Twin Flame Weekly Reading 16th-22nd January; Plenty of exits, and many happy returns..


Main theme, (8 of cups),What is occurring for both twins – Queen of pentacles, Masculine – Queen of wands, 9 of cups, The high priestess, Feminine  – Ace of wands, 5 of cups, Page of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 16th 1 – new beginnings, inspirational energy, action, drive, determination//6 – care giving, family, community, healing, inner child work (6+1) a new beginning for the family =  (7) – Lessons learnt through hardship, enhanced perception//intuition//harnessing the mind of God-22nd – The MASTER builder, working on establishing solid firm foundations, using creativity to bridge a gap between self, and others.

{The terms masculine & feminine refer to energetic templates, and do not necessarily limit themselves to gender assignment, or sexual orientation}

The 8 of cups this week represents both twins transition, from a lower state of mind, to a higher state of consciousness.  Many lessons have been learnt over the course of the past several months leading up to the new year, being particularly intensified in the last weeks of December, and finally, they are now ready to lay the past to rest, and embark on the new path that lies before them. The 8 of cups is all about moving on, leaving the past behind, and making a decision based on your recent experiences to introduce some changes into your life. Remember, with the 7 of cups opportunities were being presented, by many of them were not what they seemed, and the others were simply lessons that were being offered to us, in order for us to choose an avenue, to choose a destiny.. The 8 of cups represents the choice that we have made, and our desire to move into that new direction, non-restricted, recognising that the old ways have nothing much left to offer us. A recognition of the habits, behaviours, beliefs, and actions that led to our set back causes us to seek new heights this week, and to make a conscious effort to integrate this sense of awareness into our day to day lives. As the number 8 represents karma, and infinity, we have witnessed the power of the effects of our karma, of cause, and effect, how our actions, and our subconscious patterns create our destiny, and now – both twins are ready to create a new destiny..

There is a lot of moving on from karmic situations, perhaps friendships that are no longer serving, or karmic attachments/soul mate contracts that were tied into a previous, non developed version of ourselves. Many of those persons, and situations that they both move on from this week were actually blocks to their union, so this does suggest that contact is made, and when it is made, there is the desire to resolve any past tension or conflict.. For the twins who do get into contact this week, there is a clean slate presented here. The forces that were previously at work keeping them restricted no longer have so much power over them, and they can see clearer than ever. The masculine may have made his choice after deciding that his behaviours were not a result of what he wanted, but of what his societal programming, or subconscious programming told him to do. He has a much greater awareness of himself now, with the high priestess, which points to a heightened sense of intuition. listening more to his inner voice, means listening less to his ego voice. He is integrating his higher self, with his lower self – sacred alchemy, and seeing the feminine in a new light.

The masculine could also be healing a lot of issues that he has with women, in particular his mother. His abandonment consciousness may have arose from a sense that his mother was abandoning him, and instead trying to gain his fathers attentions – or another man for that matter. His dismissive attitude of the feminine may have been born through this, and through watching his father be emotionally absent, and mentally distant. He now realises, what an unhealthy response this is.

The queen of pentacles represents the feminine taking center stage in this weeks reading, and this is also highlighted by the presence of 3 prominent feminine figures – the queen of wands, the high priestess, and this queen of pentacles. The feminine has come such a long way, and has done so much to preserve herself, and move herself away from victim consciousness. Financially, she no longer wants to be associated with the traits of poverty consciousness – lack, feeling as if she does not have enough, feeling as if she is not enough, and giving away her power, and she makes a conscious effort to challenge these theories about herself, and it shows in her new found position of power. The masculine appears to be looking over at her, also in awe of how far she has come, and who she has become. She has unlocked the keys to success, all whilst managing to stay graceful, feminine, nurturing, and caring. Her balance is incomparable.. I feel the sense that their separation may have taken place initially when she did not have very much going for herself, and could have been unintentionally parasitic as a result of this. Nobody can love somebody who does not love themselves, for even if this individual tries, the one who sees themselves as unlovable will reject their efforts, and make them the center of their insecure universe – placing far too much restriction, and responsibility upon them.

The queen of wands speaks of the masculine being drawn to the feminine, and her light this week. He may feel an intense surge of sexual energy towards her, because she is owning her sexual power, and not afraid to shine a light on the gifts that she possesses. Her creative energy manifests to him as sexual energy, as he recognises how abundant she is, and how everything that she touches seems to turn to gold.. He too, wishes to turn into this gold, through her, and he may be recognising that much of his transition is somehow sparked, or triggered by her.. Perhaps it is her words that he remembers that kept him above waters in times of doubt, it could be her unwavering love for him, and her belief in him, but he is showing some gratitude this week, and also displays the desire to pay her back for her efforts some how, in attention, or confirmation.

She has a very powerful presence this week, and persona, so it is no wonder that he has found himself caught in her glare. He sees exactly what she is doing, and creating – true alchemy, and he wants some of that potion! She has come out of a very dark period, and because she chooses to focus on herself, and gift to herself, he knows that she knows her worth, and he can see her worth even more clearly. Remember, she shows him the path. If she cannot see her worth, how shall he see it? How shall he even see his own? The ace of wands on her side is also the wand of magic that she yields in the image as the queen of wands. Her spirit is taking on a trans-formative process, even though she may not even understand the extent to which this is happening. A new path is burning through her old one, and her strength, and conviction to herself is paying off in a major way… The 9 of cups is the masculine pondering his dreams coming true. What is his dream? His dream is to be with the divine feminine, and to have financial success.. So he works, chips away, and crafts his little craft, putting in extra work, and late night hours to make his hopes, and wishes a reality.. The universe offers him to his surprise, an opportunity to make this happen.

Perhaps he feared that the feminine would not be there on his return, that the feminine no longer loved him, and the most high shows him that this is in-fact untrue, causing him to also challenge perceptions about himself as being unlovable. He simply had to make the journey forward, the journey that he has been putting off for weeks.. The high priestess indicates that he could no longer ignore the signs, dreams, and urges. This powerful woman was revealing herself to him in a very powerful way.. A growing connection with his intuition, and third eye means that he can almost feel the feminine everywhere that he goes, and in everything that he does.. His intuition is definitely growing stronger, and this may scare him, but it can also bring him closer to achieving what he wants, if he pays attention to the ideas, and pointers that he is getting at this time.. He grows more powerful as she does.. He could be getting more in touch with a creative side of himself, allowing him more freedom to express who he is.. Previously, he could have worried too much about societal perception, or strict ideas about what it means to be masculine, about what it means to be a man, now – there is  a strength about him that is not so concerned with pack mentality.

The 5 of cups is the fear of change presented for the feminine this week.. When the masculine returns to her, it may be that she simply feels this is too good to be true. The trick, is to remain present. Remember all that she has learnt, and to stay steady on the path, unwavering, even though yes – this is a HUGE break through. The page of pentacles stays dedicated regardless. You have a mission, and you had all these things to do whilst you were waiting for him to contact you, do not lose your head and abandon them now.. Remember,  it is your duty to remain at queen status, so there are minor details that the page will have to keep up with in order to preserve this role. Your work is not done yet, though you are excited about the final result, it is the process of creation that is the most important.. She may find herself thinking this week about what she has lost, as she creates a new. Typical of the feminine – she needs to look back one last time to make sense of what has happened. Something that is no more. Perhaps a karmic attachment who was keeping her warm whilst the masculine was away, and now he returns, she does not really know what to do. Maybe she cares about both individuals in the picture, and is very conscious of not hurting anybody, or exhibiting selfish/narcissistic behaviours. 

The page of pentacles represents the feminines pride in the lessons, and the work that she has integrated since their separation. She says, ‘Look! Look what I have now. Look what I have achieved, look what I am becoming’, and she is not shy about showing him that she has learnt so much, including indepdendence. The queen of pentacles is the woman who has learnt how to be a wife, a mother, and a woman,  as these are three different rights of passage that are not necessarily inter-linked. To the masculine, he cannot think of anybody else who would be the perfect fit to sit, throne by throne with him, when he becomes the king of pentacles. The queen of wands shows her fiery passionate nature, maybe she is a fire sign – or she has a lot of energy bursting out of her, but she has learnt how to use this to the best of her advantage, much to the relief of the masculine, who didn’t really want to be at the receiving end of her backlash – which he once was! She knows how to take care of all of those who require taking care of, whilst still looking after herself, and not neglecting her responsibilities. This is a woman who is fully conscious, and can add more than she takes away from somebody’s life.. The high priestess shows the different ways that the masculine envisions her. Her sense of security, pride, and independence is not harsh, malicious, or stand-offish, there is still a purity about her that is receptive, receiving of messages, and welcoming. She knew that he was coming to deliver a message. He knew that she knew.

Change is still a scary concept to the feminine this week, and she gets to view things from the masculines point of view. Remember when she handed everything to him on a plate, and he seemed scared of it? He seemed intimidated? He seemed to back away? Well, this is because, when your deepest wish is handed to you, like the 9 of cups suggests, you tend to automatically think ahead, to a day where you may have to give it up, or to the past, to a time where it caused you some pain.. Do not worry too much about the ins, and outs of this… Enjoy it for what it is. A lot of change is currently present, and it is change for the better, but you have to remain conscious in it, not to get taken away on a wave of emotion. As you move away from your old world, you may witness a lot of concepts crumbling, things you once enjoyed, ideas you once clung to, and although this is scary, it is also very beautiful.

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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