Full MOON in Leo – 10th/ 11th February Eclipse// Awakening the sleeping giant -There is a vast difference between the ego & the shadow.

Full MOON in Leo – Eclipse// Awakening the sleeping giant –

Numerological Break down calculation – 10/11 – The numbers 10 & 11 are far more similar than many believe. Both representing the ultimate balance that exists – between light & dark/ yin & yang, birth & death. These numbers ask us to enter a gateway that is unconcerned with destructive, or intense polarity, as we search for the perfect middle between our extremes. 

There is a vast difference between the ego & the shadow.

However, when we have been hurt severely, or detrimentally in the past, we tend to join our ego W/ our shadow, so the part of us that wishes to protect itself & wishes to be seen tends to do so in sneaky, draining, passive aggressive, or vampiric means.

Leo the lion is a fire sign, & where ever fire presents itself, chaos, & action is sure to transform the ordinary. The Leo moon arrives to awaken & spark the inner child in us – the anti thesis of the shadow.

Bold & commanding, the Leo energy learns to appreciate itself & its gifts.

What stops you from attaining everything you desire in this life? It is the aspects of the shadow & the inner child that remain in darkness.

The secret to the Leo’s intoxication is the fact that they do not hide from others or themselves. What was once in the darkness becomes known, & asks you to share it w/ the world as a super power. Who will know that you are vulnerable once your vulnerability is your armour?
The sign of Leo deals with expression, how have you been starving yourself of expression, & how can you minimise the shadows in your soul by turning your wounds into poetry & art?

The colour orange which is associated w/ the luminance of Leo redirects us to the sacral chakra. What is your energy saying or representing? Are you low on energy, self belief, power or structure because you place your power outside of yourself believing that you have none?

It is time to stop playing small. Let the world hear your raw. Claim the space that you were made to claim.

– Happy healing, my sacred beings ~


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