‘Spring brings the promise of new things’.

‘Spring brings the promise of new things’ – my motto for the next few weeks.

Traditionally, Spring has always been a metaphor for a time of growth, rebirth, & renewal.

We hang upon a precipice – away from the darkness & the coldness of winter & its bold lessons, & leaning towards summer & it’s vitality, & nourishment.

Spring sees us mixing vital elements together in order to create with a burst of fresh energy. This is the energy that inspires us to slow down, & learn the perfect elements that it takes for growth to occur.

Part water – emotion.

Part sunshine – energy.

Part soil – dark birth.

It requires the darkness to both purify & demystify us. 
New life begins in Spring. This is a time of regeneration. Many of us are coming out of spells of walking, thinking, & operating off outdated & negative programming.

Spring is the eternal egg. The idea that things die in the darkness & are born there too.
A time that sees us emerging from our struggles, & dark nights of the soul with something beautiful to show for it.

An emphasis on the joys of life, an awakening to all that life has to offer.

A light re-lit on your path.

Any projects that you wish to work on will find themselves highly successful if released during this time.

You could be pregnant w/ many new ideas, enthusiastic about plans that are being put in place, & so many things are ready to POP to the surface for you to grab on to.

Increased creative energy could also mean increased sexual energy, so try to produce as much as you can 😉 Spring cleaning is another related euphemism that connects to the clearing of stagnant energy that takes place during spring.

New love.

New adventure.

A new zest for life.

Cindy. A


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