**NEW MOON IN GEMINI** Divine lovers//Twin flame// Special reading – 25th-26th May 2017.


Main themes – Knight of wands, knight of pentacles, Feminine – Knight of cups, 10 of swords, Masculine – king of cups, page of swords, Angel card – The guardian angel of spiritual growth.

Gemini warrants balance between the heart and the mind. If there is a blockage between these two spaces, an individual may manifest as everybody’s worst fear – the perception of Geminis as being emotionally imbalanced, unpredictable, and two faced.. It is not necessarily that this individual intentionally swims from one side of the pool to the other, but existing at two sides of extremes that do not seem to be in communication with one another is always disastrous.. This is why there must be open dialogue, trust, and communication, between the twins, between the heart and the mind. This is the genius of Gemini.

The knight of wands is the budding warrior – the individual who is ready to go to war for their heart, beliefs, and passions. With the determination and inspiration of this energy we may almost appear restless, taking on several tasks at once with the certain conviction that we can tackle them all, because we are all the more skilled for the task, and refined through our trials..
This knight emerges hot from the fire and the flames of despair and torment, we are putting behind our trouble days in a way that makes light, and good use of the many lessons that we have collected.

This knight energy can seem impatient, but this is only because we have been so cautious, and so safe for so long, and have not allowed spirit to echo to us the ways that we are needed, or the places that we must return to.. A clear destination could see the masculine charging through with a message, with passion, or with purpose.. This new moon in Gemini may see many feminine twins receiving communication, especially with the page of swords swinging his sword of truth..
He is still a minor, not so skilled in expressing his feelings, or discussing issues that may cause him to reveal a lot of himself, however with the king of cups as his main energy, just because he does not say it, does not mean that he is not feeling it..

He has found a way to be more balanced in his emotions, and it does appear as if he has grown in some ways, as the feminine’s side also reveals the knight of cups – an invitation to explore more love.. Such a masculine spread once again points to the idea that many divine lovers at this time are filled with energy, and direction. The masculine may come in very fast, almost as a shock to the feminine who has convinced herself that his arrival will take a lot of time.. With the knight of pentacles at the bottom, his arrival may not exactly signify union straight away in the way that she may have thought, but there is definitely thoughts towards how they may make this work, and what would be necessary to input, and output.

With the 10 of swords, the feminine may be experiencing some feelings of loss, and detachment today – particularly over the past and past painful situations, but these are likely just situations coming up from the past when she was imbalanced, for her to realise just how much shifting her thoughts, and her consciousness is so paramount to her well being.
Tired of feeling like the 10 of swords she is ready to make some new changes. The knight of wands also signifies her determination for a better, brighter tomorrow.
The page of swords may be swooping in attempting to break the spell that the 10 of swords caused, will he be too late?

The angel of spiritual growth does not seem to think so, coming through to allow us to know that these current changes in emotions, desires, and ways of interpreting are entirely for the purposes of our soul’s evolution. Both divine lovers are peeling back the layers to a time when their love was more authentic, before all of the pains, strains, and grievances of the past.
There is a greater willingness to try, even if they may not necessarily have all of the tools at this point.

The feminine could be filled with sweet thoughts of the masculine at this time as he projects the energy of sincerity, and an open heart toward her at this time.
The masculine is learning that he needs to communicate his emotions, and the feminine is learning that she needs to heal in order to be able to receive his emotions..
This does require healing of the pain bodies.

Blessed be, my sacred beings ~

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Cindy Anneh- bu 2017 ©


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