General Weekly Reading – 23rd-29th January 2017; Clarity, restoration, and conviction.


Main theme, (The chariot), 8 of pentacles, King of pentacles, King of swords, Justice.

Numerological break down calculation – 23 (5) – Change, transition, death//rebirth, freedom, adventure, travel, liberation – 29 (11) – Spiritual awakening, lessons learned through hardship, illumination, new beginnings, balance.

With two powerful Kings appearing in the reading this week, it appears that our desire to take charge, and to claim ownership over our lives, and ourselves is a central focus. The chariot existing as the main theme indicates our trail blazing nature this week. If there are targets that must be met, things that must be accomplished, and areas that are to be addressed, then this is the week that we are taking no prisoners. The breaks have come off. Whether we have torn them off, or the universe has had them removed abruptly, and the only thing that we can do, is to keep going.

There is the sense that life is introducing so much into our path right now, in order to motivate us to find healthier or more efficient ways of navigating.. Gone are the days when we would look at our challenges as obstacles that we cannot overcome. There is a growing sense of passion, and purpose. Even the things that attempt to throw us off, have something to teach us. And with the presence of the Justice card, we are truly learning to appreciate, and integrate that which appears to not be in our favour, but actually, is working in the grand scheme, for our highest good. There is a lot of endings happening at this time, and we are calling time on situations that have been depleting our life force. With the king of swords, we desperately seek clarity right now.. We truly want to know what direction our life is going in, and what is happening, in order for us to be active participants in the flow of our journey, so many of us may be quitting addictive behaviours, in order to be more mentally aware, and alert.

The chariot can relate to entrances, but also exists.. So, expect people to be making some fairly swift decisions at this time. If you have been thinking of leaving somebody in the past, who may be toxic, or who may be deterring you in some way from forward movement, then this week, something clicks in you to make that move, and make it pretty quickly. There is an emerging knowledge of just how much impact the energy of those around us has on our path, and for this reason, so many of us are no longer willing to put up with energy that does not feel authentic. Alternatively, if you have been pondering whether to make contact with somebody, then there is a clarity that shines through this week about you going forward with your plans. You could feel as if there is no longer any time to waste. Perhaps you feel as if you have wasted enough time, and you are ready to put a dent in destiny. Who says that you should wait around for fate to make decisions? This week is all about putting the work in, and seeing the produce of your results.

Very masculine energy is available, and up for grabs this week, which puts a spin on the heavily feminine energies that we experienced last week. There is a balancing act occurring in order for us to become clear about what we want. It is time to make moves towards our healing.. Time to start taking action, instead of just pondering decisions. 

Alot of work is put in this week, or dedicated to the thinking of what we are going to do about our future plans and goals. The 8 of pentacles, along with the king of pentacles is all about business establishment. There are plans that we may be going forward with at this time that we are sure will prove prosperous. We are willing to put the extra work in – perhaps there is more study dedicated to our craft, a desire to ensure that we are skilled in the areas that require our interest. The king of pentacles is somebody who is responsible with their power.. So, if this is a job, or a business in which we are handling the delicate affairs of others, then, we could be seeking to learn from the best, or observing others who are prominent in our field, so as to not disappoint those who come to us for service.

Expect much enthusiasm surrounding any future goals, aims, and ambitions. A growing determination means that we are willing to do now, what needs to be done. This is the essence of masculine energy.. Sometimes, we do not have the time to stop and ponder our emotions when work is required of us.. Though there are still heavy emotional energies, there are also duties, and responsibilities, and we are really driven by them this week! Because of all of the recent chaos in our lives with the breaking down of illusions, we are very aware that the universe can tend to drive you to areas that demand your attention. However, this week, it is all about using the knowledge from these areas to make progress. Past lessons have taught us what to do, what not to do, and how not to end up in bullshit situations. 

Power, knowledge of self, and self love is outlined with both the king of swords, and the king of pentacles here. These are two powerful figures who did not get where they are by believing that they are subservient to others in anyway. It is time for you to be bold about what you want. Not sit around and wait for it, but make it happen. Nothing is going to fall into your lap. Build, build, build. 

Things are truly put right this week. As we become clear on where we have been heading. 

Any lingering tasks are identified, and dealt with promptly. We really are not willing to put up with the same nonsense that we once were, and I think it is pretty telling that the 8 of pentacles is a number all about the success that we achieve when we commit, and dedicate ourselves to a task. Patience, and destiny are both large themes this week, and we may have to practice knowing when to act, and knowing when to observe our surroundings – to step back, and to assess when is actually the right time to move forward. Because the chariot is all about balance, and the justice card also rules balance, it appears that we are still working on integrating our masculine, and feminine side in order to give us the vision necessary to see out our plans. If we were once too masculine, then the feminine energies that are coming to us at this time are SO necessary to achieve internal satisfaction, and monetary gain..

Perhaps a dash of creative energy, along with the conviction necessary are BOTH needed to see us through.. If we were once too feminine, then the masculine energies arrive this week to tell us that some things need to a logical, or direct approach to ensure that we are not just being dragged along by life.

What have you decided that you are no longer going to entertain? What is it that you want? What fruits of labour do you see for yourself? Are you working towards making your desired future a reality? This week asks that you consider all of these things, because major life changes are occurring, and you must learn how to merge, and move with them, not allowing them to just  toss you to, and fro as they please.

Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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