Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading – December 6th 2016.

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Todays reading was just so very beautiful to me, that for the first time, I had to share the FULL reading on my WordPress site..

please note; you will still be receiving the general twin flame weekly reading, & this daily reading is ONLY being posted for this one time special!


Main theme//Unified energy – 3 of wands, Masculine – Two of pentacles, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – King of wands, Feminine – 10 of wands, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – 8 of wands.

The unified energy as the 3 of wands confirms to us once again that today both twins are looking towards expansion. This is expansion on a spiritual level; so this denotes passion and purpose on a wider scale. Perhaps their focus today draws towards not only manifesting their dreams, goals, and targets, but also on a physical level – ensuring that their social lives, and day to day activities taste liberation, and good times!

Previously, they may have found themselves excelling in one area of their lives, whilst the other areas go under nurtured, or undeveloped. In searching for new territory, both twins are very aware of what they need to do today to solidify the new paths that they are attempting to create. Perhaps some of them are travelling, waiting for some good news, or taking the initiative to ensure that some news they achieve is positive.

There appears to be a consciousness of enlargement. So seeing a wider view, and remaining very conscious about old patterns of comfortability, and routine, Breaking the mould will not always be so easy, but conscious effort sees them trying to leave their comfort zone, and actually achieving this through developing a more expressive tone.

The masculine embodying the energy of the two of pentacles is suggestive of him trying to balance his finances, and keep up with his day to day responsibilities. He is very conscious now of not taking on too much, whilst catering to the necessary requirements of living.

If there was procrastination in the past, now, he realises the importance of financial gain, and does not wish to dedicate too much of his time to areas that may affect this negatively.

Work, and responsiblities to himself are of the most importance at this time. He may find himself focused on his appearance, perhaps purchasing new clothes, or a hair style that is more in accordance with the new image he seeks to project.

The king of wands introduces a more masculine, mature approach to his persona. He is very aware this week of the power that the feminine currently holds, and in many ways wishes to be a worthy compliment to her current life.. The twin flame weekly reading that will be posted later this evening speaks of her expansion, and the heights he wishes to reach to also be considered grown, mature, and accomplished.

The 10 of wands speaks of the feminine’s desire today to let go of a lot of the spiritual chains that have been binding her. She toys with the theory of choice today – the idea that we actually do not have to take on the unwanted programs, and demands of everything, and anything around us.. In seeking to develop this new path for herself, she lessens her burdens.

Because the number 10 represents endings, today could mark a day that the feminine takes a closer look at her ancestry, and affirms that she wishes to stand different from the pack, so to speak. If her family suffer any victim consciousness, poverty consciousness, or limitations of the mind, she is very focused at this time on breaking those binds.

The eight of wands as the energy that she projects to the masculine could be ideas, inspiration, and encouragement for change. Perhaps he sees how well she is doing, or how hard she is trying to expand, and this awakens something in him to seek the same.

She could be reaching out to him via message to inspire him, or perhaps she projects spirit messages, symbols, and reminders to him along his daily activities. He may find himself thinking of her randomly, or looking back on himself and receiving insights about past situations that involved the two of them.
This is a very powerful time for him to achieve self realisation, and the feminine appears to lead the way this time to show them both that things can be different for them.
That they do not have to adhere to the same old narrative.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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