TwinFlame – What is the truth of this mission?

Good morning my angels 🙏🏽💞✨🔮

Today, I was guided to share with you a message – about appreciating, & honouring the twin flame dynamic for what it is. Yes, in many ways, this is a union, but before it is anything external, it is at best, a sacred internal Union – a marriage of you, who you are, as you are… Guided by the divine. Not only is this a marriage of your shadow self, & your higher self… But it is a marriage of your wounded, scarred childhood self, & the potentiality of all that you can become in your conscious adult body… Not all are chosen for this path, because not all are wounded, because not alls destiny is dependent upon how quickly & how well they can heal.. Yes, the romantic aspect of the twin flame Union is entirely beautiful, & transformational.. But never forget what this also offers you – a fast track to healing! Look at all that you went through through meeting your twin, loving them, & then losing them. What other experience would have put you on such a steady path to self realisation, healing, recognition of your limitations, & the desire to perform alchemy//miracles on yourself?

It was this very Union that shone a light on what it meant to be loved, what it meant to give love, & what it meant to BE love. So, even in the hours that you condemn this experience, that you judge it for its hardships, for the pain that it has dug up.. Never forget the great lengths that it has led you to.


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