General weekly reading – 20th-26th March 2017 – The ultimate balancing act.

Main theme, (The lovers), 3 of swords, the sun, ace of wands, the tower, crowning – knight of cups.

Numerological break-down calculation – 20th (2-magnified by the presence of the 0) – Balance, love, partnership, compromise, intuition, sensitivity, perception – 26 (8) – Karma, longevity, liberation, breaking cycles, twin souls, unity, infinity, un-broken bonds.

Once again, the appearance of the lovers card sees us making some much needed adjustment to our love lives, & our theories about love, right in time for spring to rebirth us.

We can see the sun energy dying to burst through, & that is illumination, gratification & newness.

The stories you have been carrying about love are likely outdated & it is time for a revamp.

Perhaps models you have borrowed about love came from your ancestry, from your parents, from failed relationships around you. The 3 of swords is associated with painful love, but love need not be so painful. 

Our experiences in love are our templates, so we take this templates to be concrete, & ultimate truth, & we use them to judge how we view love. 

Unbeknownst to us, this is actually what keeps this kind of love alive. Beliefs such as, ‘all men do that. All men cheat, so he will cheat’.

‘All women lie. So she’s probably lying’.

You have to come to understand that even if these theories are not true, so long as you store them within your subconscious mind, & seek proof of them, they will undoubtably remain true, & any lover you attract will fulfil your prophecies.

Spring asks for a newer version of love   . Many of us may be feeling a renewed sense of passion. Some of us are getting divorced, or breaking up from relationships that were built upon dishonesty, or shaky foundations.

The tower is all about destroying in our path what did not serve our highest good anyway. It is the type of change that leaves us with no other option but to pick up the pieces, & move on… What can you learn from this situation, what will you do differently in future? And how will you make sure that the fallout is not a fallout, but rather a life lesson for you to place on your belt?

Many of us this week are beginning to realise that we had absolutely no idea what love was, & it is time for us to retrace our steps. 

The 3 of swords can also represent family dysfunction, & lopsided ideals that tell a story of depravity.

Do you know how to accommodate others into your world? Look at your friendships, or even business partnerships & they too will let you know about how well you can gel & compromise with others..

The ace of wands burns a new path. You want passion now, & you are destined to get it. Maybe you were in a relationship where the flames died down a long time ago, & this week you could be meeting somebody who re-ignites that passion in you. It is time for you to re-awaken to that sense of child like joy & wonder.

Things are being shaken up so that you can see how they were never fitting for you to begin with.

Perhaps you yourself have changed, grown, blossomed & evolved into something that you cannot entirely recognise, & you needed to go through these harrowing trials & experiences in order for that to happen.

The 3 of swords alongside the sun card is about illumination of the heart – worries & anxieties that keep you entrapped seek to tell you of a deeper truth, perhaps something in your childhood that now sets off alarm bells when you are triggered in adulthood. 

Sprit appears to be bringing you some type of newness, somebody who could be coming in to offer you some romance, words of wisdom about love, or to remind you that you truly do deserve the best in love.

The 3 of swords could be a love triangle, perhaps this is the week that you must finally decide to go where your heart takes you.

It can also pertain to us believing that we are in a constant state of lack & must prove our worth to others. 

How honest can we be with ourselves this week, breaking past moulds & patterns requires this honesty with not only others, but ourselves.

Spring energy offers a new beginning, potentially something exciting that you have been waiting a while for, but will you take it? Are there too many in the picture? Are you ready… Now?

The knight of cups is a touch of a cool summers night, freedom in love, & likely a new type of experience in your relationships. You are only interested in that which feels natural to you.

The sun in culmination with the ace of wands describes a sense of freedom, possibly from attachment, or the idea that attachment & commitment must be painful.

The knight of cups could represent an individual making an offer to you.

Venus asks us to recognise where difficulty lies for us in intimacy, where we have been short changing ourselves in love.

Venus retro grading causes us to seriously slow down & asses our past unions so that we can endure some home truths.

Once again, the question is posed, who have we been in love? 

The ace of wands introduces an opportunity to do things differently, to communicate better, to articulate our wants & needs, without a fear of rocking the boat.

This is a new love story with ourselves as we begin to shed the less useful concepts about love that have been fed to us.

It is easy to forget how to be authentic in love if our love is always in constant battle with our self doubt.

The ace of wands invites us to live a life on our own terms – a fresh slate. Not bound, nor gagged.

The tower did not produce a foundation steady enough to build on, so it is time to seek what will.

Learning from past mistakes, & implementing new strategy is vital for us all this week.

After all, our mind, particularly the subconscious is full of programs that could just as easily de-program, & re-program.

Lastly, the knight of cups could be a messenger who returns to us after a lengthy battle against themselves..

Re-evaluation may cause individuals to return to us remorseful, having slayed their own demons to deliver us this truth.

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