General weekly reading 13th-19th March 2017 – Changing attitudes in love. ‘Spring brings the promise of new things’.

Main theme – 10 of cups, Surrounding cards – 4 of wands, 10 of wands, temperance, the world, Representing the reading – The lovers.

Numerological break down calculation – 13 (4) – Returned(understood karma), steady foundations, strength, stability, reliability – 19th (10) – endings, new beginnings, death transition, overcoming the past.

We are still following in from the energies of death, and ultimate change, except this week, things are destined to get lighter upon even more realisations that are pouring in. 

The 10 of cups speaks of our long term goals & visions. These are the future plans that we are now beginning to put in place, in regards to how we would like our ‘forever’ to be. 

Temperance, represents our efforts & trials this week to achieve the ultimate equilibrium. Perhaps this speaks of abstaining, leaving behind an object of misuse, abuse, intoxification, or addiction that you would like to finally lay to rest – upon coming into the knowledge of it.

The right balance must be found between building a solid foundation, and not suffering from overwhelm. You may allow yourself the space & freedom to cultivate a joyful life, without feeling guilty, or as if you are not meeting pressing demands.

By all means, do ensure that you are hitting your targets, but don’t be afraid that if you indulge in some personal pleasures, everything you have been working toward will fall apart.

The 10 of wands can also often relate to carrying other people’s burdens, thoughts, worries & opinions.

Keep in mind that the 10 of cups energy is a very light energy, so this burden that you are carrying into this space, is non compatible.

We are still met & left with many decisions to make in this 10 year of absolution – creating, & destroying.

The lovers governing this reading indicates that we are nearing a period of time when our relationships with others will remain under our conscious scrutiny. 

The world card sees us coming into higher knowledge. Perhaps we are able to leave some past behavioural patterns, & programming behind now, because of past experiences in love, & in life.

The 10 of wands can also speak of spiritual baggage about how easy, or difficult our journey should be.

If we have come from family templates who endured great struggle to Achieve anything, then at this point, we could be questioning our ideals about effort & achievement.

Perhaps we have been intentionally, (unconsciously) creating obstacles for ourselves, because we’ve chosen to believe that life must be lived this way. This week encourages us to clear all of this excess debris. What does not need to be carried as apart of the load, will be dropped.

We could be coming into the awareness this week, that we play a major role in the way that our relationships turn out. 

If we do indeed seek a karmic turn around, perhaps better luck in love, it is up to us to work on the building stage of our foundations. To see where we are shaky. Where we still seek some support. Where we need more stability – internally. We do not have ALL the answers at any point, but we do have a lot of them, & we do not always need to look outside for blame, or ownership.

The Virgo full moon -( see my Instagram for article – @spiritualpoetess_ ) was very much a hard working, independent energy, & we could be dealing with the effects of our conditioning to do with feeling as if we must handle everything alone. We actually do not have to overwork ourselves, or go through everything alone. 

Rather, temperance proposes that we share responsibility. We may be exploring entirely new avenues, ways of experiencing the world, that bring us more balance.

This sees us tackling the idea that we have to deal internally with lifes strains – never expressing our core feelings. We could possibly have been fearful of relying on others, perceiving that this would inevitably leave us too vulnerable, or overly exposed.

But it takes a community to raise a child. And it is advised to allow others to offer a helping hand.

We could be asked this week to relinquish our responsibility to the ‘collective’. This includes any harsh karmic debts, or lessons that you needed to go through as payback, or to receive wisdom to share through experience. 

The 10 of cups could see us waving goodbye to the sense that we must attempt to heal, save, & carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Many of us healers may identify with martyr syndrome – catering to everyone & everything when our own garden needs ripening.

We may complain about others taking advantage of us, but it is important to see how we may be taking advantage of ourselves.

Temperance is the card of truth, & clarity about situations coming to wash over you.

A relationship could be bringing us more value & understanding than we ever dreamed. We may be awakening to the call of a new soul mate, or what is regarded as a twin soul, the person with whom, you shall ascend, & create a brighter family dynamic.

There is a lot of opportunity present this week for both constructive & objective self review.

There is a lot, a lot of love & romance waiting for us this week – especially in regards to the doors that we open once we start trusting ourselves to find & experience love again.
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