What is the great twinflame secret?

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The greatest twinflame secret that exists,

is the truth that the twinflame spirit is just that – a spirit. This is not to mean that those who are twinflames do not acually have a physical twinflame lover, or energetic counterpart, it simply means that the twinflame energy is a spirit, one that manifests through both twin flames, and actually conveys itself throughout various aspects of their lives – their art, their hopes, and ambitions..

Twinflames see larger than the average vision, and without sounding too cliche, think outside of the box..
What separates twinflames from others, is the extremely high vibration that they carry, and the fact that they can charge electrical currents around them. They have the ability to affect energetic flow, and in that way, they are like great storms, this is why it is so cataclysmic when they actually do merge, get together, or when one of them is upset with the other.. The emotions can be absolutely explosive.. And so? What is beautiful for both twins to do.. Is to pour their energy into everything around them.. To love their family richly with their energies, to love their friends deeply with their energies, to create art that touches the entire world..

The twinflame experience is not entirely bows, and rainbows, but we must always keep in mind that it is not supposed to be so consistently excruciating painful..Yes, I know it is said to death, but if the twinflame experience feels excruciatingly painful, then either, you have not let go enough of the notion of ownership of this person, OR, they are not your twin.. Now, I do not want to get too caught up in labels, but I am pretty sure everybody on this path is sensitive enough to know when low vibrations feel LOW..Although many twins also suffer with negative energy from their karmic line, what is a false twin or a vampiric lover, will usually feel unbearably low.. In-fact, after an interaction with this individual, you may find yourself wanting to shed tears, (picking up on their unresolved wounding), or find bottled up rage building up inside of you, that causes you to feel helpless..

The moment that you let go, you will know if this person is your twin. To let go of a painful karmic attachment feels really chaotic, and disruptive, and I cannot speak for ALL, but, when you usually try to let go of your twin, two things happen…
One of those things, is that you involuntarily forgive them… The underlying love of them can not allow you to hate them..

And/or, you begin to meet soul mates, members of the opposite sex, (or opposite vibration) whom may share energetic resonance.. And they will pass messages on to you about your twins behaviour, or things that your twin would like to say to you, but you know that they have not had the chance, or the courage to.. This usually helps with the transition, or enables you to gain some level of peace and understanding, whilst your twin works out the karmic entanglements that they do.

Lastly, let us just have fun on this journey you guys.. It is SUPPOSED to be fun! Even if you discover you were dealing with a false twin, comment in the group about it… Expose it, laugh about it, live long enough to tell the tale that you actually fought a demon and won.. And yes, CHILD these people are really living demons out here lmfaoo.. But I love you! Be safe..The fight with the shadow is the most difficult fight you will have. But you have every power to win..
Go with God..And for more information of this sort.. Do not hesitate to purchase my twin flame tell all book, jampacked with in depth detail about twin flame alchemy, including the forbidden separation stage…https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XHRRNMC

© Seek Cindy 2017


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