Twin Flame WEEKLY Reading 19th-25th December – Karmic revelations/re-evaluations, The mirror to the shadow, & spiritual responsibilities | Happy Holidays my beauties!


Main theme – 9 of swords, What is occurring for both twins – Ace of pentacles, Masculine – 6 of cups, 10 of wands, 8 of wands, Feminine – 7 of cups, Knight of swords, Strength.

First of all, I would just love to say happy holidays to all of my enchiladas, and loyal fans, and followers, and readers.. It has been an amazing journey since I first began doing this weekly readings, to see my reader content grow, and to receive the repetitive support from my viewers.

Take this holiday season easy! We have the winter solstice, and we see a peak to the culmination of a spiritual 9 year – to check what this 9 year meant, check the bottom of this reading for the 2016 9 year forecast, that I completed at the end of 2015!

Numerological break down calculation – 19th (10) – Balancing of masculine & feminine energies, death & rebirth, ending, and beginning of a new cycle, transformation, and God consciousness – 25 (7) – Spiritual lessons, collective consciousness, the unconscious mind, wisdom gained through hard ship, creative genius, & occult knowledge.

The 9 of swords crowning this reading speaks of a spiritual revolution, much like judgement day.. The 9 of swords can represent the influx, and overflow of thoughts that arrive to us, when we are met with the reality of our shadow self.
A perfect mirror of who we have been, and who we can be – The dark side of ourselves that is.
This may include memories, or triggers of past scenarios, and events, where we have been less than responsible, or just in our actions.. Our worries, and anxieties relate to our increasing awareness of our empathic natures..

The journey from the ego, to the heart center can often be a tricky, and complicated one. Existing in our heart space means feeling compassion, and a growing sense of understanding, of your own thoughts, and feelings, and that of others. Sorrow, guilt, regret, or disappointment in self, and others can often occur when we are met with a mirror of ourselves.. The sometimes shameful, or harmful things that we have done.. But I do not believe in the energy of shame, as I feel that this is apart of a tactic used many years ago, through psychological, and religious invasion, about being unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption. Nobody is unworthy of forgiveness, or redemption, and that is the ultimate truth.. Holding on to pain, revenge, and existing in our trauma often causes us to believe that we, or others are not worthy of being reborn.. In order to be reborn, you must first know that you deserve to, and this is why both twins should let go of their concerns about themselves at this time.

The ace of pentacles speaks of having no regrets. It is not time to dwell in the past, or to dwell on what has occurred, understand where you have gone wrong, by all means, and take responsibility for each of your actions.. But forgive yourself, above all.. The ace of pentacles is a new chance of a beginning provided from spirit. This is the chance to start again, to reconnect with your own sense of value, and to remind yourself of what is at stake when you neglect yourself.. This ace is offered to you, but it is up to you whether to take it or not, to work for it.. To give up old ways, and to begin rebuilding. Anything can happen when you start from a 0 point.. Surrender.

The 6 of cups representing the masculine speaks of his consideration of past union, soul mate unions, and reconnecting with the feminine. The longing and the push, and pull toward her is definitely prevalent, but it is not separate from its own fears, and concerns..

The 10 of wands is spiritual heaviness, concepts, masks, and facades previously warn by the masculine, that have kept him separate from himself.

The 10 of wands speaks of the end of the road, a time period where we can no longer carry on as we have been, being dishonest, elusive, or trying to distract ourselves by going beyond our measures..

This can include juggling too many partners, or destructive behaviours in attempts to not have to deal with the dwellings of our soul, or what our subconscious mind tells us. The 10 of wands forces us to take a straight, and narrow path, as opposed to stopping along the way to accumulate more distraction.. Sometimes, people can intentionally busy, or overwhelm themselves, in order to escape, or exist in an illusionary realm.

This presents a new side of the masculine.. Maybe he has separated himself from friends, partying, drinking, or a life style that offered him some type of shelter.. As his week would have it, he can no longer rely on this form of escapism, and so, is now left isolated.. With nothing but himself to look at .. And his actions.

The 8 of wands is messages, and spiritual revelations that arrive to him as flashes of insight this week.. Understanding himself, and his karmic dealings, are apart of him working with a new template.. He may also be projecting mental messages to the feminine, understandings, & realisations about his own side of the picture.. About her own shadow self, whilst he learns about his own. There’s very much a projection of mental templates. When we let go, and surrender to what is, we receive messages far quicker.. This is why the ego is often so quick to attempt to defend itself, and come up with explanations..

Because if the heart were to always speak to us, we would not be able to commit half of the irresponsible behaviours that we do..
The 8 of wands is the butterfly that whispers in our ears, sent from the heavens, that let’s us know it is time to pause, and to re-evaluate… Consider this a time for redemption for the masculine, a maturing, and an understanding of what it means to exist communally, as apart of society, apart of a network, rather than consider himself alone, which is what fuels narcissism.

The 7 of cups on the side of the feminine, talks of indecisiveness, over imagination, and idealism.
Perhaps the feminine is realising this week particular times, and incidences where she may have been out of touch with reality, or refusing to see the truth.. This could relate to the way that people have treated her in the past, karmic attachments, family, friends, and even the masculine himself..

When we exist primarily in our emotions, it becomes easily to be pulled to, and fro, not really existing in truth, or careful thought, but allowing ourselves to be taken away on a whim of emotion.. Because of this, we may have been somewhat unfaithful, to ourselves, or others, at the drop of a hat, dependent upon which emotional state we choose to dial into.

This is not inherently ‘evil’, or insidious in a sense, but it can become that way when we attempt to punish others for double crossing us, or project what can be considered as emotional abuse. This is actually one of the deterrents to union, because the masculine is actually very hyper sensitive to criticism, just like the feminine..
Another sub product of narcissistic qualities, which because of the nature of healer’s upbringings, are often quite prevalent among them.

The knight of swords is a message from the masculine that comes in fast, and heavy, and this message is actually provided to both of them, so it may be projected as a mirror image, from one, to the other. This is a change of perception that arrives to us, clear communication that requires us to take fast action.. You cannot escape the nature of change that is coming, because it will permeate your thoughts.. You will be able to think about nothing else, other than the changes that need to be made.

Maybe the feminine holds an addiction to dramas, conflict, or even unfaithfulness, because of the changing nature of her emotion.. For the fearful masculine who abhors abandonment, any notion of erratic motion can be alarming..Causing retreat.

The strength card is the feminine gaining responsibility over herself, and her emotions. Taming her ego self, and the ‘catty’ nature of herself, is something that she does effortlessly, once she learns to relax into her heart space.. Forgiveness of herself, forgiveness of others, and understanding of the dual nature of existence.. Life will have ups, and life will have downs, and no amount of lashing out, or attempts of control will bring change to any of this.. We have to embrace this, and attempt to work WITH it.

Happy healing, my sacred beings |

Numerology report. 2016, year of the number 9, and spiritual advancement.

What separates the number 9 from some of the other numbers? Authenticity.

The number 9 is what a lot may refer to as the number of integrity, when the 9 is living in truth that it, otherwise the number 9 is quite bitter and unpleasant. For this reason, this year must be entirely about living in your truth, whether this means spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically, this is the year that any falsity, and lack of resonance will feel, and even prove painful.
This is especially vital for those who have remained silent for a large portion of their lives, lack of expression, timidity, loss of direction, throat chakra in-activation or otherwise, which tends to relate to empaths, old souls, and those who identify with being highly sensitive.
This year is all about remodelling the narrative of you being the meek, passive backgrounder who always gets passed by, and always misses out on the best opportunities. You will re-write this script successfully, with the self actualising energy of the number 9, who is truly, a natural born leader – to the right audience!

Famous revolutionary, and prominent, spiritual activist, life path 9, Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley.
Numerologically speaking, we are in the year of completion, resolution + wholeness (2+0+1+6) = 9. One of the most spiritually tuned numbers.
Isn’t that beautiful? Last year knocked us out with all of the fluttering and stuttering!
Last year, the numerological sum of the number 8, was all about spiritual growth through hardship, financial progress, and determination. Last year was very much about sacred unions also, as 8 takes the same form of the infinity symbol. Longevity, was the ultimate goal, and establishing independence from restrictive regimes.
This year, is all about tying up the loose ends – ‘nearly there now’, and reaping the rewards of hard earned work. Coming home, to you. To reach the number 9, and enjoy the intensity of its fruits however, requires patience, and cultivation of 3 (creativity) and 6 compassion.
#lifepath9 will do well to integrate both creativity and service to humanity if they are to live in harmony, and gain financial advancement. When self serving and bitter about past occurrences, the number 9 will remain stagnant, ungrateful, and will not receive its rightful blessing.
If willing to leave the past behind, and use painful experiences as motivation for human compassion and understanding, the 9 will prosper. There is great responsibility on the number 9, so for this reason, even in the early stages of this month, you may be feeling pressured, acknowledging that the heat is on, and you must remain more determined than ever. The expectancy upon this number can cause procrastination.
The number 9 is a test of faith, faith that inevitably breeds results. To whom much is given, much is required. The number 9 is also the spiritual channel. So seemingly spontaneous insights and realisations are to be kept, recognised as prophecy.
There is amazing energy, and opportunity now available for those who fully wish to step into the path to do so..
Was there a lot of death around you last year? This is really typical before rebirth processes, it welcomes detachment into our awareness.
And is also symbolic of the transformation we ourselves are undergoing. There is also no greater spiritual awakening than losing a loved one.


© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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