Twin flame daily reading – 20th-22nd March 2017 – ‘The end times’.

Main theme – The Angel of wisdom, masculine – 3 of wands, the energy the masculine projects to the feminine – 6 of pentacles, feminine – 5 of swords, the energy the feminine projects to the masculine – 7 of swords.
The Angel of wisdom displays an aroma of maturity that now surrounds both twin flames. What an absolutely jaw dropping, yet phenomenal start to the year – the lessons, & meaning, & revelations have been absolutely abundant! Both twins have learned SO much & have come SO far! And I am unabashedly proud of both! 

This kind of wisdom is gained through pain, through trial & error, & dissatisfaction, & confusion, & feeling the strain of all of their ancestors at once.

It has been their mistakes, their blunders, their ‘fuxk ups’ that have brought them to this place now. The kind of ancient soul wisdom that asserts their priesthood… They will go out into the world, & they WILL share this information.

There is only truth that stands now – & this week’s twin flame weekly reading (20th-26th) is ALL about this truth, & what it spells for not only twin flames, but humanity as it stands. Hopefully by now, you are all familiar with how to make purchase.. If not? See below..

The 3 of wands represents the masculine’s voyage a cross new lands. He is changing in a very major way, & this week will see him exploring newer aspects of himself.

He has dealt with, & is continuing to deal with a lot of his fears about growing up, & maturing & travelling – & this has much to do with the umbilical cord cutting that the feminine did last week for them both. If you haven’t already purchased last week’s reading, then you may do so to figure out what this was, or meant. But briefly, this was the feminine taking the lead in cutting ties with co-dependency, & allowing the masculine to find WHATEVER his truth is, without fear.

With the 5 of swords articulating the feminine’s energy for these next few days, she’s still cutting & clearing all that no longer serves.

I see her looking back to the past. So either she severs old friendships, old ties to those relationships/friendships, or she’s saying goodbye to people in her present, who no longer resonate with where she is trying to go.

At this point, if you are not interested in healing, then the feminine is not interested in you.

The 3 of wands could be the masculine trying to make amends, & the 7 of swords shows weariness on the feminine’s side.
She thinks, ‘well, you haven’t really shown up for me fully in the past. So why now?’

And in being smarter about opening these doors back up to him, she shows him even more about his shadow, & his shadow aspects.

The 6 of of pentacles is him learning a vital & valuable lesson in balance, & fairness, & justice.

To recognise that his actions deeply affect others, is paramount for his growth & wisdom this week.

He’s learning a lot about the feminine, & feminine energy, & this is great, but the feminine has worked really, really hard to get her life on track, & if the masculine’s efforts seem strained, she is likely to be indecisive about her next move.

Yes, she loves the masculine still, but is he steady, & is he ready enough to build a prosperous future together.

Does he have what it takes?

The feminine could currently be dating a soul mate, or seeing somebody in his absence. So if he is returning this week, she could see herself being placed in his former shoes…

Does she attempt to juggle them both? 

Or, must she leave one behind, & finally begin shaping her future?

Blessed be my sacred beings – thank you SO much for being so patient whilst I figure this whole life thing out!

 How do you order and claim your own purchase? The usual way.. Through PayPal: emailing the sum of Β£3.33 to & then sending me a confirmation email (MUST!!) with the email that you would like to receive the reading at! & the reading shall be sent automatically to you – upon completion.

Also – look out for my general weekly reading for this week as it is absolutely beautiful & ALL about love you guys! 

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