General Weekly Reading – 15th-21st May 2017 – What is poverty consciousness? Entrepreneurship, Karmic bonds & Prosperity.

money tree

Numerological breakdown calculation – 15th (6)- Lovers, family, karmic bonds, community, care-taking, fairness – 21st (3) – Creativity, community, connection, creation, harmony, fitting pieces together, moving on from the past, leaving behind wounded consciousness. 

Taro cards – main theme – Ace of pentacles, Surrounding cards – Page of pentacles, 10 of wands, 9 of swords, The chariot, Ace of wands.

There is an emphasis this week on healing issues to do with the family, the home, or our connections with others. 

It describes our place and our part in the world, especially specifically within our community, doing the best that we can and establishing the solidification of team work. 

The ace of pentacles, is a way out. Another very karmic week for us asks us what we truly want out of life? What are our desires? And we are gifted with the opportunity to see the areas that our current life does not match up with future aspirations.

The ace of pentacles is a tantilising job offer, for this time, perhaps it is just a dream, something that we envision in our minds eye and wonder about in a distant future, in a distant realm, one where we are older, wiser, more skilled, and more experienced.

But why is it that we should wait for this time? If such a time were to exist, would it not exist through our actions — now?

A new template must be set in motion this week that largely deals with the spiritual aspects of our reality. The most intrinsic parts. Our beliefs about our reality, and what this compels us to do or not do.

An awakening is more than just an expansion in consciousness, and realisation, it requires the foot work. The physical equivalent of that which we claim mentally, and etherically.

With the 9 of swords energy looming, be aware this week of energies of fear, and doubts and worries about how you are going to establish the path for this new beginning. It may seem as if the road is too long, too tiresome, or as if there is too much to accomplish, but the ace of pentacles suggests that the baggage you perceive in the 10 of wands is somewhat self imposed. You could lessen your baggage if you wanted to, and this may lead you to have a few conversations with some people. Perhaps about needing to take time out, about them possibly over stepping their boundaries, or what you are capable of doing.

This is a powerful week for the throat chakra, and I see that a lot of people are focused on establishing themselves in the world, or in the field of whatever area that they are interested in. And this usually does require us to break some molds that we perhaps inherited from our culture, community, or family, particularly parents.


When we step out in to the world in search of more, this also does generally compel us to challenge what we have once known and held to be true.

The page of pentacles is almost in awe of this dream or goal that they have conjured. But they need to believe in the wonder of their minds.. To conjure such a vision, one must posses such a fine mine.

The chariot bursts onto the scene, ready for action, and adventure. It is true that you are not sure where this next part of the journey will lead you, or how you are going to feel or be once you finally get to where you need to be. But all of these worries are exactly what holds the figure in the 10 of wands back. Karmic bondage and burden associated with too much hard work may stem from past generations of your family who did have to work too hard, and who could not live out their dreams, or dared not to even perceive such large dreams.

But this is why you exist. To challenge the status quo. To fill in these big shoes that your ancestors never grew feet quite bulky enough for.

Any phobias about depravity or a lack of time may rear their ugly heads.

Do not take on more than your fair share as you learn the rhythm of what is enough and how much is too much. The chariot is not afraid to defend their position, and this can relate to an emerging confidence that sees you not taking no shit – from no one.

Beware of procrastination that is the subconscious manifestation of your abundance fears.

Develop a clear direction. It appears as if its time to truly begin to listen to yourself, and what you know, and what you have learned. It could be time to leave a community, or develop an ideology that is outside of the norm in order for you to get where you are going. And that is okay anyway. Because this new venture is more than just about the money to you. It is just as much about the experience, and the growth on a very personal and spiritual level.

It is time to leave a lot of things behind, and you may wrestle with feelings of betrayal or doubt about how much is too much.. How many hours a day should you dedicate to this person? How many people should you have the boundary conversation with?

It will come to you when these people grace your presence. You will know what to say. You will know how to tell them when enough is enough. It will be an impulse. It will just come to you. Allow it to.

You are really fighting for this new beginning this week, and it is most likely because you are attempting to do things that you have never done before. The page of pentacles inspires that you are patient with yourself during the process. It is okay to not know everything as you go along, but to learn something new each step of the way.

Fasten your seatbelt, and keep the end goal in mind – however, do not neglect the smaller steps that make the bigger vision a reality. Tie up any loose ends that need to be tended to. Call up the banks. Double check with the people who you need to be on board for this.

Tune out of the world for a while if you really need to tap into yourself.

Alone time is thoroughly needed and advised when we are in the midst of creating anything new. Remember, this is your project, this is your beginning and you can paint it any how you choose.

You have never been anymore in control of your own destiny than here, in this moment – NOW.

The guardian angel of young adults takes our hand and guides us as we break these bonds of co-dependency by facing up to the totality of who we are.

Passionate, responsible beings with a willingness to go the extra mile.

Whether you are or are not a millennial, this is the energy of the experience of doing what has not been done. This could relate to non-conventional job roles, or taking a chance to travel miles away to make your dreams come true.


Poverty consciousness relates to any thoughts, ideas, or constant recitations about lack, or pressure. If we feel that we do not have enough energy, time or resources we may need to look back at our childhood settings, or our parents experiences in life. Our DNA is composed of the shared experiences, beliefs, and views of our parents, so it is important to make sure that these ideas about worth are actually OURS, and not borrowed from a generation that may perhaps have not had as many opportunities as we do now. Poverty conscious can manifest as a belief that certain dreams or ambitions are too difficult to obtain, or not within reach because of a range of different circumstances and situations that you may find yourselves in. But it is important to remember that these perceptions that seem fixed are merely conjured by a collective because of whatever influence of government or religion or entertainment that they are under, and do not generally reflect some standard or ordained truth.. Anything is possible. YOU can do anything, and be anything, and anywhere.. But until you do arrive there, I have a notion that it is not always the best to announce your plans to others around you, unless ofcourse you need them on board to complete certain projects, or partake in the finalisation of things.

Like a freshly baked pregnancy, it is in the safety and the best interests of your vision to keep it safe by not telling just anybody. People can actually project doubt and negative energy onto your dreams and aspirations by igniting doubt or fear in you just because it makes them feel uncomfortable about their own comfort zone.

Walk in peace..

Walk with vision.

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Such a bold and powerful week for the feminine presents itself as she heals deep seated wounds to do with sexuality and karmic attachments.. This is the kind of healing that purifies the masculine because it is the divine mother meeting with the divine father and learning about discipline. The patience of a mother declares that her love will always extend for you, even whilst you falter, so there is no need to feel abandoned. But the disciplined watchful eye of the father will not over comfort or pamper you when it is time to learn the lessons that you must learn for your misdeeds.. The kind of love that is soothing, yet unattached, so that both can be.. So that both can learn, and grow, and there is no runner, and there is no chaser – only the mutual agreement that there is a middle point being called for them both to reach.

I used a few extra cards than usual this week, because I did feel as if the energy called for it..

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