Twin Flames (Divine lovers) Weekly Reading 26th December-8th January 2017; Ambitions to be free, financial contemplation, and spirit elevation.


Main theme – 9 of pentacles, What is occurring for both twins – 2 of cups, Masculine – Justice, Two of swords, Two of pentacles, Feminine -Knight of pentacles, The star, Eight of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 26th – 8 -8 – The number 8 in numerology is representative of karma, and recognising karmic cycles in order to abolish them. Where the number 8 appears, we are asked to consider how we have been living, and what we have been manifesting. Abundance, business, financial success, and humanitarianism also governs this number. 

The of pentacles relates to the feeling of satisfaction that we experience when we have successfully manifested our goals, and can physically see the evidence of our efforts around us. The focus, these two weeks for both twins, lies with making things work for them, bending the flow of the universe, and their own energies, in order to receive the results that they want.. This is a highly potent time to manifest, and there is a lot at stake here, so both twins are likely to be consumed with making it happen… The process of putting in the hard work, and doing things differently, ie doing things right are presented to them both this week.. 

This is a very similar energy to the magician card  – how can they reap the benefits of the work that they are doing? Truly, they have both been putting in a lot of work to create the world that they would like to see, and many of them may be wondering  – okay – so, where are my results?Your results this week, lie with your ability to achieve, attain, and maintain balance.. It is not enough to put in the work from one angle alone. Coming up with the ideas, but not seeing them through, is futile… Chasing after money, without adding creative ideas, or avenues to attract this money, will only get you so far.. This is where the two of cups comes in.. You may wonder, what does money have to do with love? Well – a lot actually, seeing as they BOTH have to do with our self worth. The two of cups, is the kind of balance that both twins need to establish, if they are to have healthy relationships.. This is not about blaming, either the masculine, or the feminine, because they both have roles to play in terms of why their love has not been harmonious in the past. You need a balanced approach, and a balanced life style, in order to have balance, in any other area of your life. 

I feel like a lot of twins have family  karma that is tied into not having enough time, not making the most out of their time, OR feeling as if they are lacking – all of these themes will be presented in order to be tackled by both twins this week.. Especially, the masculine in regards to having time, and having enough. There is a lot that is open to you at this time, so you have to act wisely in tying up the loose ends. What have you learnt about yourself recently? About your energy? About how you operate, that could help you to break this so called spell of bad luck that you once believed yourself to be under? The 9 of pentacles is joy once our dreams have not only been realised, but have been pulled into our reality. What can you do to ensure that this is an approaching reality for you?

Both twins may feel strained as it appears that, the more that is open to you, the more that you are against the clock to make improvements to your life. You need to start already living like you have the life that you desire, as this will wire your brain to be grateful, and to already exist AHEAD of time. Beat time… Now’s your chance. Look out for signs, symbols, and messages that alert you about your work, either let you know you are going in the right direction, or serve as a warning about what is to come if you continue in the direction that you are heading in..

The inner balance of the 2 of cups asks us to work on learning how to be the divine masculine, and the divine feminine. Imbalance is toxic – anyway around. Too much negative energy? Too much feminine energy? Both can do some serious damage, in terms of being abusive. The masculine is asked to be more open to his creative, and intuitive side, as this will ensure that his ideas in terms of gaining finance are ever flowing, and abundant, as depicted by the infinity symbol present in the two of pentacles. He needs to make better decisions in terms of how he attracts his money, and how he maintains balance with multiple things in his life. The feminine is prone to multi tasking, and not really choosing one specific avenue, but the masculine, tends to focus on one area of his life, and neglect other areas that require his attention. His lesson..Is in trying to incorporate room for more, without over extending himself. 

The knight of pentacles describes the feminine attempting to balance her masculine energies in the RIGHT way this week. She appears to be turning away from the masculine, as he learns the lessons that he needs to learn with the justice card. A part of her realises that she cannot stir, or speed up his awakening process in anyway, and she needs to focus on watering her own garden.. He is going through a process, but that honestly is not your business right now. Your BUSINESS, is your business right now.. What are you doing to make sure that your goals are not only a thought in your mind but are becoming a reality manifest around you? Spirit asks.. How are you working towards making your vision a reality? And is movement being made? Or are you just standing still, lost in time, waiting – waiting for the masculine, and claiming that you have ‘no time’.  She spent so long waiting for the masculine to level up, that she forgot that she isn’t all that perfect herself, and really does need to level up in some areas still.. Including her relationship to the physical world. Let spirituality serve you physically. Put your imagination to paper. 

The feminine this week, must focus on her inner masculine, and this will manifest as the men that are around her, or the men that she is drawn to at this time, platonic, or otherwise. This will tell her everything that she needs to know about the relationship with her own inner masculine. Is she drawn to men who are broke? (Financially), or broken, (Spiritually)?

The star card arrives to remind the feminine to have hope, even though times, and situations may appear difficult at certain stages of this week. There is a light being shone on darkness, so it may appear at times that there is nothing but darkness, but she needs to learn how not to dwell on the negative – BALANCE, because excessive negativity is one of the things that drives lovers away, including the divine masculine himself… Focus on positive visualisation.. Divine guidance is present at this time, watching over these events, so any isolation, or abandonment that she feels, is merely to do with old karmic propaganda. She needs to remain focused on her work, which is, about nourishing herself, and giving back to herself. Be very weary of falling into negative patterns, and traps of thought, because right now, you’re attempting to break free, which means that things will tempt you, and tempt your spirit…. It’s a trying time.. The eight of cups describes this period of emotional battle against her triggers…

The eight of cups sees the feminine moving on from the old ways, and old habits, in search of a higher, better truth. She is being more direct in terms of what she wants, and what she does not want, and anything that attempts to pull her into old cycles, she will be drawn away from. She is likely to run a mile from anything that triggers her this week to act in a way that she truly is done with. There is a determination here to turn her back on alot of things, as she comes into profound realisations about these things. 

Some feminine twins may be walking away from the masculine, or it could appear this way, whether temporarily, or indefinitely because they may be witnessing him juggling with his shadow self, and higher self, and no longer be interested in waiting around for one side to win..  She has a battle of her own, and this takes precedence. She is walking away from co-dependent habits, repetitive cycles, and negative self talk. She thinks, ‘I need to find me. I need – to DEFINE me’. 

With the justice card, the masculine experiences some heavy karmic release, and realisation this week. He may be going through a tough time, or a situation that places him on a fast track level to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional maturity. This is really for his own benefit, though he may not really see it that way, or feel that way whilst it is happening.. The two of swords is about the pivotal point that he reaches in which he must make some kind of decision that will effect this next stage of his life.. This could be a decision that relates to choosing one partner, over the other, especially if the divine feminine is not the only woman in his life. There is something that he must put right, especially as ideas about morality, and karma become more clear to him by the day.. Getting in touch with his intuition could be urging him to make a decision that his logical mind has been putting off for a while. In some ways, he’s been quite relaxed with his awakening, and this could be the wake up call that he needs.. 

The two of pentacles could describe him trying to juggle things, and keep up with demands that are just not working out. He could be realising this week that a lot of the things that he puts efforts into are actually draining him of vital time, energy, and resources, and he needs to level up, ONCE again, if he is to manifest the 9 of pentacles in his life. It could be his attachment to his old world, and his new world that he juggles, and struggles to find balance with this week. Spirit asks that he makes a decision. He cannot dabble in between two worlds any longer, a clear path is being laid out for him, and he must either take it, or stay confined to the old ways of being… Which actually, are weighing heavily on his spirit, because he is much more in touch with spirit now. When the truth hits you, you cannot hide. Indecision, or procrastination will not make the problems simmer down, or go away.. Something may need to be released, or abandoned, as something else is realised.  He is going through this back, and fourth, as some fears about fully stepping into 5D are still present. 5th dimensional thinking requires that you fully take responsibility for yourself, and the karma that you are creating, and it is not for the faint hearted, or those who avoid responsibility..

He knows on some level that fully stepping into 5D, or letting go of certain things will drag his edges all the way… Confrontation of the past self, confrontation of the shadow self, and confrontation of one’s own limitations are ALL themes relevant to him at this time. The energy may seem harsh for the masculine right now, because nobody likes to face their darkness, BUT remember that in all darkness, light is able to penetrate. The light of knowledge will set him free, if he wills for this eternal cycle of not having enough, yet having too much to do, to come to an end. This could also relate to his decisions about ways that he makes money.. Perhaps, there is some illegal activity involved in one of the ways that he currently makes money, and as morality becomes more of a theme for him, he will decide whether he can still carry on this way.. And if he is to drop one of his ways of income, what does this mean for him then? How will he fill his time? Perhaps the fear of time is tied into his fear of not wanting to be still enough, for all of his thoughts to take over..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

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