and then releasing them. Your memories are changing on a cellular level- the memories associated with wounds, and negativity will not be so easily located once you remove them from your field, through tears, or creative expression. You are bigger than yourself now, and it is time to think about the future – the greater goals that lie ahead. How can you contribute to a community of individuals who may have dealt with the same issues that you have at one point? How can you become a beacon of light, and inspiration to others? Everything connects, and it is high time that your inner child breaks free from conditioning, and self imposed limitations! Somebody once did not give you enough. Now? It is time to gift yourself with enough..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~
© Seek Cindy.
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General Weekly Reading October 31st-November 5th; Creativity, creation, and the expressions of the inner child.


Main theme, (page of wands), The fool, The sun, Knight of swords, Eight of swords.

 Numerological break down calculation – 31 (4) – Stability, order, structure, organisation, & understanding – 5 – change, freedom, liberation, travel.

The page of wands is symbolic of messages from the inner child. This is the creative part of ourselves that deeply wishes to establish itself. Do you remember the fondness of your youth? The way it felt as if you were experiencing everything for the first time as apart of a magical reality? All of your gifts? All of your talent? All of that which made you come alive?

This is the hand of inspiration, and the gift of feminine energy that remains untapped – free flowing.

Remember the way your creative juices would flow when you were much younger? Writers block was a non entity. With all of the shifts, and recent childhood revelations coming to pass, the page of wands is our desire to turn our wounds into art.  Making light from a dark situation. We may find ourselves particularly playful, excited, or experimental. A spark is re-ignited this week that reminds us of our passion and purpose. Of why we are here. Why we love.

With the eight of swords this week, there is definitely an element of being too stuck within our minds this week. A lot of our perceptions about lack and the way that our life has ‘turned out’, is a cause for concern this week.

Things are changing at an alarming rate, and there is temptation for us to wonder if we are somehow being ‘punished’, or if there is some negative karma following us. All that is currently occurring is simply challenging you to change your perception about what you are experiencing. You are being somewhat deconstructed mentally, so that you can build some entirely new belief systems. If you choose to view things in the old light, you may struggle a little more than you should this week. 

The fool is the journey of abandonment. There is a rush and a feeling of exhilaration  experienced this week as we leave some things behind. We are abandoning a sense of abandonment. Travelling light means focusing on the future, what it has to offer us, and what we can bring to it. There is detachment – but not in the sense of no longer caring – Rather, we are open to more possibilities now. The understanding that if something does not work out in the way that we intended, it still has something to teach us, is a mark of peace for us this week.

The sun card is the inner child giving birth to itself – all over again. You are letting your inner light shine, and in turn a light is being shone on your darkness.

‘Here I am. This is where I have been hiding’. You are ready to present yourself, and your talents to the world in a liberated fashion. What is shame to somebody who has owned themselves entirely? All of your darkness is illuminated, and instead of rejecting it, you show compassion to the stifled inner child that once created it.

The knight of swords represents your gifts of enhanced perception to the world. You are coming in strong with new and polished views about self  worth, and life in general. Not wanting to keep this to yourself, you charge in to share with others what you have learnt; teaching them and teaching yourself along the way.

There is a strong determination to pass on what you know, because you do not wish for others to be trapped in the same old ways that you are now kissing goodbye to.


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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Twin flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading; 31st October – 5Th November; The mother wound, feminine liberation & freedom from restriction.

 Numerological break down calculation – 31 (4) – Stability, order, structure, organisation, & understanding – 5 – change, freedom, liberation, travel.

The terms masculine and feminine in this case refer to energetic templates, and are not gender specific. Interpret where applicable. Please note also, even though the title is described as twin flames, high level soul mates, (empaths) existing in soul mate connections), may also find these readings useful.

It has been a particularly trying month, & especially the past few weeks for many of those whom identify with being twin flames, or apart of a high vibrational spiritual love connection.

This week, there are a lot of shifts occurring in terms of both lovers attaining the inner balance of their masculine & feminine, & using the destruction gained through one another to give birth to a new existence. The empress card in combination with the four of pentacles equals the number 7 – which is known as the number of God, for its principles of uniting logic, with intuition – the feminine, with the masculine & these are exactly the themes & perspectives both lovers are learning this week! The importance of managing the duality within.

The empress card invites us to take a not so pleasant look at the mother wound. Now, this is explained much more in depth in my new moon in Scorpio article, but I will go into it a little here. The mother wound actually exists within many healers, & is the theme of abandonment, or rejection that tends to run through the lines & the minds of both twins.

Usually, this feminine or mother wound amongst the masculine, will either cause him to seek to control women, (so that they do not leave him), or, will lead him to completely detach from them emotionally, so that he does not have to feel as if he needs them.

In the feminine however, the mother wound may cause her to feel as if all other women are her rivals, secretly plotting against her, or that she may ultimately always have to fear & face rejection, abandonment, shame & comparison. 

This is especially true with family time lines who have a history of shaming or alienating the divine feminine – which many divine lovers hold.

Perhaps the persecution consciousness of the feminine has previously caused her to play small, trying to adhere to the role of the meek, docile & submissive house wife, or ‘good woman’, when in reality – she is SO much more than that!

The four of pentacles describes our desires to hold on too tightly to things – because we fear that we may lose them. 

Actually – we are never without either energy , feminine, or masculine, despite the energetic imbalances We may hold. Remember, twin flames have a high dose of each within them, usually, one is just a little more dormant.

The masculine does not have to worry about being without the feminine’s love; for within him exists the feminine’s love.

The feminine does not have to worry about being abandoned by the masculine; the template of the masculine & its protection IS in her bones.

There is maximum potential this week for both twins to grow, & become nurtured & inspired by what they learn about themselves. The empress multiples all that she comes into contact with – this is abundance, & growth & beautification & manifesting our desires on the physical plane.. 

With the 9 of swords & the 10 of swords on the masculine side, the masculine this week is once again exploring themes of his own limitations & shadow nature. He has been pretty avoidance up until now, but now he must push past his limiting thoughts to see the truth that is for him. He can no longer resist acknowledging these pressing things, especially pain; especially the mother wound.

Because both 9 & 10 symbolise completion & endings, this could see him leaving these doubts & thoughts behind that cause him to feel as if he has to control so many situations. He may be finding that the mental games & challenges that he finds himself engaging in, are actually not working in his favour anymore.

The feminine is growing up, & levelling up & changing & if he truly wants to keep up, then there is no time for divisions within her mind.

I see her being very clear & concise about what she would prefer this week & the masculine may doubt that he has what it takes to keep up with her demands.

Perhaps her harsh words to him cause him to relive his mother wound – he is truly not as tough as he makes himself out to be!

With the empress card as the main theme, he may be feeling rejected because the feminine takes this time to nourish herself, & to dedicate to herself.

The ten of wands shows at the beginning of the week, she still is holding onto martyrdom – doubts, fears, karmic templates & baggage from the past – but as the week draws on, she is very tempted to drop all of these invisible bonds.

A situation may have occurred recently that triggered them both, & triggered her to feel the collective feminine wound of invisibility. Quite possibly, she took on all of these roles & narratives, just because she thought that this is what it meant to be a woman – & now, she is looking to create her own definitions & liberate her own damn self!

To him, it may appear as if she is ignoring, or abandoning him, but she is really just getting rid of her perceptions of lack & self pity. She realises she does not have to carry everybody else’s story with her anymore – she can live her own! There is a strong desire this week for her to uncover her truth.

With the King of pentacles, the feminine is tapping very much into her masculine side. This is the part of her that feels a sense of duty, & responsibility. Putting herself & her needs first on a practical level. There are things that must be taken care of materially, so she need not spend too much time day dreaming, or stopping in her tracks for what are now trivial matters.

The responsibility of the collective, & providing to others, whether it be knowledge, art, or a business idea is a high priority for the feminine at this time, as she is at her most fertile creatively. Many ideas & inspiration about what the future could look like is causing her to take some action on her dreams. The masculine may perceive that this future does not include him, but right now, the feminine is trying to have some sense of stability, so that she does not feel like she must rely on him for Reassurance. Reassurance, constantly, is a by product of co-dependency & narcissism. 

‘I need you to need me & to focus on me. This will give me validation. But if you don’t, I will feel unworthy’. These notions will be dragged into view for the feminine this week. What were her perceptions of lack? How does she feel about herself & what she can bring to the table?

The empress is luxury, the finer things in life & beauty. Does the feminine play small because her mother had self esteem issues? Is she a compulsive hoarder – both physically or emotionally, not categorising things accordingly & refusing to let some things go?

The queen of swords represents the feminine this week taking her power back. She has no desires anymore to allow herself to be in this passive, victimised state.

She may have told the masculine to give her some space this week, or to wait for her to make a decision, but it appears as if with the chariot, he holds some apprehension about this waiting game.

He spends the week battling between his intuition, & his logical thinking, & by the end of it, he recieves mental clarity about which direction he must take. He is determined to establish himself as somebody who has developed maturely, & there is much eagerness to feel like his old self again! Apart of him wonders, ‘what has the feminine done to me? Why am I having all of these thoughts?’ But he must ask himself – what he would do if there were no chance of getting hurt? How would he operate? Surely, a core part of him too craves to give love & receive.

Thoughts about past pain & affliction see him holding on very tightly to outdated concepts & beliefs, but he has the power to change things. He does not have to be like those before him – there is a journey ahead of him that requires integrating the old, with the new & the learned.

It is not easy to unlearn deeply embedded belief systems, but both sacred lovers are ridiculously mentally strong! Most others would go crazy if they held such active minds! If anybody can make sense of the power struggles in many modern societal relationships, it IS them.

The mother wound also comes up challenging beliefs about what a woman should be like. Twin flames are here to break moulds – so the archetype of the sacred whore, or sexual goddess rather, may see twin flames engaging in very healing & mind expanding sex soon.. This teaches the masculine even further about multidimensionality, because in many ways, he sees his mother in the feminine. 

He may previously have had concepts about a woman either being a wife/mother, or, a sexually alluring figure, yet in the divine feminine, he finds all in one.

It is not unheard of for the divine masculine to hold an Oedipus complex actually, which may be why so many masculine twins abuse their sexual energy so much – they are desperate for that reconnection with the mother.

However, their often scewed & tainted views about women, block them from experiencing love in its totality. 

If his mother was very comforting towards him, he may anticipate that the feminine should do the same – even at the expense of herself; which she is refusing to at this time. 

If his mother was absent, he may try to do his best to ensure that the feminine does not leave him – usually through manipulative means.

All of these tried & tested methods are failing him this week & causing him to abandon his tactics in search of higher truth.

The feminine is directly confronting themes of persecution consciousness this week. The queen of swords is a woman who KNOWS that she knows her stuff. She is calculated & expeessive, so it is difficult to get her to silence what her intuition tells her.

The masculine has been acting out lately, & triggering so many of her unhealed wounds, yet in doing so, he has now triggered himself, but this has very much been apart of the divine plan all along..

It is his resistance to fully stepping into his heart space that is causing his mind to feel so stretched in so many places. Still – he tries to search for logic, where there is none.

The feminine this week is encouraged to experiment with her hair, her clothes, her image, & her sensuality. Creating a new her means creating a new feeling with her!

The extra card which is the four of swords lets us know that healing & resolution is occurring for both lovers this week, as they idovodually dive deep into themselves to make sense of past traumas. There has rarely been a time when they have placed such great importance upon self analysis. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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NEW moon in Scorpio, Themes of death & loss; The mother wound, the womb,depths of darkness, and what the next few days can teach us..


In Numerology, the number 10 holds very special, and divine weight. This is the number of the all that is. God. The beginning (1), and the end (0). The masculine (1), and the feminine (0). The feminine is the darkness, the absence of light – which is also very much representative of Scorpio energy, which is all about this darkness. It is the masculine energy that brings to us the desire to create (sperm), change in our lives, the clarity, and understanding of what it is that we must do. But before the masculine principle comes through,  we need to wipe the slate ENTIRELY clean, get down to the 0, the nothingness, the silence, the emptiness, the pain.

Scorpion energy rules darkness, depth, and death. If you know any Scorpios, then you  may notice that underneath their natural charismatic persona, lies a brooding, often moody, and contemplative persona. Scorpio takes us very far into the darkness – the darkness of the womb. In the womb, we are submerged in both complete darkness, and silence, yet it is the most peaceful, most connected space for us to dwell. This very feminine energy is all about creation – what we can create from the bottom up, from the point of nothing – we may gain everything. 

The journey that we make through the birth canal, is a very traumatic one indeed. All that we have to do is think about the trauma of childbirth. The blood, the tears, the pain. Yet this is a shamanic initiation for both mother, and child. Especially the mother – who now takes on a new role of the protector, who’s emotions, intuition, and ability to love all expand. She becomes God. The ultimate creator, and watches over her child, the way the divine admires his/her own creations. The child is ripped from their comfort zone. This particular new moon, and the entire month in general have revolved around revisiting these themes of past trauma – the first ever trauma. Specifically in association with any trauma templates that have been passed down to us through the mother. This includes any abandonment by our mothers, or abandonment consciousness that is passed down to us from our mothers. This can even include a mother who was abandoned by parents, or abandoned by your father. 

Our childhood wounds are triggered heavily, possibly with words, situations, (especially in love), or memories that seem to return to us in the strangest ways, at the strangest of times. We are asked to view just how much our adult-life is influenced and impacted by our childhood experiences, particularly what our parents, and our childhoods taught us to believe about ourselves, and the world. 

Everything is affected by what we have endured in the past. Scorpio is the ultimate death. Disappearing into the darkness, and surrendering to our deepest fears. You may notice that this month in particular you may have been even more contemplative that usual – diving to a place within your mind, that only seemed to take you further into your mind. However this was not escape, this was reevaluation and revelation. 

When you are in this state – of stillness, and darkness, like I mentioned before, answers just come to you effortlessly, because you are not searching for anything in particular – you were just allowing your mind to roam, and roam it did.

The fear of being out there – out in the darkness, the abyss, with no safety, no comfort, no mother. Many who identify with the healer template have specific wounds associated with the mother//feminine energy – typically an imbalance of some sort, or a power struggle that exists internally e.g masculine vs feminine, and this often manifests within our relationships, e.g poor relationship quality. 

Scorpio brings all of these themes to the surface, and all of this information is invited to sit with us, ALL at once. This is absolutely no time to shy away from the lies that you have told yourself in order to control your urges to just fall apart. You HAVE to fall apart. Something tells me, that you have had this false notion of control, or ‘strength’ for far too long. 

Which brings me onto another theme of Scorpio energies. Control, is a HUGE factor for many of those carrying the energy of Scorpio. There is a lot of conflict between what the mind says, and what they feel intuitively, and as such, battles between what we know and can perceive in this 3d world, and the intangible things that we may KNOW, but cannot prove are plaguing us… 

For this reason, our lack of REAL, substantial control in situations will likely be triggered. The desire to control external events indicates a fear, a deep intense fear of things falling apart – as they always have, or previously have done. We can learn through situations arising at this time, that the desire to control comes ultimately through fear. Fear of loss. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being enough. Where does that emotion come from? What first made you feel that you were unworthy? And how true is it? How long will you carry this thorn? Ofcourse, it is time for burial, and that is where the death part of Scorpio comes in..

It is time to adorn yourself. Emotionally, mentally, and physically – with the thoughts, and the things that offer you fulfillment. Scorpio is all about the INNER world, it is time to work from inside, out. Only internally can you fix what is broken. Heal the mother wound. Whatever was broken inside of her, was gifted to you also. Yes – gifted. So that you could transmute these experiences. If your mother was repressed, then live a life of freedom.. If she was neglected, or abandoned, then make a CONSCIOUS habit of not abandoning yourself. Release the self blame. You could not control what happened then. There is NO control, only the illusion thereof.

The desire to have somebody CONSTANTLY prove to us that they will not abandon us, and that we are worthy of love can cause us to behave in less than desirable ways. This is also one of the ways in which we relive our trauma, because actually behaving like this, and trying to avoid this, is likely to push others away. Scorpio is very much led by this internal power struggle, and being persecuted; either for having too much power, or not having enough. The struggle of the feminine archetype. 

Too much power? And she is hunted, and persecuted, and ridiculed – to the point that her power is removed. And then? She is left defenseless. In this defenseless state? She either develops victim consciousness, or she swears never to allow herself to be vulnerable again. She as in – the feminine, not necessarily a woman!

As Scorpio also rules themes of sexuality, we are asked to see how sexuality can be used for both spiritual, and liberation purposes. Sex has been used to abuse power, and control for a long time – especially where the divine feminine is concerned. However, in metaphysics, we know that sex is healing – the vagina is healing – the woman is healing, and all this healing occurs within (the yoni), in the darkness, (the womb), so the very essence of feminine sexuality, is transmutation. Feeling sexually charged, and liberated, is actually when the divine feminine as at her best, and if she is to create the change in a new world, then she will need to be armed with some of this knowledge! This power of hers threatens the faithless, and the powerless, and has done so for many centuries, but that is no reason for her to back down now! Rather, it is time to rise up.

Persecution consciousness must be abandoned now. And the masculine needs to learn – that just because the feminine has all of these wonderful gifts, and is captivating, and sensual in this way; does not mean that she will abandon him, or leave him, as he so fears. This irrational fear may cause him to try to control the women around him, and in his life, because he fears the primal archetype  of Eve; who once deceived him in the garden of Eden, and then was exiled – leaving him feeling both betrayed, and wounded. For a long time, we thought that the feminine had the greatest of abandonment issues – but rather, it has always existed as the masculine. He just needed to go inside, (yes pun intended), to figure this all out..


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Seek Cindy.

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