Twin Flame *DAILY* Reading 2nd-4th February 2017 – The darkest dawn.

Main theme – The moon, The masculine – The hanged man, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – The King of swords, The feminine – 5 of swords, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – Four of pentacles.

The past few days have seen many of us delve into the deepest of our subconscious nature. The moon introduces an undertone of mental disruption, illusion, fallacy, and fantasy. Perhaps our dreams have been most disturbed. 

Our darkest fears have manifested themselves as nightmares, and our mind has been torn between what is truth, and what is fiction.

I advocate above all, a lot of prayer, deep thought, and cleansing at this time, as much is being revealed to us about our past selves. Such a pivotal time, the moon plunges us into the crevice of our own darkness.

What was your childhood fear?

Be it abandonment?


Being left out in the dark?

All of these torturous thoughts arrive to us, beckoning us to take a look a little bit deeper.

Running away from these thoughts are futile at this point, and Carl Jung said it best.. Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.

It is time..

To take a deeper look at yourself than you ever have…

The masculine borrows from this time of isolation, and introspection with the hanged man. I feel as if this period of time taken out has been involuntary for him. So many shifts, changes, & up & down forward momentum have forced him to adopt a period of isolation.

He waits silently – contemplating his next move.

This may be a time of inaction, as he has a lot to think about, and a lot to deal with.

An anti resistance method is developed now, as he too faces his own darkness – alone, with nobody to project upon. Perhaps he recovers from an illness, so much take this time to heal, both psychologically, and physically.

He has no other option but to review past events and past obstacles.

With the 5 of swords occurring on the side of the feminine, I believe that he has recently put up a fight.

The mental chatter, calamity, and confusion experienced by the feminine in regards to him, relates to the fact that his communication may be scarce. He does desire to communicate with her, but it is almost as if he is exhausted. He does not know what to say, because his energy is so spread out over multiple arenas.
The feminine interprets the situation as if he is hiding something, and is being dishonest, and this prompts her too to dig deep into her psyche. She wonders about all of the times that people in her life have taken her for granted, given her half truths, been narcissistic, and have refused to give her the mercy that she deserves.

Be very cautious at this time feminine of spiralling Into depression. Shadow work is no easy task, and you will likely need to seek a higher power to give you the added strength to go the whole way.

They both trigger one another at this time to engage in shadow work. Dreams, day dreams, and illusions are abundant. How thin the veil is at this

Time.. The grip on reality vs super reality, or the subconscious realms is slipping.. Now, both will experience what it means to walk in between worlds.. It appears scary at first, but honestly with self is vital.
The feminine explores her core wounding, including abandonment, and this may also highlight father issues that she needs to be attentive to. Who was the first narcissist who

Fooled//fuelled you? And compelled you on a journey to attract others of a like mind.. Change is on the horizon. She will have to separate herself from many things, & persons, for the betterment of herself. Hopefully, she listens to her intuition intensely at this time.

Some feminine energies will be choosing to walk away from this Union… In order to seek the truth. Ultimate truth. Perhaps the illusions are now disappearing from their mind.

Some masculine’s will be walking away from this Union. In order to regain some clarity & sanity.. The story remains far from over.
The King of swords indicates that even though the masculine goes through much at this time, he will not reveal to the feminine the full extent of his mental chatter and chaos. He is still determined to portray the image of the steady man, and will not let on to her that there is a fearful

Child within him.

If he communicates, his communication may appear clear, but there is still a lot left unsaid.
The four of pentacles is the feminine dealing with attachment issues.

One side of her wishes to hold on tightly to this Union, because she knows that it holds great value, & she senses that she can build from This, & take this Union to profound heights, the other side of her grows fearful – a mix of abandonment issues & growing frustration with the masculine’s fluctuating energies.. She may busy herself by focusing on her dreams, goals and targets – also dancing between devotion to him, & dedication to her own path.

A pressing desire to establish & progress her career shows her desperation no longer to be reliant on external forces to save her.

But even this, is routed in fear.

My dear feminine.

Hold on so tightly to nothing..

The value is you.

Seeing value in yourself, automatically places value in your path.

The rest will come.

As scary, and tricky as the energies have been these past few days, they are not more powerful than you.


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