Weekly RECAP for the week the 8-14th.

Greetings enchiladees!

I usually would not, or do not do a weekly reading if the week has indeed passed, but there was something so ravishing, so rapture-ish about this past week, that I just cannot leave it to pass. This past week was an absolutely MONUMENTAL week for awakening, and realisations that have bound us for absolute life times long.. This past week, we would have seen many themes highlighted to us and played out in the form of past triggers, and lessons that we may have ‘thought’ that we had dealt with.

The truth remains,

on this path of knowing, and understanding, there is always so much more to find out, and to know, and this week proved to be a huge one for this. Numerologically, starting on an 8 day this past week symbolised for us the final understanding of past karma, and why certain things played out as they did. We may have been given the opportunity to see ourselves in the eyes of others – many mirror images present themselves with this 8 energy, and we are given a choice to break the link, and severe the chain by developing a deep and intense understanding. Landing on the 14th, the number 5 sees us embarking on a huge ground breaking change and demand for freedom. I did say in a previous reading that by the end of May, we would no longer recognise who we are.. And this is the truth, as this past week ushered us fully into the full dimensions of this paradigm shifting awakening. 

Awakening, awakening. You hear it all the time in the esoteric/spiritual world. But what does it actually mean? The truth is, no matter how awakened we are, there are always pieces to this puzzle of life, so awakening is something that generally tends to happen everyday, though on smaller scales as we meet more people, and incorporate more lessons. However, awakenings that are highlighted in spiritual text tend to indicate rather large awakenings, ones that can completely shift our grips on our perceptions of life, and ourselves. The kind of awakenings that are make or break. That may either take you to the brink of destruction, or the precipice of creation.. And the lines, are oh so fine!

The world card as the main theme for this week represented an absolute powerful energy, and could have seen us looking back on the past with an entirely new perspective. The world card encourages us to let elements of ourselves, and our lives go, and die, so that they too may grow, even if they must grow apart from us. Where the figure in the world card is going, only those who also know death can go. This is about changing our surroundings, in a way that is both internal, and external, but predominantly internal.

The wheel of fortune represents the movement of time and how things change, and how this change inspires us to move on, and to let go of what has been.

We are very different people from this week, and when we look back we do so an entirely different person. The figure in the world card glances down at the wheel of fortune, which represents the ability to reflect on the past, and a change in fortune. I feel that this energy does carry through to this week also as we go even further into healing; healing that relates to our lineage, including past and ancestral karma.

The 6 of swords represents mental strength, and moving towards a place where we can understand our darkness, and even fathom wisdom through it.

The 6 of swords can safely move forward, and actually shows us taking along with us some people who may be touched by our message, who may be resonating on the same level, or helping those who are weary from battle.

There is a strength to our stride this week. Protecting the more vulnerable in others, and the more vulnerable in ourselves. The full moon in Scorpio displays an air of sensitivity that may just leave you feeling emotional for the sake of emotions..

This is what the sign of Scorpio so meticulously hides, their ability to feel even the teeniest tiniest drop in the ocean.

There is an unwillingness to hide who we are any longer. This is specifically true for any those of us who may have suffered persecution consciousness or repression at the hands of society. The sun card bursts free, feeling unapologetic and ready for the world to see who we truly are. The shadows cast by the full moon in Scorpio soon wain, and this is the power of recognising what holds you back – what causes you to feel less than, and eliminating it effectively.

We do have our eye on the prize, with such powerful major arcanas, this is a very, very prominent rebirth, and it is no doubt that this week probably felt very shaky and bumpy with all of the hitches in the road along the way. This week provided us with the opportunity to see the past in a very different way, and to clear it. It is possible for people to develop entirely new perceptions of you, once you develop this entirely new perception of yourself.

There is clarity coming through. A lot of us may be travelling to new lands in this week – either physically or metaphorically, this is the search for a true reality, once we awaken to the idea that our old reality is not rooted in entire truth.

The page of pentacles is the promise of a new journey. Where will it take us? What can we do with this new found energy, and its discoveries? And how will we integrate it into everything that we already have going on.

We absolutely have to find a steady rhythm. As our world expands, there are new ideas, philosophies, and practices that must slowly be introduced into the picture, and as if cooking up a storm, we have to ensure that the right measurements of each ingredient is added to provide balance, and structure.

This is all about not getting carried away, or consumed by the tides when these big changes are happening. It can be really de-stabilising, and even feel as if no one can truly grasp or understand what you are experiencing. And this is because they are not supposed to. Growth comes from us being able to consult ourselves about matters and affairs, and this draws us closer to God, because some answers can only be sought through first seeking the God within – the higher knowing.

To check out my FULL moon in Scorpio account – see here –

I would like to say that for a lot of people this transition may appear a little difficult, and it is never easy to break routine so abruptly. It requires time, and patience and skill, and a little bit of effort along the way.

Scorpio is an absolutely huge sign for all of this to be happening under because if any sign was to rule the shadow self? This would be it.. So, once again, what is the shadow self you ask?

The shadow self is the most intimate, hidden, and secretive part of your being, and is composed of the parts of yourself that you may deem too taboo, shameful, anti-social, or forbidden in the eyes of society, or cultural norms.


We all have a shadow self, but of-course different variables may accompany our shadow selves, such as childhood, country of origin, the cultural norms and values of your society, and even down to the nitty gritty factors, like educational/occupational level, and racial factors.

It could be argued that those from a lower educational or financial background may have a greater likelihood of developing a larger shadow self, as these factors are generally considered to be somewhat shameful, or looked down upon, across cultures, as well as racial biases that may inherently lead to the development of shame.

Our shadow self dwells usually within our subconscious, and if we can disconnect ourselves enough from the roots of our emotions, feelings, actions, and behaviours, then we can go on ignore our shadow self, however, it will manifest in less than satisfactory ways, and will usually cause us to live a life that is ungrounded, confusing, chaotic, and often energetically depleting by nature, and way of being.

The importance of one recognising and becoming aware of their shadow self is everything, and that is why this is such a big week. It represented the removal of a lot of masks, and learning to be comfortable with the cards that we have been dealt. Making the best out of who we are when we are ourselves.

Blessed be, my sacred beings.

As last week was such a huge week for energetic alignment, I am also still offering a recap of last weeks energetic themes in relation to divine love – aka what is commonly referred to as the twin flame union. For a lot of people, this term has caused a lot of confusion and even further dissary, so for these purposes I would now rather use the term sacred union, or divine lovers.

tf recap

Last week saw both divine feminine and masculine pushed to the brink to accept the next portion of their journey through the purging and releasing of some of the biggest blocks that were still holding them back. For the feminine – we revisited themes of codependency and the full moon in Scorpio – ruling of the sexual functioning highlighted many themes surrounding secrecy, shame, and our deters to true intimacy – particularly with ourselves.

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