Twinflame *DAILY* reading – 26th-29th March.




– 26th-29th March.

Main theme – The lovers, Masculine – 10 of wands, The energy the masculine projects to the feminine – Page of pentacles, Feminine – Hierophant, The energy the feminine projects to the masculine – The devil, Angel card – The angel prince of the south.


The lovers can denote the themes of love, bonds & togetherness that still narrates the twinflames minds..
Within the next few days, we will be looking at some more of our blocks to love, including our personal desires getting in the way of us being truly authentic.
With the lovers card, both twins may experience, or think back to a time when they felt free in love, or even assess their notions of what they believe love to truly be..
This is the twins getting to the core of the truth, they may be tempted to study about human history, or anthropology, the studies of the origin of humans, mamals, and how we all love..There is just a desire to KNOW love, and to understand what this feeling is that exists inside of them.. It feels very explosive, almost as if a new world is being born, and in many ways it is..

The feminine takes us there with the hierophant. Get ready feminine because once again, you are going to be feeling very abundant when it comes to revelations.
The hierophant represents an energy that touches earth, that leaves you with no doubt in your mind that miracles are real. You may be having more prophetic dreams, or seeing visions of your ancestors timelines, in order to understand yourself further..
Remember, revelations are always passed down to you so that you can pass them down to others, so do not be too tight with them..

The 10 of wands is the struggle for the masculine to get to where he needs to be. He may be working particularly hard at this time, this could also be in the name of working hard to ease his karmic debt, as he appears to be on a journey somewhere new, and potentially far. Although he realises that he cannot take all of these burdens with him.
He could be fearing potentially that he does not have a hand to give to the feminine, because he is so caught up with his own battles, or illusions, or even fear.. However, he truly does want to experience what is in the lovers card, this pure kind of love that he needs to break barriers in order to get to.

The page of pentacles shows him presenting something to her that he is working on.. He may tell her that he is working on a particular project, maybe something that will benefit the both of them, or an opportunity to grow on his part.. It seems he is working hard to be able to obtain what it is that he wishes to present.. This is a very hopeful energy, and it does seem to contradict the devil energy that the feminine is projecting to the masculine.

The angel of the prince of the south sees both twinflames trying to lighten their weight. This is the ultimate purification process, in order to get back to the truth of who they are, and shake off energetic addictions.

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