Twinflames – Confessions of a priestess.


‘The 9 of pentacles is divine feminine grace, and blessings.
When you trust in the most high, the most high provides.
Dare to dream, because you are open and deserving of blessings. JUST as much as the next person.

The bird that sits perched on the figure in the 9 of pentacles is also pretty symbolic.. The bird represents freedom, higher knowledge, and higher vision, and it seems to have flown around, and returned to her, as she too embarks on a journey of completion. This is also very symbolic of love as a message to us, and how true love equals freedom. We should not fear abandonment, or neglect. If indeed, the love that is housed for us is true, it could do a 360 around the globe, but will still always return to us. In the mean time, it is our own crops that we should mind’

The great twin flame lesson that I have learned recently in alignment with the divine feminine, is TRUST. Ofcourse this is also a major lesson & life theme for the masculine, as we both need to learn to trust the protection & the healing of the one sacred divine mother.

Nobody nurtures or stitches back together like the mother, & the eternal mother must trust that nothing can be separate from her, because everything is sacred to her – because everything passes through her & is sustained by her..

To be in tune with the essence of true love, you need trust.. Nothing can ring true without trust. You must love yourself enough to believe that you are lovable, until you can let go, & let the lovee love you, the lover, as you love them too.

The biggest block to twin flame Union, & even to regular romantic relationships, is a lack of trust in consistency. And I do not mean consistency in the form of never having doubts, arguments, or staying together forever, consistency in the form that neither one will abandon the other.
Even if the relationship is to change shape, & exist in a different form, there is no abandonment..

We live in a culture that prides itself on savagery, cutting one another off at whim, & withholding our feelings, but this is a reflection of a society poisoned with abandonment anxiety…

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