General Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; My karma, and I. A new start to the year..


Main theme – Justice, Surrounding cards – Queen of pentacles, Page of pentacles, King of wands, Two of swords.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

Happy new year my darlings! First  of all, I would just like to state what a wonderful journey it has been with you all since I first started doing these readings last year. They actually just started off as something that I was trying out, so I am absolutely ecstatic that they took off in this way and were so successful! I hope you guys receive as much joy reading them, as I do writing them..  

 I had a few unfortunate incidences last week, and I ended up losing the work that I did for the weekly, and twin flame weekly reading, so this weeks reading covers two weeks worth of energy, which I still feel is pretty accurate, because no themes, or experiences are confined within a weeks space only, the same themes, and energies tend to follow us into the next week, and sometimes even into the next month. There is no strict or linear time line on this..

So, it has been a very crazy time.. A lot has been happening personally in my own life, in terms of lines that I have drawn in the sand, and targets that I have set for my own personal well being. The holidays are quite a strange time, I mean there is the energy of happiness, and family, and joy, but because of Astrological placements, and the energy conjured in December, it can also be a time of intense philosophical thought, nostalgia, and even slight depression. BUT, with promise, it does appear that the energy already is getting lighter, and easier for us to work with. Many of us will need to recover from what I like to call, the holiday blues. Time spent with family that highlights to us some of the trauma, or karmic cycles that we have picked up, or have had to endure over time.. Which brings me onto the beauty of this weeks reading; the main theme, is karma.

The justice card is suggestive of heavy karmic work that arrives in at this time. Justice being a major arcana, suggests a period of transformation on a core level in our lives – a complete re-invention of the things that have remained injustice, out of balance, and out of alignment with our soul’s demands.. In legal terms, justice speaks of things going in your favour, winning a court case, or proving your innocence, so, in spiritual terms, this is highly similar.. Justice is that which serves an order of integrity, morality, or keeps the balance, and the principles of life intact. What is right? What is wrong? And how can we live by, and uphold our ideals about what is fair? How have we been unfair, abusive, or potentially sneaky, and avoidant?

The justice card arrives to highlight to us cycles, specifically repetitive cycles that speak of dysfunction.. ‘Old’ karma that appears almost like a trap, because you keep doing it over, and over, especially if a part of you, (your intuition), knows that what you are doing is not in alignment with who you truly are.. This tackles the false layers of self that we have built over time in order to protect our inner child, our inner bruises, or separate ourselves from painful truths. What we have not wanted to face, is brought up for acknowledgement, and it is up to us to be heroic at this time, and do what IS right, because there is quite a clear distinction. This is not about the shadow self, and the higher self, this is about plain and simple, what serves your best intentions, and does not diminish your responsibility to others, and the well being of others. 

Possibly, an issue or an incident that does not sit well with you draws your attention to areas that you have tried to ignore. You may even catch a glimpse of your former self in those moments. If you are non-pleased with what you see, it is important to forgive yourself, for the times that you did not know better. For the times that you were so out of touch with your intuition, that you let the darkness get the best of you.. That you did things that you regret. 

These cycles are not brought to your attention to shame you, but rather so that you can reconcile with yourself, and with others. Restoring balance, and order into your life is of the utmost important at this time, and rectifying old wrongs..The two of swords indicates that strength is needed at this time in order to make a vital decision. You may feel compromised, between your intuition, and your rational/logical thought, but a decision must be made if you are truly to get on track in terms of restoring balance into your life.. This decision may relate to cutting something out, or releasing something that no longer serves who you have come to be.. You may even notice that certain friends, or family members around you have been toxic, and you need to decide how best to handle this, so that it does not interfere with your own well being. This could be a decision that YOU need to make to walk away from something, or somebody, maybe temporarily, or maybe indefinitely.. You will have to see how the wind blows, but in conjunction with the justice card, it appears that this choice or decision that you must make will alter your life in a pretty major way… There’s something that you need to decide to be done with. This may relate to finally sticking up for yourself in some way, or by declaring self respect..

‘I am not going to do this anymore’ ‘I am not going to PUT UP with this anymore’, is the echoes of your soul at this time, and you need to stick to your convictions, or I promise, the same bullshit will keep happening.. You can forgive whoever you need to forgive, but if you go right back to  being the same with them, without having a conversation about what occurred, you will find that the same scenarios continue to unfold. If something is depriving you, then it is not up to that thing to remove itself from your life, it is up to you to modify where necessary, or remove it entirely. Life does not bend to your will. If you want change? CHANGE. This could point to something that you knew intuitively was bad, but you just chose to ignore it, like, ‘Well, it’s fun, so it doesn’t really matter’… Or, ‘Well, it’s not that bad.. ALL the time’.. Yeah, it is time to stop making excuses for poor behaviours, and injustice. You have been through enough to KNOW better now.. Use discernment, it is time to DO better..

The king of wands this week, is representative of a strong, and sturdy will power. Spiritually, you will need to level up, and tune your energy if you are really going to go after this change, and make modifications to your habits, and ways of doing. You need to know that you are deserving of change, in order to strike change, and the king of wands is that confident in himself – that his self love alone is a motivating factor. This is the inspiration for change.. When your energy boosts itself, naturally you attract things, and experiences of a higher vibration, but you need to let go of what is of a lower vibration first. You have to have a certain amount of BOSS energy to change your life. The willpower to say no, the strength to abstain, even when times get hard, or temptation is difficult. This type of energy is actually very specific in trying to come through for highly sensitive individuals, old soul healer types, empaths etc who spent most of their lives very shy, meek, or unsure of themselves. They may have hidden their talents, walked in their own shadows, maybe it was a result of being bullied, (even by family members potentially), that shut them down in this way.. BUT with the king of wands, you better get up and claim your throne.. Nobody is going to do it for you. You ARE strong, and you ARE capable, and so much self talk is encouraged this week, as you are building, and fighting against the negative voices of the former template. 

The page of pentacles touches directly on inner child issues, and this cross over that we are attempting to make. Perhaps the holidays, and time spent with your family triggered you negatively to regress. Regression in psychology talks about, going back to a former state of being that no longer represents you, when you are around specific people. So, this may be you now, in your adult form, as successful, and independent, but, when you are around your family, you morph back into this uncertain, and clumsy individual, despite all the work that you have done,  just because this fits an archetypal (routine) dynamic. We have to be very mindful of regression, because once it is over, we are likely to feel very wounded, or disappointed in ourselves because of it.

Break up with your negative family karma! You have seen life OUTSIDE of the template, never, ever forget that.. That gives you power.. Not saying you should stunt on your family  members who are still in the dark, but just remember, you do not have to subscribe to any experience that does not sit well with your wisdom. The page of pentacles is a message from your inner child about how you are going to create these new opportunities, and experiences for yourself. One step at a time is encouraged, in order to morph into the queen of pentacles eventually.. There may be a naivity, or an innocence present in y ou at this time, because you are not exactly certain of the steps that you are going to take to build this new reality, but you are ready, and willing to just go.. More than often? That is enough to start a fire! The page sees vision, so even if his fruits are far from manifest, it is okay.. Because, he is on his way to them. Think of yourself in this way. You are not there yet.. But you know how to work towards there..You know what ‘there’ looks like. There must be an implementation of new habits, that will eventually develop into patterns, this week.. We are all about working with PATTERNS, breaking some, and creating some new ones. 

What areas of your life do you need to change based upon recent awakening experiences? You do not need to start big. You do not need to be too dramatic about this change. This is not about grand new years resolutions that put you off in the first week because you have demanded too much of yourself. The smaller steps do add up. Do not let anybody tell you that they do not, or will not.. You just tackle them first! The page of pentacles shows determination to take something small, and invest it, until it potentially becomes self producing.. If you do something for long enough, it becomes a habit.. You do it almost without thinking about it.It is all about getting started.. We often procrastinate because we are afraid of failing. But..Imagine if there was no such thing as failure? Only practice.. 

I encourage a lot of inner dialect with the inner child this week.. Ask you what mini you wants?How value can be brought to the adult self now. The queen of pentacles, like the king of wands, describes standing in your power, and trusting your worth to bring you value in multiple areas. This is an individual who is creative, successful, and grounded, as the colour red represents the root chakra – our sense of safety, the antithesis of anxiety – the conquering of our obstacles! 

What marked your childhood experiences? Did you not like your walk? Well… Work on developing a more confident walk, who will ever know?

Were you teased for being over weight? Sign up to the gym, begin running every morning, and transform that memory within yourself..  Newness IS promised, but the level, and impact of change is dependent on the work that you are willing to do.

With the information that you have acquired, especially through your triggers, you should be almost unstoppable at this point. Alot of feminine energies, are learning to balance their inner masculine side, going after what they want, not being afraid, nor confined by judgement, or persecution consciousness.  With the king of wands, a lot of masculine energies are connecting with their feminine side by finding spiritual strength – God speaking through them, (think of a Sagittarius man – very philosophical, and aware), literally LIT on fire, with knowledge through channeling. 


Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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