Twin Flame (Divine Love) Weekly Reading. 5th-11th December; Destruction of the old, Creation of the current, Completion of the new.



Main theme – Tower, What is occurring for both twins – The magician, The masculine – Queen of pentacles, Three of wands, Five of wands, The feminine – Knight of pentacles, 8 of pentacles, 10 of wands (reverse).

Numerological break down calculation – 5th-11th. 5 – Liberation, change, newness, freedom from restriction, breaking binds, seeking new adventure. 11th – Spiritual awakenings, new gateways, openings, lessons learnt, epiphanies. 

The tower symbolises destruction, transformation, creation, and sudden – unexpected changes. This week is highly symbolic of the kind of disruption that forces us to take a different course/route, that asks us to rebuild from the rubble of what is no more. There are many awakenings that are brought to divine lovers at this time, in order to rapidly usher them out of their comfort zone, and out of the old matrix, into the new world. This is all about understanding that they both cannot go back to old ways, because honestly? There is nothing to go back to but destruction, and the recent realisations that have been brought to us, will not allow us to fit into this model any longer. There is a call for newness as the universe intervenes this week with twins who are still not willingly willing to make that first step forward. What spirit will tend to do in these situations, is make our lives so uncomfortable, that we have no choice but to complete re write things. 

Usually, this is a change that we did not plan, but actually something that signified to us the shaky foundations that we once stood on. Things definitely took place within this time that were of a certain karmic nature – intended to draw your attention to patterns in your life that desperately needed your attention. The magician card as the occurrence card for both twins, is the perfect articulation of how destruction, leads inevitably to creation.

Divine lovers this week, are asked to begin piecing together a new world, from the destruction of what they used to know. Manifestation, is highly potent this week, because we are starting from a 0 point – from there, anything is possible. This is like babies – learning how to walk, and talk again, as we have to re-create entirely, with the new conscious awareness of ourselves. There is a lot of focus on HOW twins can make this ‘next life’ of theirs more enjoyable . There is a divine force orchestrating many of the changes, but this does not mean that twins are entirely powerless. They may draw up templates at this time of what they wish to achieve within the next 2/5 months in order to provide themselves with a clear path/guideline for manifesting. 

The queen of pentacles on the side of the masculine speaks of him confronting his fears, and issues to do with committing to tasks, and the conviction that it requires to see that anything he puts his efforts to is a success. The colour red relates to the root chakra, which determines our sense of safety, and security in the world. Because this is still a feminine card, it points to nurturing your craft, and growing an attachment to it. Perhaps in the past the masculine had problems with holding down a job, or committing to anything once it become routine – out of fear that if he were to lose it, or things were to go wrong, he would blame himself . He is being challenged this week to re-evaluate his relationship with his feminine nature, and money. He also needs a certain level of creativity, and imagination to create more avenues for income to arrive, and this all encourages him to tap into another side of himself.

The queen of pentacles could also indicate him seeing how far the feminine has come on her journey, and admiring the steps that she has taken to get to where she is. There may be some hesitance on his part to reach out to her, because he may feel as if he is not as accomplished as she is right now, and he is toying with finding ways create a more successful path for himself. He may be recognising her growth, her maturity, her boldness,and becoming inspired by it. 

The three of wands is representative of his desires this week to manifest MORE. Spiritually, he is travelling further than he has before. He is struggling against himself to reach new heights, and his spirit truly does want to break free. Maybe he wants to travel to new places, and he is really challenging himself to do things that he would not previously have done.. He definitely IS making some progress, but there are still fears, and doubts in relation to being in unfamiliar territory. His former foundations are crumbling because they were TOO small for his depth of spirit, but in many ways, they were comfortable to him, because they did not challenge him to break free from his fears, or to be more than what he was prepared to be at the time. He is recognising this week how VAST the possibilities are for him, and he may indeed be finding this a little intimdating. Maturity to him has always been something that existed in the far distance, something that he would somehow learn or pick up along the way, and now, it is knocking on his door, and asking him to rise to the challenge.

The five of wands is his determination this week to ride the waves of change, and not to succumb to a lower, or older version of himself, no matter how tempting it may be.

Every so often, he hits one of his blockages as he is trying to expand outside of himself. This indicates a wall of defense, that the three of wands sees him trying to push past. He is learning through experience at this time, experiencing the world through brand new eyes, and new senses – & he sees the feminine exploring new sides of herself & excelling, so he’s like.. ‘If she can do this, then I can too’, because he sees ALOT of her in himself, especially this week..

He may have old friends resurface, who tempt him with the ease of his former ways, or perhaps minor set backs, in the form of him not feeling skilled enough, or educated enough present themselves. He does know that he has a lot to offer, but at the same time, he knows that he lacks experiences in many areas also, because his emotional development differs from that of others within the same age range as him.. He is a WORTHY warrior, & he needs to have a little more faith, & belief in himself & his abilities this week & stop comparing himself to others. They have walked a different journey, and live a different life, & it is not a race to the finish.. He may find himself even more advanced than he thought, in just a short while! He is a fast learner, he just hasn’t given himself the opportunity in the past to learn, & to stick to what he was learning..Out of fear.

The knight of pentacles appearing on the feminine side shows that she too is exploring her masculine side, and thinking in terms of the future, and her vision of it. No longer looking towards the past, she wonders how she can create a path ahead of her that is bountiful, using the current resources that she holds. In many ways, she is sitting on a gold mine, and she knows this, she also knows that she has to think carefully, and tactfully, about how she is going to manifest all of the abundance that is promised to her. There is a little bit more pressure applied when you KNOW that you can manifest almost anything. In taking control of her own life, and her own affairs, she realises that whatever is manifest, she will have  to answer to – and this could go either way! The eight of pentacles indicates that she is already this week seeing some of the rewards, and accolades that come along with her manifesting her desires.. The minute that her focus shifts, and she no longer feels mental lack, or starvation, the universe/the most high rewards her, and shows her just what comes out of putting in the focused intention, and the work that has been set for her… Because the 8 also relates to karma, this is indicative of her changing her karmic wiring this week, from poverty, and victim consciousness, to believing that she can create, and conjure all that she seeks, and desires. 

Identifying what works, & what does not work, what has worked in the past, & implementing a keen strategy, & routine is important to the feminine, if she wishes to solidify this functional, and self motivated life that she is building for herself. Fix your focus from what is lost, and what is gone, to what can be gained, because everything that you are putting into the universe, is being  returned to you at a rapid rate right now. Think bigger, enhance your vision, and look to all that is possible, because many things are! Your dreams, your goals, and your destiny will reveal themselves to you in many ways, mostly through profound thought, and insight into what you have ALWAYS been skilled at. There is potential here to be very successful, and to lay the ground work for something that will speak very well of you as a character, and you as a business individual . 

The 10 of wands in reverse speaks of the feminines determination this week to overturn ancestral karma, patterns, and programming. She shows little, to no interest this week in taking on other peoples problems, and burdens as her own. Where she is going, she will not be able to carry all of those useless, and outdated things, because they weigh her down, and do not provide her with the clarity that  is necessary to manifest, and visualise. Spiritually, she is releasing MAJOR bondage, and blockages, and refusing to partake in old binding patterns. If she comes from a generational line of heavy karmic debt, curses, or perceptions about what women should, & should not do, then she is VERY likely this week, to flip a finger to all of those things. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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One thought on “Twin Flame (Divine Love) Weekly Reading. 5th-11th December; Destruction of the old, Creation of the current, Completion of the new.”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reading.
    In the last paragraph, you wrote: “Spiritually, she is releasing MAJOR bondage and blockages, and refusing to partake in old binding patterns.” Actually thew whole last paragraph!
    You are so right, I’m done with this and I’m working on it to release this old karma that is holding me back in several areas in my life.
    Love and light

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