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Greetings my enchiladees! The time has come again.. Every now and then, I give you all on my wordpress a preview of the absolutely happening fun that is happening over on my facebook page, (Hehe). If you did not already know, OR if the twin flame weekly readings are just not enough to quench your twin flame thirst.. Every day, or every two days over on my facebook page, I deliver a daily reading.. For you to check in with yourself, and your progress through the day, as opposed to waiting a whole week to truly understand what may be going on for you..

So, without any further ado, here are the readings from the past 4 days.. I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy them.. The weekly should be up tomorrow, but until then, join our facebook page for regular updates

Twin Flame *DAILY* 8th-9th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – Justice, Masculine – Three of pentacles, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – 7 of cups, Feminine – Queen of swords, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – King of pentacles.

The main theme presenting itself as the justice card, speaks of more karmic wiring, and re-wiring that currently occurs for us at this time. Putting our foot down on habits, and behaviours that have been cyclical in our lifes, as we recognise patterns with a heightened perspective.. Our ability to see errors in our past, coupled with our desire to make changes is indicative of the process of ascension that is occuring; that is, the ability to view ourselves from a somewhat detached perspective.. It is usually attachment to our ego that deters us from viewing things as they are, as we would rather sugarcoat things, and play it safe..

The justice card obliterates the part of the ego that always needs to be right, therefore challenging the soul to shine through, and strive for better.. And that is exactly what the soul does as it calls for some order, and change, to the things that have failed to change, over time..

The three of pentacles shows the masculine becoming more fluid, and flexible in his dealing with others. Perhaps before, he was a little selfish – a byproduct of poverty consciousness, fearing that for some reason he does not have enough, so he must keep all that he has to himself.. He is learning how to trust others more, open up to them a little bit, and the benefits of sharing with others, and existing as apart of a community… Maybe this is a shared project that he is working on, work, and finances improving for him because he is willing to listen to other ideas.

Maybe he is actually working FOR somebody else, stepping into his role, as a healer, or somebody who works for many to reap the benefits – not just himself.

The energy that he projects to the feminine describes procrastination, and fear of making the wrong decision. He spends a lot of time day dreaming, about what is possible for him, all the steps ahead of him, and the different avenues that he can take on his step to happiness. He recognises now just how hard the hand of karma can come down, and he is very, very cautious of either making the wrong move, or choosing an option that will end up doing him more harm than good..
he is likely thinking about the future, and how his life will turn out if he takes the option of being with his twin, vs being with somebody else..Many different realities are presented to him at this time, and though they all appear sparkly, and bright, he knows that not every single one of them is what they seem… He could be prone getting caught up in his emotions, so there is definitely a fear here of him possibly being illogical. In some ways, he is unsure if his union with the feminine is another part of his day dreams, but little does he know.. She also day dreams of him..

The queen of swords indicates the feminine balancing her masculine side – logic, and a fixed standpoint… Contrary to the 7 of cups, she is trying to be more rigid, to take form, as opposed to being wishy/washy, confused, or going back and fourth between fear, and knowing what she wants..She attempts to take control of her mental state, her often chaotic thoughts, and be focused on what it is that she needs to accomplish. Discipline is a major factor for her at this time, both for her, and her masculine.. There is an emerging sense that even if she is yearning to be in his arms, she will not portray this outward, because she knows that babying him, or falling to his demands always leads to the same old story..

The king of pentacles as the energy that she projects shows her holding up an image of what she requires from the masculine at this time. Maturity, self determination, and self responsibility are what she views in an ideal partner.. In the past, she was willing to settle for the masculine, even if he did not necessarily fit into the ideals of what she thought a self reliant individual was, she was willing to look past this, and potentially compromise her own satisfaction. NOW, the tables are flipping.. I mean seriously changing, if he wants things to be harmonious, then he definitely does need to sharpen up in some areas… Grow selfless, be more reliable..

Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading 10th-11th January 2017.
Main theme//Unified energy – 6 of pentacles, Masculine – The tower, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – The moon, Feminine – Three of wands, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – Queen of pentacles.

The 6 of pentacles is representative of a much needed balance, give and take, ebb and flow that is working itself into the inner workings of both twins.. This manifests in quite different ways.. Though the feminine is also learning how to be more of a giver, what she is most importantly learning, is how to receive..How to let others love her, and help her, and how to accept these blessings without feeling guilty… She once compromised herself from receiving good things; partially because she subconsciously believed that she did not deserve them, but also because she was closed off to them.. Because she was so harsh and judgmental of herself, even when something good was coming her way, she would find a way to deny it, or suggest that it was not what it really appeared to be.

The masculine, is learning about how to be more of a skilled giver. This is the antithesis of narcissism, or selfishness.. He is learning about the value of giving to others, and treating others with a certain level of equality, and importance, so that, they return the same to him.. This is them both learning about their shared responsibility as humans. What you put out, you will inevitably get back.. So keep an eye on the back, and fourth that you create!

The tower card speaks of destruction, destruction of the ego, and change being introduced to our lives in a swift way.. When the tower card creeps up on us, we were either holding on too tightly to our old lives, or living in a state of repetitive outdated cycles. The tower tears everything apart, because the foundation on which it was built upon was shaky to begin with.
He could be losing friends, or a heart piercing situation could be shattering his ego.. This kind of transformation feels quite chaotic, and messy.. But he is likely coming into the realisation of WHY this happened.. In learning to treat people better, he can build a new world from the rubble that the tower leaves in our lives.

The moon card projected to the feminine, is all about the subconscious messages and symbols that he receives from her, reflected BACK at her.. There is a full moon looming over us in the coming days, and the effects of this are actually very potent to him at this time, more so than the feminine.. This is because, he is stepping into the feminines shoes, of feeling, and having revelations brought upon him.. He may be communicating his feelings, fears, thoughts, or emotions to the feminine through dreams, and she should be very conscious at this time of the dreams that she receives… If any feminine wishes to decode their dreams, and do not understand what they represent, please send me an email at, to book a dream interpretation reading..

The three of wands shows the feminine at the next stage of development.. She too has experienced the drama of the tower card in her life, but, she moves away from the chaos, and sails to new lands.. Expansion, of the spirit, the mind, and the body call out to her, and she responds.. Spirit has worked very hard to get her here, and most importantly, she has worked very hard to know that she is worthy of being here.. This is about stepping into new shoes, not being afraid to venture into the unknown, and trusting herself to do things that she has never done before..

The queen of pentacles is a sense of power and self worth. The feminine says to the masculine, telepathically – ‘I now KNOW my worth, and nothing can take that away from me’.. Even if she burns for him inside, she will turn this fire into the fire that births nations.. She will channel it into her creativity, she will use it to further herself, and push herself towards her dreams..Because she knows that the thing of worth that she holds, is herself.. She no longer wants to be short changed. This is her deciding what she deserves, and what she will tolerate.. Not giving her power away to anybody, not even the masculine. This is a command of respect, and a bold one at that… Hunny, you never chase a man.. He is a hunter by nature, and he will hunt for what he wants.. All you need to do, is be open to his invitation. You have walked a HELL of a long way.. Let him walk the rest.. And meet you, at that mid point.. Some feminines may very well be receiving a message from their masculine in the coming days, he could notice the shift in energy and attentions away from him, as she focuses on herself..

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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