Saying goodbye to narcissistic love; Why am I so attracted to you?

In order to understand why narcissists & highly sensitive beings are continuously drawn toward narcissists & vice versa – you must understand & establish their core wound.

Which often, is the very same wound.

A narcissist is likely to construct a false reality in which they are the centre of the universe because inside, they believe that they are actually viewed as an insignificant participant of the universe — through LEARNED childhood programming.

Just like empaths, they too are primarily concerned w/ self image.
A narcissists reality is a pseudo reality, therefore, it can not be accurately deciphered who they are, or what they feel, because they themselves are conflicted about their true sense of self.. The core of a narcissist, is a petulant child.

Petulant children rarely ever grow into functional adults, without dragging with them a sense of entitlement, and refusal to be dependent upon themselves for gratification.

There will come a time in your life where you just stop making excuses for people.

You may have lived a life of stifling your intuition, second guessing yourself, & telling yourself that you did not really feel what you felt, for the sake of not rocking the boat, or not being an outcast… But one day? You will respect yourself more. You will respect yourself enough. 

You will say no.

You will begin to remove people from Your life, regardless of how much you feel for them, regardless of the position that they have held in your life.

You will stop trying to mould people to be a certain way.. Because your idealism will not be replaced, but will be enhanced, balanced even, by your acceptance – that everything has a time & place. And if something does not match your internalised perceptions & ideal vibrations, it is because you, or it are co-existing, in the wrong time, & the wrong place..
And you must correct these inaccuracies, for they plague your world, & your perception of yourself. – Cindy Anneh-bu, the lover & the lovee.. No more.

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What is #empathology: A community building course that allows you into the inner psyche of the empath – a highly intuitive, sensitive & perceptive being & their internal//external relationship w/ dysfunctional personality traits & life style choices…

Coping mechanisms often manifest as toxic behaviours, as their highly sensitive energetic template is rarely nourished, or accommodated by the harsher energies of an ever growing apathetic society. 

There are many variables that also make the psychology of an empath so complex. Usual traumatic, or negatively memorable life experiences, exposure to a world that appears alien to them, & a difficulty expressing their intense inner worlds.

#empathology brings to you an information PACKED syllabus – taking you through childhood, to adulthood shapings.
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