Sacred Union – DAILY reading – 16th-17th May 2017.

Once again, thank you all my lovelies for the magnificent patience that you display.. Last week’s energies were very, very intense, & I took the time to step back & really FEEL through what I was feeling, as this full moon in Scorpio consists even still of so much purging & releasing what lies DEEPLY beneath.. This is the essence of divine love connections..

The TF weekly for last week has been released as a recap & I do believe it is essentially important to read both as a duo.. A lot of growth taking place..

For those who do want to purchase & combine both last week & this week’s reading as a duo, I am offering them for the discounted price of Β£5.55 & you may send this the usual Way.. Thank you so much as always… Many blessings πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•

Main theme – 7 of swords Masculine – King of swords, Feminine – The hanged man.


The 7 of swords relates to sometimes sneaky or underhand behaviour & can suggest avoiding commitment, in terms of relationships & dealing w/ the true reality of our thoughts & beliefs.

Not much remains hidden to both divine lovers at this time, because they are being scheduled NOW to face everything that they have been avoiding, particularly of the last few years.
The 7 of swords can speak of a youthful energy – young & dumb & careless. Perhaps this relates to a lack of thorough communication, fearing vulnerability & searching for ways to numb what threatens their false sense of security…

The masculine seeks clarity & mental renewal with the King of swords..

The 7 of swords led him to a standstill, as he recognises that there is a fruitless joy in the behaviours of the 7 of swords…

He has surpassed this way of being, & like the feminine w/ the hanged man, steals himself to work on a few home truths.
He has to be just at this time, as there are things that call for him to accomplish them, this is new heights, security, & dedication to truth.

This may seem like a very guarded energy but it appears the masculine is merely being disciplined & must guard his mind against wondering towards these guilty pleasures.
He seems to move quietly away from the feminine’s direction. Suggesting he may not wish to disturb her in her solitude or slumber.

There’s a determination & sense of self preservation in both elements.
The feminine takes time out to heal & to allow information to come to her through passive, reflective means.
The masculine is actually sneaking quietly away to also work on his thoughts, but he still looks over at the feminine.

He could still be wondering what she does at this time that she is quiet.. Even though he does the same.

They both kind of just know that they sort of need to leave each other alone in a way.

Communication is reserved for energetic purposes.

Blessed be ~ Sacred beings.

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