**NEW MOON IN GEMINI** Divine lovers//Twin flame// Special reading – 25th-26th May 2017.


Main themes – Knight of wands, knight of pentacles, Feminine – Knight of cups, 10 of swords, Masculine – king of cups, page of swords, Angel card – The guardian angel of spiritual growth.

Gemini warrants balance between the heart and the mind. If there is a blockage between these two spaces, an individual may manifest as everybody’s worst fear – the perception of Geminis as being emotionally imbalanced, unpredictable, and two faced.. It is not necessarily that this individual intentionally swims from one side of the pool to the other, but existing at two sides of extremes that do not seem to be in communication with one another is always disastrous.. This is why there must be open dialogue, trust, and communication, between the twins, between the heart and the mind. This is the genius of Gemini.

The knight of wands is the budding warrior – the individual who is ready to go to war for their heart, beliefs, and passions. With the determination and inspiration of this energy we may almost appear restless, taking on several tasks at once with the certain conviction that we can tackle them all, because we are all the more skilled for the task, and refined through our trials..
This knight emerges hot from the fire and the flames of despair and torment, we are putting behind our trouble days in a way that makes light, and good use of the many lessons that we have collected.

This knight energy can seem impatient, but this is only because we have been so cautious, and so safe for so long, and have not allowed spirit to echo to us the ways that we are needed, or the places that we must return to.. A clear destination could see the masculine charging through with a message, with passion, or with purpose.. This new moon in Gemini may see many feminine twins receiving communication, especially with the page of swords swinging his sword of truth..
He is still a minor, not so skilled in expressing his feelings, or discussing issues that may cause him to reveal a lot of himself, however with the king of cups as his main energy, just because he does not say it, does not mean that he is not feeling it..

He has found a way to be more balanced in his emotions, and it does appear as if he has grown in some ways, as the feminine’s side also reveals the knight of cups – an invitation to explore more love.. Such a masculine spread once again points to the idea that many divine lovers at this time are filled with energy, and direction. The masculine may come in very fast, almost as a shock to the feminine who has convinced herself that his arrival will take a lot of time.. With the knight of pentacles at the bottom, his arrival may not exactly signify union straight away in the way that she may have thought, but there is definitely thoughts towards how they may make this work, and what would be necessary to input, and output.

With the 10 of swords, the feminine may be experiencing some feelings of loss, and detachment today – particularly over the past and past painful situations, but these are likely just situations coming up from the past when she was imbalanced, for her to realise just how much shifting her thoughts, and her consciousness is so paramount to her well being.
Tired of feeling like the 10 of swords she is ready to make some new changes. The knight of wands also signifies her determination for a better, brighter tomorrow.
The page of swords may be swooping in attempting to break the spell that the 10 of swords caused, will he be too late?

The angel of spiritual growth does not seem to think so, coming through to allow us to know that these current changes in emotions, desires, and ways of interpreting are entirely for the purposes of our soul’s evolution. Both divine lovers are peeling back the layers to a time when their love was more authentic, before all of the pains, strains, and grievances of the past.
There is a greater willingness to try, even if they may not necessarily have all of the tools at this point.

The feminine could be filled with sweet thoughts of the masculine at this time as he projects the energy of sincerity, and an open heart toward her at this time.
The masculine is learning that he needs to communicate his emotions, and the feminine is learning that she needs to heal in order to be able to receive his emotions..
This does require healing of the pain bodies.

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

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POWERFUL Weekly reading – 22nd-28th May 2017- My love and me, the things I learned from society.

Taro cards – Main theme – (9 of pentacles), Surrounding cards – knight of cups, king of Wands, 6 of swords, 10 of wands, ace of swords, Angel deck – The angel of eternal love, Rumi oracle – cosmic heart.

Numerological breakdown calculation – 22nd-28th – 22 (MASTER BUILDER), the number of dedication, perseverance, business ventures, creating a wider community network, purpose, dual energies, the ultimate balance, reward, 28 – (10) – balance of masculine & feminine energies, endings & new beginnings, death/rebirth, transition, change.

Taro card is an ancient devotional art form. Much like Jungian archetypes, they can display the depth hidden beneath the ordinary goings on of human nature, desire, divine orchestration & affairs. I use a combination of taro symbols, ancient archetypes, psychology, & intuitive, observational ability to tease out these tantalising truths..

Be delivered by them.

~ Seek Cindy.

This week, I have decided to use a card from my Rumi oracle deck in the general weekly reading simply because I felt a lot of love being radiated into this week.

So, there is so much healing going on for us this week, and as always healing is just an invitation to let more love in. There’s a very feminine presence to the very masculine energy this week. And No, that is not a paradox, and those coming into balance will recognise this.

To be truly feminine, you are to have access to your masculine side.

This is what allows you to be patient, accepting, and understanding – the placement of BOUNDARIES, so that you can trust yourself to remain embracing, without fearing drainage or an imbalance of input & output.

To be truly masculine, you are to have access to your feminine side.

This gives you purpose, reason, and planning – an end goal. Either your muse, or the essence of that which pushes you to acquire through creative means.

The feminine gives REASON.

So, let her assign good reasoning, for she determines meaning.

The 9 of pentacles sees us hard at work this week & it is likely another week of some kind of solitude. We are pulling ourselves out of the hustle & bustle of life in order to truly self analyse.

The only thing surrounding the figure in the 9 of pentacles is her abundance, & now she can look to something else, possibly, to occupy her time..

This could be a message of patience to many of us who are seeking to branch out in fulfillment of our lives. This is a period of work, ensuring that you are self sustainable. It is time to work on yourself, your

Image & your own goals, so that when somebody should join you in the garden, you are ready to receive them.

There have been weeds that have needed tending to – for a while & the 9 of pentacles works in dedication, sometimes to the point of isolation, or over working themselves.

This is the meeting point. The harvest. Where we would like to be, & everything from now, including now is shaping this outcome for us.

A powerful reboot for the masculine energy within us all is being demonstrated this week & will leak into the entire crevice of our subconscious’ minds.

The knight of cups, the six of swords & the 10 of wands all tell a story about family, & point to childhood issues being dug up & rectified at this time.


We are intrinsically linked to our societies, communities, and the families that we belong to, and this is also what helps us to develop a sense of identity, and belonging, and understanding of the world around us. But sometimes it becomes that this mold that we have come to know is actually what conceals us from moving forward. A time where we have to make the decision to develop our own sense of inner self and beliefs about the world. 

A particularly potent hour for healing issues to do with the patriarchal side of our family – fathers, uncles, brothers – the men who have helped to shape us & what they may have had to endure along the way.

Prepare for some honest & open communications & dialogue perhaps about the past, allowing you to walk in the shoes of your parents, or to decide that you would rather not walk in their shoes at all.

It is no longer about blaming them, pointing out their flaws or raving over what they did and did not do.

The king of wands & the 9 of pentacles places you here, now, asking you to make the best out of your journey, regardless of any humble beginnings.

There is a lot of forgiveness being practiced this week also. We may need to forgive the masculine or the father for any ways we may have felt unprotected or unsheltered in the past. This is a huge blockage when it comes to grounding work & root chakra work (financial attainment).

There may have been family or financial crises that implemented poverty consciousness as a mode of operating for some of us, & we may be learning this week that our fathers, or even mothers did the best that they could do.

The knight of cups is the awakening of a different side of the masculine energies within us all. More humble, honest, understanding, sensitive & intuitive & this is all in relation to the energies of healing the feminine wound of abandonment as a consciousness.


In the 9 of pentacles, the feminine focuses on what it means to do her own work & to provide for herself, thus there really is no abandonment consciousness. The king of wands looks for ways out, ways to improve his situation so that he is not the 10 of wands forever.

You see because all of this extra baggage obstructs our view, as the figure in the 10 of wands can hardly see where he is going, whereas the king of wands is direction.

This figure is also working hard to shift emotional & spiritual baggage & damage.

As we heal our minds of thoughts of depravity, we can deal with our issues in a more effective manner, unpacking them, one by one, as opposed to simply becoming triggered by them.

There needs to be a certain trust & faith. Because the 10 of wands figure works too hard because they believe in lack & do not believe that they will be taken care of. There needs to be a balance between independence & martyrdom.

You do for yourself because you LOVE yourself, & not because you are stuck on proving anybody else wrong.

There is an openness and an acceptance that comes in when we trust. Somebody may be coming in with a mission to change things around, to do things in a better way, to redeem themselves & it appears that this is because they have discovered or are discovering their purpose.

We all have a purpose in this world but sometimes things like lack of time, money, resources, awareness & deeply embedded traumas can block us from recognising the path of our destiny.

Well this week, a cosmic sweep takes over us to rearrange a lot of our thoughts regarding abandonment & ‘showing up’.

There is somewhere that you have to be & something that you have to do, & with the ace of swords you are motivated by love to take charge in this way.

A phenomenal upgrade is occurring that is shifting us even further away from polarity & the leaders of this new grid are becoming physical embodiment of this by stretching & adjusting to incorporate dual aspects of themselves to show you – just how it can be done.

The narrative of the male overworking himself & neglecting to show the family, or his counterpart affections is no longer a vibration that can be upheld for many of us, who see the flaws & errors in this way of being. We must be equally active & reactive so that we do not fall out of hum with the universe.

The ace of swords is a mind of our own. We have been working so, so hard to shift beliefs, data & downloads regarding who we should be, what we should be & what our place is in society. And congratulations to us all because the task is not an easy one and can often cause disillusionment. But these shifts do have to take hold & if we are attempting to strike such a powerful blow in the flow of the old energy, it is necessary to develop this strengthened new mental identity.

Once again, this time could point to some solitude, though not entirely for selfish reasons. There is a need to push through with the ‘heavier’ stuff, only because we are so close to tasting our truthful path. This is the final stop off for the 10 wands that have held us down for so long.

There is nothing to fear. There is so much love available here. The divine is shaping this person for you, is shaping their character for you, and is shaping you to receive them. I do not usually feel my masculine and feminine readings coming in so deeply and truthfully in my General weekly readings, but this week that is all I can feel. Such a powerful week for divine love and the ripple effects that it creates. It is okay to trust in love, and to trust in God when you remember that you are worthy of love, but more so when you truly start to believe it, and weave it into the very fabric of your existence. 

The guardian angel of eternal love –

As I let love in my soul, it stays forever. 

This angel card is all about the message of God’s love, which actually triumphs over self love, though the two are very intertwined.

Self love mainly focuses on loving the physical presence and essence of yourself, the way you look, your personality, the way that you present yourself to the world, and the way that you are interpreted by the world through a combination of these elements – loving yourself first, so that you feel comfortable in doing so.

Whereas God’s love, or Godly love is the love of yourself specifically BECAUSE you are a non-physical being alone, and requires the acknowledgement of this truth. There cannot be wounds in attachment, and abandonment when we let this light of God’s love shine through. We are never the forgotten children in this light. There is no limitation to the love that we receive or give with the light, because we literally are this love.

And thus we can be moved in the knowledge of how masculine love actually is, in its fixed state, unwavering, and calm, yet exuding.

Angel function – To transmit God’s eternal and unconditional love.

Gifts for earth – It can help you to remember that love is forever; release the fear that love is limited; open to the spirit which is the source of this love.

My cosmic heart relates to the unquenchable nature of love. It is not going anywhere. It is ever growing, and expansive, and asking to be recognised as an active part of your life. If you do identify with being in a sacred union, being a twinflame then, it may be time for you to stop attempting to run from the truth of this. A lot of feminine’s find themselves in limbo at this time, will he, won’t he? How about just trusting God for a start, before you think about working on trusting him. That’s a thought. You may have to balance a career, whilst understanding that this person is somebody who you cannot get off your mind, who you can not neglect to think about, although you have so many pressing responsibilities, and demands. And if this is a case, then this too must be integrated into your way of life.. However, you should do it. Something that you cannot get rid of, perhaps is not meant to be cast away at all. But rather invited into the song and dance of the party that is you.


The divine lovers (twinflame weekly) read for this week, ‘The sweet meaning of (redeem me) redeeming),  is pretty phenomenal, if I do say so myself.. I have never felt so much love as I did writing it, or writing about it.. Well, ofcourse I have, but I have never felt so much as if I could allow others to feel the extent of that love.

There are an end to delays this week. IT is really here. Whatever it is that you have been looking for, or waiting for, the numerological month of 5 has brought it to your door.

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Blessed be.

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General Weekly Reading – 15th-21st May 2017 – What is poverty consciousness? Entrepreneurship, Karmic bonds & Prosperity.

money tree

Numerological breakdown calculation – 15th (6)- Lovers, family, karmic bonds, community, care-taking, fairness – 21st (3) – Creativity, community, connection, creation, harmony, fitting pieces together, moving on from the past, leaving behind wounded consciousness. 

Taro cards – main theme – Ace of pentacles, Surrounding cards – Page of pentacles, 10 of wands, 9 of swords, The chariot, Ace of wands.

There is an emphasis this week on healing issues to do with the family, the home, or our connections with others. 

It describes our place and our part in the world, especially specifically within our community, doing the best that we can and establishing the solidification of team work. 

The ace of pentacles, is a way out. Another very karmic week for us asks us what we truly want out of life? What are our desires? And we are gifted with the opportunity to see the areas that our current life does not match up with future aspirations.

The ace of pentacles is a tantilising job offer, for this time, perhaps it is just a dream, something that we envision in our minds eye and wonder about in a distant future, in a distant realm, one where we are older, wiser, more skilled, and more experienced.

But why is it that we should wait for this time? If such a time were to exist, would it not exist through our actions — now?

A new template must be set in motion this week that largely deals with the spiritual aspects of our reality. The most intrinsic parts. Our beliefs about our reality, and what this compels us to do or not do.

An awakening is more than just an expansion in consciousness, and realisation, it requires the foot work. The physical equivalent of that which we claim mentally, and etherically.

With the 9 of swords energy looming, be aware this week of energies of fear, and doubts and worries about how you are going to establish the path for this new beginning. It may seem as if the road is too long, too tiresome, or as if there is too much to accomplish, but the ace of pentacles suggests that the baggage you perceive in the 10 of wands is somewhat self imposed. You could lessen your baggage if you wanted to, and this may lead you to have a few conversations with some people. Perhaps about needing to take time out, about them possibly over stepping their boundaries, or what you are capable of doing.

This is a powerful week for the throat chakra, and I see that a lot of people are focused on establishing themselves in the world, or in the field of whatever area that they are interested in. And this usually does require us to break some molds that we perhaps inherited from our culture, community, or family, particularly parents.


When we step out in to the world in search of more, this also does generally compel us to challenge what we have once known and held to be true.

The page of pentacles is almost in awe of this dream or goal that they have conjured. But they need to believe in the wonder of their minds.. To conjure such a vision, one must posses such a fine mine.

The chariot bursts onto the scene, ready for action, and adventure. It is true that you are not sure where this next part of the journey will lead you, or how you are going to feel or be once you finally get to where you need to be. But all of these worries are exactly what holds the figure in the 10 of wands back. Karmic bondage and burden associated with too much hard work may stem from past generations of your family who did have to work too hard, and who could not live out their dreams, or dared not to even perceive such large dreams.

But this is why you exist. To challenge the status quo. To fill in these big shoes that your ancestors never grew feet quite bulky enough for.

Any phobias about depravity or a lack of time may rear their ugly heads.

Do not take on more than your fair share as you learn the rhythm of what is enough and how much is too much. The chariot is not afraid to defend their position, and this can relate to an emerging confidence that sees you not taking no shit – from no one.

Beware of procrastination that is the subconscious manifestation of your abundance fears.

Develop a clear direction. It appears as if its time to truly begin to listen to yourself, and what you know, and what you have learned. It could be time to leave a community, or develop an ideology that is outside of the norm in order for you to get where you are going. And that is okay anyway. Because this new venture is more than just about the money to you. It is just as much about the experience, and the growth on a very personal and spiritual level.

It is time to leave a lot of things behind, and you may wrestle with feelings of betrayal or doubt about how much is too much.. How many hours a day should you dedicate to this person? How many people should you have the boundary conversation with?

It will come to you when these people grace your presence. You will know what to say. You will know how to tell them when enough is enough. It will be an impulse. It will just come to you. Allow it to.

You are really fighting for this new beginning this week, and it is most likely because you are attempting to do things that you have never done before. The page of pentacles inspires that you are patient with yourself during the process. It is okay to not know everything as you go along, but to learn something new each step of the way.

Fasten your seatbelt, and keep the end goal in mind – however, do not neglect the smaller steps that make the bigger vision a reality. Tie up any loose ends that need to be tended to. Call up the banks. Double check with the people who you need to be on board for this.

Tune out of the world for a while if you really need to tap into yourself.

Alone time is thoroughly needed and advised when we are in the midst of creating anything new. Remember, this is your project, this is your beginning and you can paint it any how you choose.

You have never been anymore in control of your own destiny than here, in this moment – NOW.

The guardian angel of young adults takes our hand and guides us as we break these bonds of co-dependency by facing up to the totality of who we are.

Passionate, responsible beings with a willingness to go the extra mile.

Whether you are or are not a millennial, this is the energy of the experience of doing what has not been done. This could relate to non-conventional job roles, or taking a chance to travel miles away to make your dreams come true.


Poverty consciousness relates to any thoughts, ideas, or constant recitations about lack, or pressure. If we feel that we do not have enough energy, time or resources we may need to look back at our childhood settings, or our parents experiences in life. Our DNA is composed of the shared experiences, beliefs, and views of our parents, so it is important to make sure that these ideas about worth are actually OURS, and not borrowed from a generation that may perhaps have not had as many opportunities as we do now. Poverty conscious can manifest as a belief that certain dreams or ambitions are too difficult to obtain, or not within reach because of a range of different circumstances and situations that you may find yourselves in. But it is important to remember that these perceptions that seem fixed are merely conjured by a collective because of whatever influence of government or religion or entertainment that they are under, and do not generally reflect some standard or ordained truth.. Anything is possible. YOU can do anything, and be anything, and anywhere.. But until you do arrive there, I have a notion that it is not always the best to announce your plans to others around you, unless ofcourse you need them on board to complete certain projects, or partake in the finalisation of things.

Like a freshly baked pregnancy, it is in the safety and the best interests of your vision to keep it safe by not telling just anybody. People can actually project doubt and negative energy onto your dreams and aspirations by igniting doubt or fear in you just because it makes them feel uncomfortable about their own comfort zone.

Walk in peace..

Walk with vision.

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Such a bold and powerful week for the feminine presents itself as she heals deep seated wounds to do with sexuality and karmic attachments.. This is the kind of healing that purifies the masculine because it is the divine mother meeting with the divine father and learning about discipline. The patience of a mother declares that her love will always extend for you, even whilst you falter, so there is no need to feel abandoned. But the disciplined watchful eye of the father will not over comfort or pamper you when it is time to learn the lessons that you must learn for your misdeeds.. The kind of love that is soothing, yet unattached, so that both can be.. So that both can learn, and grow, and there is no runner, and there is no chaser – only the mutual agreement that there is a middle point being called for them both to reach.

I used a few extra cards than usual this week, because I did feel as if the energy called for it..

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Sacred Union – DAILY reading – 16th-17th May 2017.

Once again, thank you all my lovelies for the magnificent patience that you display.. Last week’s energies were very, very intense, & I took the time to step back & really FEEL through what I was feeling, as this full moon in Scorpio consists even still of so much purging & releasing what lies DEEPLY beneath.. This is the essence of divine love connections..

The TF weekly for last week has been released as a recap & I do believe it is essentially important to read both as a duo.. A lot of growth taking place..

For those who do want to purchase & combine both last week & this week’s reading as a duo, I am offering them for the discounted price of £5.55 & you may send this the usual Way.. Thank you so much as always… Many blessings 😘🙏🏽💕

Main theme – 7 of swords Masculine – King of swords, Feminine – The hanged man.


The 7 of swords relates to sometimes sneaky or underhand behaviour & can suggest avoiding commitment, in terms of relationships & dealing w/ the true reality of our thoughts & beliefs.

Not much remains hidden to both divine lovers at this time, because they are being scheduled NOW to face everything that they have been avoiding, particularly of the last few years.
The 7 of swords can speak of a youthful energy – young & dumb & careless. Perhaps this relates to a lack of thorough communication, fearing vulnerability & searching for ways to numb what threatens their false sense of security…

The masculine seeks clarity & mental renewal with the King of swords..

The 7 of swords led him to a standstill, as he recognises that there is a fruitless joy in the behaviours of the 7 of swords…

He has surpassed this way of being, & like the feminine w/ the hanged man, steals himself to work on a few home truths.
He has to be just at this time, as there are things that call for him to accomplish them, this is new heights, security, & dedication to truth.

This may seem like a very guarded energy but it appears the masculine is merely being disciplined & must guard his mind against wondering towards these guilty pleasures.
He seems to move quietly away from the feminine’s direction. Suggesting he may not wish to disturb her in her solitude or slumber.

There’s a determination & sense of self preservation in both elements.
The feminine takes time out to heal & to allow information to come to her through passive, reflective means.
The masculine is actually sneaking quietly away to also work on his thoughts, but he still looks over at the feminine.

He could still be wondering what she does at this time that she is quiet.. Even though he does the same.

They both kind of just know that they sort of need to leave each other alone in a way.

Communication is reserved for energetic purposes.

Blessed be ~ Sacred beings.

I am so pleased to announce that my first EVER twin flame novel is officially out. This is the most in depth depiction of twin flames that you will find! Following their family karma, & the entire alchemical break down of the Union, INCLUDING the true purpose of the separation stage –
And the most taboo topic – What is life after the twin flame dynamic?
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Weekly RECAP for the week the 8-14th.

Greetings enchiladees!

I usually would not, or do not do a weekly reading if the week has indeed passed, but there was something so ravishing, so rapture-ish about this past week, that I just cannot leave it to pass. This past week was an absolutely MONUMENTAL week for awakening, and realisations that have bound us for absolute life times long.. This past week, we would have seen many themes highlighted to us and played out in the form of past triggers, and lessons that we may have ‘thought’ that we had dealt with.

The truth remains,

on this path of knowing, and understanding, there is always so much more to find out, and to know, and this week proved to be a huge one for this. Numerologically, starting on an 8 day this past week symbolised for us the final understanding of past karma, and why certain things played out as they did. We may have been given the opportunity to see ourselves in the eyes of others – many mirror images present themselves with this 8 energy, and we are given a choice to break the link, and severe the chain by developing a deep and intense understanding. Landing on the 14th, the number 5 sees us embarking on a huge ground breaking change and demand for freedom. I did say in a previous reading that by the end of May, we would no longer recognise who we are.. And this is the truth, as this past week ushered us fully into the full dimensions of this paradigm shifting awakening. 

Awakening, awakening. You hear it all the time in the esoteric/spiritual world. But what does it actually mean? The truth is, no matter how awakened we are, there are always pieces to this puzzle of life, so awakening is something that generally tends to happen everyday, though on smaller scales as we meet more people, and incorporate more lessons. However, awakenings that are highlighted in spiritual text tend to indicate rather large awakenings, ones that can completely shift our grips on our perceptions of life, and ourselves. The kind of awakenings that are make or break. That may either take you to the brink of destruction, or the precipice of creation.. And the lines, are oh so fine!

The world card as the main theme for this week represented an absolute powerful energy, and could have seen us looking back on the past with an entirely new perspective. The world card encourages us to let elements of ourselves, and our lives go, and die, so that they too may grow, even if they must grow apart from us. Where the figure in the world card is going, only those who also know death can go. This is about changing our surroundings, in a way that is both internal, and external, but predominantly internal.

The wheel of fortune represents the movement of time and how things change, and how this change inspires us to move on, and to let go of what has been.

We are very different people from this week, and when we look back we do so an entirely different person. The figure in the world card glances down at the wheel of fortune, which represents the ability to reflect on the past, and a change in fortune. I feel that this energy does carry through to this week also as we go even further into healing; healing that relates to our lineage, including past and ancestral karma.

The 6 of swords represents mental strength, and moving towards a place where we can understand our darkness, and even fathom wisdom through it.

The 6 of swords can safely move forward, and actually shows us taking along with us some people who may be touched by our message, who may be resonating on the same level, or helping those who are weary from battle.

There is a strength to our stride this week. Protecting the more vulnerable in others, and the more vulnerable in ourselves. The full moon in Scorpio displays an air of sensitivity that may just leave you feeling emotional for the sake of emotions..

This is what the sign of Scorpio so meticulously hides, their ability to feel even the teeniest tiniest drop in the ocean.

There is an unwillingness to hide who we are any longer. This is specifically true for any those of us who may have suffered persecution consciousness or repression at the hands of society. The sun card bursts free, feeling unapologetic and ready for the world to see who we truly are. The shadows cast by the full moon in Scorpio soon wain, and this is the power of recognising what holds you back – what causes you to feel less than, and eliminating it effectively.

We do have our eye on the prize, with such powerful major arcanas, this is a very, very prominent rebirth, and it is no doubt that this week probably felt very shaky and bumpy with all of the hitches in the road along the way. This week provided us with the opportunity to see the past in a very different way, and to clear it. It is possible for people to develop entirely new perceptions of you, once you develop this entirely new perception of yourself.

There is clarity coming through. A lot of us may be travelling to new lands in this week – either physically or metaphorically, this is the search for a true reality, once we awaken to the idea that our old reality is not rooted in entire truth.

The page of pentacles is the promise of a new journey. Where will it take us? What can we do with this new found energy, and its discoveries? And how will we integrate it into everything that we already have going on.

We absolutely have to find a steady rhythm. As our world expands, there are new ideas, philosophies, and practices that must slowly be introduced into the picture, and as if cooking up a storm, we have to ensure that the right measurements of each ingredient is added to provide balance, and structure.

This is all about not getting carried away, or consumed by the tides when these big changes are happening. It can be really de-stabilising, and even feel as if no one can truly grasp or understand what you are experiencing. And this is because they are not supposed to. Growth comes from us being able to consult ourselves about matters and affairs, and this draws us closer to God, because some answers can only be sought through first seeking the God within – the higher knowing.

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I would like to say that for a lot of people this transition may appear a little difficult, and it is never easy to break routine so abruptly. It requires time, and patience and skill, and a little bit of effort along the way.

Scorpio is an absolutely huge sign for all of this to be happening under because if any sign was to rule the shadow self? This would be it.. So, once again, what is the shadow self you ask?

The shadow self is the most intimate, hidden, and secretive part of your being, and is composed of the parts of yourself that you may deem too taboo, shameful, anti-social, or forbidden in the eyes of society, or cultural norms.


We all have a shadow self, but of-course different variables may accompany our shadow selves, such as childhood, country of origin, the cultural norms and values of your society, and even down to the nitty gritty factors, like educational/occupational level, and racial factors.

It could be argued that those from a lower educational or financial background may have a greater likelihood of developing a larger shadow self, as these factors are generally considered to be somewhat shameful, or looked down upon, across cultures, as well as racial biases that may inherently lead to the development of shame.

Our shadow self dwells usually within our subconscious, and if we can disconnect ourselves enough from the roots of our emotions, feelings, actions, and behaviours, then we can go on ignore our shadow self, however, it will manifest in less than satisfactory ways, and will usually cause us to live a life that is ungrounded, confusing, chaotic, and often energetically depleting by nature, and way of being.

The importance of one recognising and becoming aware of their shadow self is everything, and that is why this is such a big week. It represented the removal of a lot of masks, and learning to be comfortable with the cards that we have been dealt. Making the best out of who we are when we are ourselves.

Blessed be, my sacred beings.

As last week was such a huge week for energetic alignment, I am also still offering a recap of last weeks energetic themes in relation to divine love – aka what is commonly referred to as the twin flame union. For a lot of people, this term has caused a lot of confusion and even further dissary, so for these purposes I would now rather use the term sacred union, or divine lovers.

tf recap

Last week saw both divine feminine and masculine pushed to the brink to accept the next portion of their journey through the purging and releasing of some of the biggest blocks that were still holding them back. For the feminine – we revisited themes of codependency and the full moon in Scorpio – ruling of the sexual functioning highlighted many themes surrounding secrecy, shame, and our deters to true intimacy – particularly with ourselves.

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General Weekly Reading – 1-7th May 2017 – Homecoming.


Numerological break down calculation – 1 – New beginnings, Active energy, action, openings, New templates – 7 – Esoteric, spiritual revelation, Christ consciousness, Universal consciousness.

1+7 = 8 – Karma, coming to an understanding, piecing different parts together, and coming up with a whole.


This week is representative of the ‘I AM’.

An expansion in consciousness that takes us out of the frame work of the confined mind.

The main theme being the judgement card symbolises a wake up call, a spiritual acceleration, or a rebirth of understanding.

4 major arcana cards this week display the picture of mass awakening, and understanding that occurs throughout this week.

The sun card along with the judgement card speaks of ascension, and ascension is something that will come in waves. This is a rather huge wave this week that’s cleaning up a lot of clutter.

Alot of blessings are shared here between us and others this week.

This is about the ending of something really big, and the beginning of an entirely new life phase.

The judgement card to me is always one of spiritual awakening.

When the judgement card calls, we are asked to look deeply beyond the surface, and see beyond the veil of illusion.

The judgement card could be asking us to make a decision, based on newly found or discerned information.

Perhaps we have had a spiritual wake up call which is pretty likely to be the hierophant.

There are many discoveries about feeling safe, and vulnerable, and feeling secure enough to spread your seeds, or worth of knowledge.

The ace of wands describes the opportunity to push through the darkness.

It could manifest as a little bit of a spiritual battle for light.

There is a very strong sense this week of grace, and support from the divine.

It’s a push in the right direction, inspiration for you to get very, very clear about yourself, and what is essential to you.

Illumination means that alot will come to the surface.

If you look carefully, all of the figures in the sun, the judgement, and the world bare themselves. This energy encourages us to know that we are our biggest judgement.

And ultimately we are given flashbacks of many lives, shown past depictions or descriptions of experiences from the past that have shaped us.

We could be learning about why these things happened, and with the ace of wands, we are asked to take action with these grievances.

‘Whatever you are, I am.

So if you are good, I am the best’

– Cindy Anneh-bu.

The sun is the idea that we relinquish control to a higher power. The type of joy, and freedom, and exhilaration that is almost child-like, just letting go, and trusting and allowing every stage of the journey to unveil itself.

The king of pentacles may represent us taking precautions to be a little more secure in ourselves, and our assets in our day to day life.

Maybe that is where a lot of the revelations have come from – a lack of order in or abilities to provide.

We may be limiting and short changing our career status, or options, and we are still encouraged from last week’s New moon in Taurus energy to work diligently to secure this future for ourselves.

The world card is truly thinking better, and devoting ourselves so that we may learn to see the bigger picture.

The judgement card along with the hierophant can cause a heavier energy somewhat his week, but, the sun reveals that things are actually not as heavy as they feel, and this may relate to some of the old programs struggling to adjust to all of this new information.

The hierophant is all about biblical revelation, or scripture, you may find answers this week in what you are looking for by consulting the bible..

When the world expands to birth itself anew, an old world has to collapse, and this is just the way that it must form.

The hierophant refers to the kind of spiritual order that sees specific things happening in a specific way. This could introduce more order or responsibility into our lives.

You may need to begin keeping track somehow of the lessons that you are learning.

Perhaps you want to write down changes that are occurring with you – any sleep patterns, food cravings, emotions that are coming upon insights that you are receiving.

It is time to change many of the things according to this shift, and to leave things behind, but you will have to surrender to the lessons as they present themselves – even if they appear trauma ridden.

This weeks twinflame weekly reading is truly a beautiful one, and I have had such an amazing experience in the name of divine love this past week, and I am so grateful beyond gratefulness to God, and everyone who has just shown me the way.

This week, ‘Accustomed to new waves of ascension’


sees MASSIVE growth in divine lovers worldwide. This is a huge awakening and realisation for those who are supposed to be awake.

We follow the feminine on a very huge journey for her – a major landmark in life, and in spiritual growth is outlined for her this week, whilst the masculine too continues to develop, at quite an alarming rate. Another love story for feminines finding out they have been with karmic attachments, or ‘false twins’ also arise. Please check out this article for more information on false twins – https://medium.com/@cindyannehbu/false-twin-flames-the-karmic-attachment-from-hell-co-dependency-and-attachment-theory-part-2-896f0580b9e9

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I am so pleased to announce that my first EVER twin flame novel is officially out. This is the most in depth depiction of twin flames that you will find! Following their family karma, & the entire alchemical break down of the Union, INCLUDING the true purpose of the separation stage –
And the most taboo topic – What is life after the twin flame dynamic?
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