Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading 25th-26th January..Follow our facebook for more!

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Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading January 25th-26th.
Main theme//Unified energy – 5 of pentacles, Masculine – Temperance, Feminine – Queen of wands, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – 3 of pentacles, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – 7 of swords.

With the main theme presenting itself as the 5 of pentacles, it appears that twin flames today are dealing with the feelings of lack. This could be energetic lack – recent events may have meant that they are a little low on energy because of everything that has been occurring. A lot of fast downloads, means moments of rigorous and intense energy bursts, followed by moments of low energy, and excessive tiredness.. Perhaps the inspiration to follow through with the dreams, or their over active minds at this time have meant that they are not getting much rest. With the masculine, it appears his lack of rest is to do with him trying to acquire finances. He may be doing this for the benefit of the union, hence projects to the feminine financial expansion. This may be his way of saying everything is going to be alright. He is attempting to adjust in a way that is pleasant, and fitting for all those involved. If he has children outside of the union, that he wants to ensure he has enough money to be able to take care of his duties, and also take care of his needs with the feminine.

Expansion is definitely at the core of his mind, and the core of his being. He tries to be more flexible at this time.. Whilst the 5 of pentacles is about knocking on a door that is not answered, the 3 of pentacles is coming together to create new doors, and new opportunities. So, he is dealing with his abandonment consciousness in a big way here..He is seeing a bigger picture now, and whatever troubles he has faced, he is beginning to think that they can work themselves out.

The 5 of pentacles is also associated with a lack of self worth.. Both twins are dealing with their fears about being abandoned, and being left out in the cold..This may be childhood fears, or fears about others taking from them, but not giving back. Temperance suggests that at this time, the masculine is lending himself heavily to spiritual pursuit, and spiritual salvation. He is becoming very mystical lately, and he recognises that this issue, is something that he must take up with a higher power. He may be meditating, or prayer especially at this time..Seeking more divine guidance about how to go on about this situation, and it does appear he is receiving the answers that he needs. This angel is offering him a new cup, an exchange of energies, likely his higher self, however, I feel that he will need to make some kind of trade//sacrifice, or otherwise, in order to receive this type of blessing that he is asking for.

The queen of wands is the feminine’s time of spiritual awakening, most specifically, spiritual awakening. In giving herself time to explore herself, and her own wounds, she finds even deeper truths at this time.. She is learning to accept what it feels like to feel engulfed; in pain, in loneliness, in uncertainty, and this level of vulnerability is actually giving her the power that s he needs. She is very inspired at this time because of how deeply she is digging.. Answers are found in the darkness, and in the subconscious mind, and they both seek their soul at this time, and do find it..
The seven of swords is all about sneaky, or avoidant behaviour. Perhaps the masculine reached out to the feminine, and he has not heard from her since. There is the sense that they are both holding off from one another whilst they work on their issues. If there was contact recently, then likely this triggered even more soul awakening.. The masculine could perceive that the feminine is hiding something, or that she does not want to fully face up to the situation now that he has returned.. She may be avoiding some areas that they discussed, but mainly, she is trying to deal with the realisation that she was not necessarily as far along on her healing journey as she may have once thought… Not to worry, an acceleration begins here.
Happy healing my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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