General Weekly Reading – 12th-18th December 2016; Fight to the finish, future plans, and establishing healthier foundations.


Main theme – Five of wands, Surrounding cards – King of cups, Page of pentacles, The star, Knight of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 12th – 3 ( Creation, expansion, manifestation, communication, and exploration) – 9 – ( Creativity + compassion for others, creating a new home space, Healing abandonment consciousness, resolution, completion. 

The five of wands as the main theme represents the struggle against ones self, in particular this week, one’s former self, and one’s lower self. The fight to the finish can mean a struggle against family karma, or old templates that keep us tied to a certain way of living. Because the number 5 represents change, there is a deep internal change that is trying to occur on a spiritual level, but in order for full transformation to occur, we need to establish a balance within, so this is the fight between our two selves, the higher self, and the shadow self, the masculine side, and the feminine side. 

We may find ourselves this week struggling against or challenging old triggers, particularly emotional triggers, as they attempt to regress us to a less accomplished version of ourselves. Whenever the 5 of wands appears, we seek expansion. And naturally, if you wish to come up on top, you must fight! This is the very nature of existence. The sperm that made you, had to fight to the finish line in order for you to be CREATED. In the same way, we must fight the old ways now, in order to create an entirely NEW path.. We could be fighting against in our world externally, and fighting with old friends, or seeing friction between family members, and those we once felt connected to. Do not fret if you find people from the past falling away, or your new views are being challenged by those around you – this is all being constructed to re-shape your spirit. To show you that you truly do have a warrior spirit, and even though you have already been through so much, you can handle what comes your way.. And it will mature you for the next stage of your life that you are about to enter – which will require more conviction, and dedication from you.

The page of pentacles represents us walking away at some point this week from the strenuous struggle that is the inner battle. Many of us DO defeat the doubt of our lower selves, and can walk away, preserving something that we have taken from the fight, perhaps a new perspective, plan, or piece of advise to share with others. The pentacle represents a message that we have carried from our past experiences, perhaps this is something that our inner child has learnt through self observation, and wishes to share with others. This could be an idea, a charity, or a business venture that we have been inspired to follow – relatively in its early stages, but we are showing a lot of passion towards it this week. This is the, ‘I do not wish to struggle against myself anymore. But THIS is what my struggle has taught me’. Perhaps to have a more strong work ethic, to take more chances, to take a different path, to be more organised, or to deliver a message about healing etc.

The star card is representative of us lighting a way this week. We are definitely sharing our gifts with others, which more than likely is also offering us a renewed sense of hope, passion, and purpose. This is like a rebirth of our consciousness, particularly our subconscious, to channel our emotions in a new way, to express ourselves, and to give back. Representative of the zodiac of Aquarius’ the water bearer here is the one who gives knowledge, insight, and hope to others. There is a promise of a better tomorrow, even in the spells of negativity that we experience this week, there is still the hint that things really are not as bad as they once were – because they are not.  The star card can also represent divine guidance, a divine presence that follows us, and guides what we do, and heals us in our worst moments. Do not be afraid to look for some extra help this week, or to call on more guidance if you are feeling weakened. Something as simple as saying, ‘God be with me’, ‘God protect me’, or ‘Alhamdulilah’, when your heart is heavy, may assist you with the courage needed to carry on..

The king of cups is the desire to express ourselves, and our emotions in a healthier way this week. Even if we are feeling emotionally overburdened, there is a sense that we will not resort to unhealthy tactics or means to cope. Instead, we may be extra creative at this time, allowing all of the emotion to flow to, and fro us, also gifting us with strong intuitive insight, and new ideas. The king of cups also represents a balance between our emotions, and our responsibility to others. We may be much more emotionally vigilant this week, and more responsible for the energy that we create, and the energy that we give out. A healthier form of expression is definitely pursued, as there is the sense that we are growing all too tired of the everyday battles, and contradictions.

There is an illumination of the patterns that lead to restriction, or overreaction, and the knight of pentacles represents us looking out into the future, and focused on tasks, goals, and accomplishments that we have set for ourselves, with the expanding knowledge that we can achieve, and conquer new territory. The maturity of a project, business venture, or idea is largely dependent on our healing, and the ability to develop some sort of routine thus week. 

I DO see victory ahead, but it MUST be worked toward. Self accountability, goes a LONG way this week!

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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