Twin Flame Weekly Reading – 12th-18th December; Gemini spin; The heart vs mind, Pondering duality & irrationality.


Main theme – Two of swords, What is occurring for both twins – The moon, Masculine – Three of swords, King of pentacles, Queen of cups, The feminine – Two of pentacles, Eight of pentacles, Knight of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 12th – 3 ( Creation, expansion, manifestation, communication, and exploration) – 9 – ( Creativity + compassion for others, creating a new home space, Healing abandonment consciousness, resolution, completion. 

The two of swords this week for both the masculine, and the feminine talks of decisions, pathways, crossroads, and directions that they both must take. This is a very pivotal time. The year is coming to an end, and as a 9 year would have it, we have endured many lessons, trials, and tribulations, and experiences that have accelerated our growth capacity.

The two of swords, and the moon card represents the typical clashes of the intuition, vs, the logical mind. In other words, the conflict, and the meeting of the masculine and the feminine. What we know in our hearts, what our signs tell us, what our spiritual mind tells us, vs, the demands, and the logic of the mind. 

The two of swords may speak of procrastination. It is possible to know in the mind what we have to do, yet not be ready to take a direction, out of fear of making the wrong choices. In the traditional taro deck, the two of swords presents a woman who is blind folded, with two swords hovering, each beside her. Because of the blind fold, we may interpret that the figure represented in the image hesitates to make a decision, because they feel like they do not know enough information about the choices that are present to them. This could be a conflict between two people – whether to stay, or go, move forward, or maintain a familiar path.

The moon can also point to delusions, and over emotionalism. We may wonder if we are being taken for a ride, or if the path that we are to took actually holds some sustainability – some sense of reality. 

Our emotions, and our intuitive knowing may be overwhelming us, with attention of one thing, whilst our logical, and rational mind may conjure fears, doubts, warnings, and reservations.

The masculine this week may be receiving strong impulses through emotional resonance, and perhaps even dreams – day dreams about what is to come, and where is the right place for him to venture.. However, strong emotional reactions have possibly not always been a strong point for him, or something that has brought him peace. The three of swords could indicate a past hurt for him, or a current hurt that interferes with his ability to make a decision.

This decision could represent him possibly taking a chance in love, or exploring a more open, and sensitive side of himself. Thoughts of heart break, loss, or separation may plague his mind this week. He could find himself dwelling on an incident, that caused him to become detached from his heart. If he is to move forward with a decision that he is pondering, he considers just how jeapordising this may be to him, and perhaps one of his visions revolve around him being struck in the heart once again, and how this may play out..

There is a lot of existing in a somewhat ‘fictional’, or rather hypothetical realm this week, as we toy with what is reality, and what COULD be reality. This is the characteristic of the intuitive, or imaginative mind. Freely tapping into other realms, and modes of thought in order to compare, and contrast what really is truth. The truth is what we hold dearly to our heart, and in order to know truth, we have to hold faith..

There is a fear of stepping too deeply into the unconscious – (which is the feminine), and failing to see practically, or remain grounded. He may be a water sign, or have water in his chart, this could be a Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer masculine energy who is familiar with being emotionally overwhelmed, and does not want to live a reality in which he is ruled, or bound unhappily by his emotions. So far, being logical, and practical has helped him to achieve what it is that he feels is essential to being a man – financial security, and power – which represents in this instance, the king of pentacles. 

The king of pentacles represents a sense of safety that he finds in dedicating himself to more earthly pursuits, such as acquiring finance. This is  something of substance for him, something that to him is real, what he can actually see, feel, and rely on. His sense of security, and safety is very, very important to him at this point, because the instability, that both he, and the feminine have faced in the past, has been a huge theme present in their dark nights of the soul. Moving forward means assessing the errors, and mistakes of the past, and finding newer, and more mature ways to ensure that we no longer make these petty mess ups. The clean up is always far too emotionally demanding, and expansion demands that we are fully present. This is truly all that the masculine seeks to be right now – fully present, but he must realise that to be fully present in your emotions, also means to achieve intuitive stimuli. And this is JUST as real, as what he sees around him.. In-fact, it is the unconscious realm that MANIFESTS all that he sees around him… Envision a blue light… Surrounding him, that he can touch, and tap into at whim to dial into a reality.. Yet he remains stuck. Fearful of what the bright, blue, beautiful light could mean for him. Maybe he has strong religious ties, and the idea of anything too metaphysical still appears strange, and even alien to him. 

He seeks financial growth, fruition, and completion of something that he has been working on for a while now, and I do see it being granted to him.  If it is a promotion, and he worries if he is ready to step into the shoes required of him, then he should trust himself more, and his ability to learn, and adapt along the way. He does also have worries that engaging with the feminine may psychologically overwhelm him – the moon can appear sinister at times because it leaves us untamed, in the world of our deepest thoughts, and phobias. 

He may seem distracted right now, because other areas of his life desire his focus, and he tries to find the perfect balance between soul searching, and earning money.. To view the contradictions discussed with the Gemini full moon energy, check out my Gemini full moon reading for the 13th here..  13th-contradictions-of-the-mind-the-conflict-of-emancipation/ 

The queen of cups, is indicative of how he views the feminine. He does in-fact this week recognise her as somebody very emotionally sensitive, intuitive, and brave; and there is a part of him that wonders what, or if, he alone can add to  her already emerged throne. In many ways, she appears like an angel to him. There is a recognition of her softness, and tenderness that beckons him, and also causes him to review aspects of his own emotions. 

She could be inspiring in him this week a more creative side, or a side that wonders off into the abyss, retrieving information. He does sight her as more balanced, and more patient this week, and wonders if this means that her attentions could possibly have shifted..

As the lunatic moon would have it, apart of his subconscious also teases him with the questions – ‘What if this is all a trick?’

‘What if she is a skilled manipulator who may be playing him into thinking that this may be something worthwhile?’

There is still the sense that he feels undeserving of this. Maybe he has hurt the feminine in the past, and he is riddled with guilt considering the ways he may potentially hurt her again. He may even feel that he is protecting her by staying away, or maintaining distance. 

It is much easier for him to rely on rational thought, to protect from any damage, than it is for him to delve into the ‘nonsensical’/’feeble’, notion of romanticism, and perfection that the feminine seems to project.

The feminine this week, is extremely focused on her finances – and more power to her. The 2 of pentacles represents the ultimate balance between heavy emotions, and her earthly duties. Her earthly responsibilities MUST be seen to, but her intense emotions are not something that can be quenched, so what is to be done? A merger of the two, ofcourse.. A fuel for the fire shall we say.

Her intuition may be constantly reminding her of, or drawing her attentions to the masculine, but she is 1000% focused on what can sustain her in the long run, and provide her too with longevity – unlike the turbulent emotions, or unstable relationships from the former days. 

Because the two of pentacles also represents the infinity symbol, this week, she is looking at the type of business, or finance, that will keep providing for her. 

The knight of pentacles is a very strong sense of future vision, and purpose. Turning a small business plan, into an over night success that multiplies itself. 

The 8 of pentacles suggests that she is very aware of her manifesting powers this week. There is a strong urge to push forward with plans, ideas, and what matters this week. She is giving birth to something new with this full moon, through both her vision, and her dedication.

She has known ALOT of poverty consciousness, and a lot of lack, and she definitely does not want to go back to the place which holds nothing for her. Everything of value that she has taken from her dark places, she is already using to manifest change, and to inspire creation. 

Her choices in these next few stages, are absolutely PARAMOUNT, because everything is building this new foundation now. She recognises on an unconscious level that self sustainability, is the groundwork for self respect, and consequently respect from others, including the divine masculine. Being overly dependent upon him, in the past, for grounding, or for validation back fired – numerous times, so it is now time for her to create her own kingdom, or rather, queendom.

Financial security really is the basis for her to discover other areas of herself, in full freedom, and security.

She does realise this week that she does not have to exile, quell, or disguard her emotions in favour of stability. Rather at this time, she works WITH them, creating the perfect unity, of masculine, and feminine. 

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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