General Weekly Reading – 19th-25th December 2016; Winter Solstice, the darkest depths of death, & Happy holidays |


Main theme – Death, Surrounding cards – Three of pentacles, The emperor, The high priestess, Ace of pentacles.

Numerological break down calculation – 19th (10) – Balancing of masculine & feminine energies, death & rebirth, ending, and beginning of a new cycle, transformation, and God consciousness – 25 (7) – Spiritual lessons, collective consciousness, the unconscious mind, wisdom gained through hard ship, creative genius, & occult knowledge.

The winter solstice is marked as the darkest night of the year, & as we have all come to know, darkness is associated w/ feminine energy, rebirth, revelations & deep soul healing..
We are nearing the end of a 9 year cycle, which brought us many karmic lessons, along w/ the opportunity to break our repetitive cycles, effectively healing wounds…
The next few days up until December the 25th are likely to grant us major reflection, before the initial soul death, that initiates us into a new path.

It is no coincidence that this birth-date was chosen to represent the birth of Christ, or rather Christ consciousness, which is the humility that gives rise to new light..
Remember the nativity story?
Mary & Joseph endured many trials on their journey to ensure that Christ was born safely.. This can be seen as a metaphor for the many doors that we knock on, & the triumphant journey that we have embarked on, as the year comes to a close.

Appreciate the lessons that have taken you thus far. Time may currently appear stilled, as information travels to you effortlessly, with little resistance from you, or your ego self..
Allow your old world to sink into the depths of this darkness.
Prepare for the rebirth of all rebirths…
The beginning of a 10 year cycle.
10 – NOT 1. (2+0+1+7). Many numerologists prefer to act as if the 0 holds no value, but I believe it actually adds greater value and potency to the number that it follows.

It is no surprise to me considering the winter solstice that the Death card appears for us this week as the main theme.. The death card speaks of the deep, intense transition period that we are all experiencing at this time. This is inevitable change, a death of the old ways, and a major transformative period. This week, the death has more to do with our inner child workings than anything else. Something has triggered us this week to take a deep and intense look at our soul’s journey thus far, perhaps a karmic attachment, or a painful event that caused us to assess the areas in our lives that know instability, and chaos. 


Death is both the recognition, and the realisation that we can no longer carry on in the ways that we have been, as it no longer holds value, or substance to where it is that we are trying to go.. This is a natural process in our lives, the kind of change that meets us at the end of a cycle of lessons, and growth. It is the only permissible step after the many trials, and tribulations of a 9 year. Integration truly means making these changes. We may be called to abstain from certain things, behaviours, addictions, and methods that have recently, or in the past led us astray…. Maturity knocks on our door at this time, and almost like autumn leaves, we are asked to allow certain things to fall away, once, and for all.. It appears as if there is little choice, resistance, and holding on to these beliefs, and behaviours will lead to an unhealthy destination.

Death, by all means means rebirth.. And this is something that we have been working towards for the entirety of this year, particularly since September, the 9 month – where our karmic work picked up severely . We are asked to find more creative methods to deal with our pain at this time, perhaps alchemical – instead producing art, or sharing our wounds with the world through expression of the soul. Rebirth means creating something new, and more beautiful, where something old, and outdated once took place.. Instead of ignoring, burying, or even relinquishing our wounds, we are simply called to make something of them, to grow through them, and to understand them.. If we do not clean out the old, we grow stale, and there is no room for newness, or fresh breath. This is just the cyclical nature of existence. Our old self must be recycled as apart of the grand design – our new self is called from a higher plane of existence, to sit with us, to join with us, to merge with us.


The emperor is symbolic of this new order, stability, and restoration that beckons us energetically…Perhaps the death that we are experiencing must occur because our life has previously been build on shaky ground, and it is time, by all means, to finally get things together… This is very much masculine energy, and at times can represent the father figure. Maybe we are addressing and identifying wounds that relate to the father issues in our life – our lack of responsibility for self, and others, our feelings of abandonment in relation to our father, and our ability to be the head of our selves, and the head of our own house holds – in this case, the house hold representing the mind. The emperor encourages taking full responsibility for yourself, and for what you manifest.. Becoming fully conscious actually means recognizing that you are the creator of your own experiences, and to blame everything, and everyone else around you renders you powerless. This goes against everything that the law of attraction, and the law of metaphysics stands for.

To truly be a sovereign being, means to take accountability. Victim consciousness should be becoming a thing of the past, as this is associated with co-dependent tendencies, and many of us are growing fed up of looking to others, or holding others responsible for our time, and emotions. If you really believe that you are validated, and worthy of building this empire that you foresee, then it is up to you to show, and to prove this.. Not to blame your parents for the opportunities that you did not have, not to blame your surroundings for not being work-able, not to blame your ex, or karmic attachment for leaving you too heart broken, but to take all of those experiences, and turn them into liquid gold.. If things are not working out, MAKE them work out..

The ace of pentacles is the opportunity for a clean slate that is being offered to you by the most high at this time. Revelations arrive heavily, and prevalent with the high priestess, and it is up to you to use these golden opportunities  to excel yourself. Your intuition is at an all time peak this week, along with your psychic connections, and spiritual experiences. If you have been taking the initiative to get closer to God at this time, then God will also show you how he/she is also growing closer to you. Dreams, experiences, or synchronistic moments that leave you feeling touched by an angel, almost as if you wish to cry…

A new opportunity to discover yourself, to build a new path, and to be renewed, and reborn unto this earth is available to you.. It is important to create distance, or even do a chord cutting ritual between you, and your old self at this time. If you need any help with the working, or the items used, then do not hesitate to contact me about purchasing one of my personally written  kits for doing so – 

Karmically, the ace of pentacles represents a fresh start. You may not see it, but there are so many pathways that are currently open, and opening to you, if you can just let go of some past habits, notions, and beliefs. It will not be entirely easy, but change never us.. The opportunity is simply presented, you have to work towards it, and show that you are capable of sustaining it..

The three of pentacles is representative of this sustenance… So, God has given you this golden opportunity for change, for newness, creative ideas, inspiration, manifestation energy, but what are you going to do with it? How are you going to ensure that you make the best out of what you have, and multiply? The three of pentacles is all about that long money… Making your money last, taking initiative, and running with the opportunity that you have.. Do not waste ANYTHING at this time, all of your experience is a gold mine.. And you have a GOLD mind. Working with others, accepting help where it is needed, and expanding your network will all prove beneficial to you this week. Do some research about ways that you can maximise.. Make lists, purchase a diary for the new year, write down some intentions, and write down some goals.. Focus ALL of your energies into the creation of this new path, as it will pay off if you do so.. Your soil is most fertile at this time, but you also need to work with what is given. Nothing is going to fall haphazardly into your lap.. At least not without you first creating an opening, or drawing a destination for it to land. This is the kind of growth, and expansion that may require us to leave our comfort zone, or stray away from what we have previously known.. 

Shyness, timidity, reservation, or sloppiness are all areas that we will have to conquer, and face this week if we are indeed to grab our golden opportunity with both hands, AND feet! There’s a pressing desire to follow our dreams, and acquire financial wealth, and stability, and once again, this all starts with how we are feeling energetically, and the steps that we take to invest in ourselves. You are a business.. So it is important that you treat yourself as such, and give yourself the respect, and the value that you deserve. Victim consciousness, and poverty consciousness is of the old way.. Though none of these things are inherently your fault, but rather a product of your past experiences, if you continue to view yourself as the helpless, poor soul who was mistreated, then you will always live in the shadow of your pain.. It is time to BOSS up! As only you can..

Happy healing, my scared beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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