Twin Flames (Divine love) Weekly Reading – 23rd-29th January 2017; Confession, redemption, and Resurrection.


Main theme, (Knight of cups), What is occurring for both twins – Ace of cups, Masculine – The tower, 3 of wands, Page of wands, Feminine – 10 of pentacles, 5 of cups, 7 of pentacles. 

Numerological break down calculation – 23 (5) – Change, transition, death//rebirth, freedom, adventure, travel, liberation – 29 (11) – Spiritual awakening, lessons learned through hardship, illumination, new beginnings, balance.

{For the disclaimer, I would once again like to state that the terms masculine, and feminine energy speak of energetic embodiment, and are not necessarily relational to men, and women. Also, because of the merging processes, and awakenings that are occurring ,the lines between who is the feminine, and who is the masculine are becoming blurred, and they both may relate to and identify with each side. This is the beauty of twin flames, and this is what we have wanted, all along..}

The knight of cups, is like the card of redemption. See how the knight kneels before the cup, and light emanates from above, down onto his heart chakra. An intense awakening occurs for the masculine at this time, one that challenges him to become more aware of himself, his thoughts, his feelings, his emotions, and his knowledge of the spiritual aspects of reality… A crown chakra awakening is all about one’s conscious awareness expanding, this may be God consciousness making itself known to him, the balancing of masculine, and feminine energies, and his ability to fully understand which he did not formally perceive.. Understanding things with his THIRD eye, having new vision, information arriving to him without his conscious effort. He appears to just know things, and this takes us back to the high priestess card that was on his side last week.. This awakening that gives him a breath into the world of all that the feminine dwells in, is still happening within him. He has always been divine, as the divine masculine, but for a long time, he shut off his defenses to this side of himself, in order to be able to navigate in a world that he perceived to be cold, non-moving, and callous in itself – until he too became that way.

Last week was very much about the feminine, but this week, there is a strong focus on the masculine, and his awakening, and redemption process. Things are crumbling, and the masculine is being asked to re-build from a place of intuitive knowing. A lot of things have fallen apart for him recently, and he is ready, and willing to accept some fault for his actions. Karmic themes are playing a role for both he, and the feminine as they learn all about how decisions, and actions carry a weighted effect that we can not always take back. It is time for them both to use this new knowledge to transform their lives in a major way. Those who know better, do better.

His heart chakra is expanding, and he could be returning to the feminine this week in order to spill his guts, reveal his truth, and confess about some aspect of himself, or his being.. The three of wands is indicative of an individual who has set out on a journey, and is now returning. In the time of their separation, or perhaps even in his time of seclusion, he went in searches of some truths. He may not have known that his soul was searching for these truths, but what he was doing was collecting information, and gaining experiences that would expand his spirit, and his consciousness.. He set sail for voyage, and many experiences, a lot of them harsh, or eye opening have forced him to view things from a new perspective.. He returns with a message. He may be telling the feminine what he has gone through, or what he has been doing, and asks for her forgiveness, her blessing, her understanding. 

A more humbled version of himself is revealed as the tower shows his defenses crumbling down. The shaky, and uncertain foundations that he has built in his past, are falling to pieces. He could be telling the feminine about the transformation that he is experiencing, but he need not tell her, because she feels it too, she has always felt it, and she is actually going through the exact same.. Alot of his recognition, and epiphanies may be coming from the fact that he realises that he has hurt the feminine in some ways with his actions, as depicted by the 5 of cups on her side.. She seems to mourn something that is no more.. This is perhaps an energetic change. Because the feminine is so attuned to the flow of frequency, she can feel intuitively that something has died, that much has changed, and when the masculine does return, something about him is not the same. He has reached a peak of maturity, that much is certain, but the lengths in which he has had to travel to find this maturity may leave her with a bitter taste in her mouth. However, she will listen, and like water, she will yield to what it is that he is trying to show her.. The picture that he is trying to paint.

The ace of cups is new life, and new love.. Perhaps the masculine returns with news of a birthing of some sort.. He may have fathered a child himself, or he may be expecting a child. If this is the case, then the feminine can also take this time to view this as symbolic of his transition, and initiation. A birth can only occur when a death has happened. And he is in many ways transformed, as is the feminine – although there is still work to be done.

The ace of cups indicates a very intimate tone, and this is intimacy with the self. The cup of love that the masculine offers is very genuine, and authentic, and the feminine can feel this. Mass heart chakra awakening occurs in the form of Christ consciousness, and both twins may find themselves spontaneously bursting into tears, or feeling marveled, and simultaneously humbled by the grace of God’s love.. This is very much water energy, so if either twin is a water sign, then they will be  even more greatly impacted by these intense transformational energies. Spirit plays so heavily on the heart chakra at this time.. Both twins must expand so that their spiritual receptors are enhanced, along with their knowledge of what has kept them away from experiencing true love.. The realisations may not necessarily be easy this week, neither will be adjusting to the honest mirrors that are presented, but mourning is essential. They must mourn, and let go, and then draw closer to one another. 

The 5 of cups could also signify the feminine letting go of karmic attachments that have stood in the way of her, and the masculine’s union. ALOT is changing with the feminine this week, she is willing to let so many things go, including her own behaviours thoughts, and actions, but she mourns them as they leave because she realises all of the disturbance that they have caused.. In realising her set backs, she realises time that has been wasted, situations that have been sabotaged, times that were not as meaningful as she may have once thought. She is awakening to the reality that she is responsible for her own life now, and there is a sort of mourning of the inner child.. Although it is the wounded inner child, and not the tender part of herself.. That is still very much in existence!

Poetic energy is abundant, and fluent this week, and a great way for both twins to channel these intense emotions would be through creative work.. ESPECIALLY the feminine, as with the 10 of pentacles on her side, she could be creating some business opportunities for herself through the inspiration that she draws from this situation.

The ten of pentacles sees her projecting herself into her future. What will it look like? What will it consist of? She is reaching a pivotal stage of her life where she is ready to enter the next level of progression, and stability, and she does require a masculine counterpart for this. The question is, is her own masculine ready? Has he learnt enough from his travels? Or are there still power battles at play that stall time? She is VERY reluctant at this time to waste anymore time, and she could appear to share the energy of impatience, but what she really feels – is that she is ready to start living her life. She spent a lot of time in her mind, a lot of time with things on pause, and now she just wants to start creating. Re building, and structuring from the rubble that has been the loss, and the confusion of the former version of her who hardly knew herself. They are both starting to learn themselves, now that all of the false layers are coming off, and the shedding reveals their truest soul.

The ten of pentacles suggests that the feminine actually has everything that she wants in her life on her side this week, although she may not be open to seeing this, or may not see this because she is feeling the masculine’s spiritual awakening, and the intensities of it. He is going through a lot on his side, so although things are looking up for her financially, and her life is coming together in profound ways, she still may be looking over at the masculine thinking, ‘Is he okay?’ ‘Should I intervene in this?’ She is really fulfilled, and the picture of this perfect life that she has envisioned IS coming together, but there are still aspects of it that must be introduced, and perhaps this is why she looks to the masculine… There truly is a sense that he is not yet ready, although he has come so far, and with the 7 of pentacles this may just be true..

The 7 of pentacles is a period of patience, waiting, and observing.. I feel as if the time is NOT yet right. Yes, indeed they both have come along way, but there is still work that needs to be done on both sides, and a lot of this is to do with financial work, and facing poverty consciousness.. The feminine could be right in feeling that it is not yet time to have this dream union that she has envisioned, or that it is not yet time to reach out to the masculine. She may be battling herself back, and fourth. She does not want to do the work for him this week, but she does feel the need to console him. So what is to be done? She needs to surrender to the feeling of feeling vulnerable, and powerless, as these are where most of her defenses lie..

She cannot jump in and save the masculine, she cannot force him to be ready if he is not, she cannot substitute her own self work by attempting to run to him, and experience a love still not in its full stages of development.. In this period, much spiritual work is being done, many lessons being learnt, and it is important for us to watch over what we are creating… Almost as if we step outside of ourselves to observe our lives, this is the only way that we can change our patterns. It is not a time for the feminine to act.. Things are still coming together, and the page of wands suggests that the masculine IS coming with his message, and he IS building confidence with this more passionate version of himself, but he needs to address his own issues this week.

There is a lot that he needs to express, but he is still dealing with the blockages from that expression. Perhaps he worries about how his expression will come out. He is very intense, and he is cautious about not coming on too strong, or not appearing forceful, even though the feminine actually wants him to come on this hot, and heavy. They both have this very strange thing that they do – where they either give nothing, or they give too much, and this is exactly why they need to find their balance. The energetic dance that they do back, and forth this week is their attempt to try to establish this kind of balance.. Most of their focus lies with financial matters, and this is perfectly fine as when they finally, and fully come together, they will need to be set up in these ways. They will both need to be independent, and self sufficient, and free of co-dependent or restrictive habits.. So, I say go ahead.. In full confidence, in the direction of your dreams, and aims, as this will directly impact the fruition of the union.

The seven of pentacles can indicate that the feminine  does not yet have her perfect picture because her financial plans are still developing.. She needs to learn a little bit more about strategy, and execution. Which is her balancing her inner masculine. She should not feel this week as if things are not happening, or as if they are moving too slow, they are gaining momentum at a steady pace. And she needs to learn to trust what she cannot see, and what she does not know, because this is the story of her intuition.. She FEELS him there, she feels everything being fine, she FEELS everything coming together, but her mind does not.. And that is the issue. 

The masculine is going to be fine.. He’s facing his shadow, he is doing his work, but he is so strong, and his relationship with the divine has never been stronger. There is a beauty in seeking redemption from his higher self, because it draws him to the feminine.. She is a pivotal factor in his awakening, and he knows this now..He is coming to understand everything SO well, and it’s not scaring him as much as it may have a few years ago, or as much as the feminine would think that it would.. 

Happy healing, my sacred beings ~

© Cindy Anneh-bu 2016.

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